The Woman’s Company Sells a Fabulous Bamboo Razor For The Eco-Conscious Woman

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Ask any woman and she will agree that shaving is the most hassle-free method for body hair removal. Waxing is painful, hair removal creams damage skin more than anything else and laser removal is exorbitantly expensive. Have a date in an hour? Use the razor for shaving your skin smooth. Need the winter undergrowth on your legs to go? Shaving it off takes less than twenty minutes. 

However, for the eco-conscious women who aims to follow a zero-waste lifestyle, shaving is posing an environmental threat. Almost all the female razors available in the market are plastic and have to be discarded after using twice or thrice at most. Even the more expensive ones, infused with aloe vera or essential oil extracts, are not manufactured to last long, no matter how good they work. 

This is where The Woman’s Company has pioneered a fabulous product – the bamboo razor. With a stainless steel head and an ergonomically engineered bamboo handle, the razor is suited to last for years.

Plastic razors and their issues

Waxing has never been my cup of tea. The handful of times I have fixed up a waxing appointment for myself, I have always dreaded them. It felt like torture for beauty – a concept I could never come to terms with. 

I have been using female razors for years now. Needless to say, I have thrown countless of them to the trash. They are designed in such a way that they cannot be repurposed or up-cycled for any other use. 

Though the plastic structure was sturdy, the blades were quite frail and rusted easily. Some of them even left me with bruises all over after a round of shaving. 

Of late, I have been trying to incorporate the zero-waste policy in my lifestyle. Ever since, I have managed to replace almost all my cosmetics, toiletries and beauty accessories with eco-friendly alternatives. However, it was the plastic razors that left me in a fix. I sought a sustainable substitute from all the famous brands, but none of them seemed to be concerned about the carbon footprint they were generating

At this point, The Woman’s Company came to my rescue. I found their Bamboo Razor and it was the exact thing I was looking for. Though the price appeared to be a bit on the higher side, it was actually more economical considering that the item can be used for years. I placed an order for the same and the razor arrived at my doorstep three days later. 

The razor looks vintage and chic

bamboo razor packaging

The razor arrived in a neat little cardboard box, wrapped in a small cloth bag. There were ten stainless steel blades provided with the package, which one has to attach manually with the razor head. A detailed pamphlet with instructions about usage and features of the razor came with the box, which would be immensely useful for a first-time user. 

I would not deny being a little concerned about the razor at first glance. The appearance, though elegant, seemed a bit dated. It kind of resembled the vintage razors used by men in the retro decades or before.

I had always been a bit scared of razors where you have to attach the blade by yourself, and clean it carefully after each use. So, it took me a bit of time to set up the device, using one of the ten blades provided with the package. 

If you are as clumsy as me while handling sharp objects, you ought to take extra precaution in attaching the blade with the razor. You have unscrew the steel top from the bamboo handle, put the blade carefully in between the two metal layers and screw everything back together. You razor is ‘sharp as a tack’ and all set to use. 

No rashes or redness, only smooth skin

Given my lack of confidence in handling this new type of razor with an extra sharp blade inside, I took ample amount of time in shaving. I used the regular female shaving foam to lather my arms and legs at least five minutes before shaving.

To my utter surprise, the bamboo razor glided smoothly against my skin and cleaned off the unwanted hair at just a single stroke. Normally, even a brand new plastic razor (even those expensive ones with flexible heads), would require at least a few strokes to remove hair completely from an area. But, the bamboo razor worked like magic here. Needless to say, it took me much less time than usual to shave.

The blade being extra sharp, I did cut myself slightly in one place or two, but I would blame my own hastiness for it. In fact, it is not unusual for me to get ample amount of bruises, some even painful ones, from a new plastic razor. 

bamboo razor on arm

The most striking feature about the bamboo razor has to be the absence of any post-shaving inflammation. I use coconut oil on the cleansed areas after a shaving session. Even then, I would be experiencing a little redness and itchiness for a day or two, especially in delicate areas like the armpit. But, it has been two days since I have used the bamboo razor to shave, and I am yet to experience anything as such. This is perhaps the reason why The Woman’s Company can confidently claim that their bamboo razor can be used for intimate areas as well. 

Ideally, you should clean the bamboo razor thoroughly after each use and leave it to dry in the sun to avoid quick rusting of the blades. Here, however, the blades might need changing frequently depending on your usage pattern, but there is no risk of the stainless steel metal head catching any rust for years.

The bamboo razor is a revolutionary product

The Woman’s Company is an exclusively women-centric brand run by women and for women. Founder Anika Parashar started the venture a while back with the vision to eliminate single-use plastic products from a woman’s toiletry needs. 

They specialise in sustainable menstruation products like organic cotton sanitary pads which are biodegradable, organic tampons and reusable menstrual cups. The company has products like an eco-friendly stand-and-pee stick – a lifesaver for women using public washrooms, especially in the post-COVID times. They also have biodegradable panty liners that are presumably more comfortable than their commercially popular counterparts. 

However, the bamboo razor undoubtedly happens to be the best innovation by The Woman’s Company till date. Soon after its launch, it has found a steady customer base among the urban women. More and more women are now getting the bamboo razor for themselves, and I am the latest to join the list.

My hair is yet to grow back into those hard, ugly stubbles that we generally get from shaving, the reason why beauty experts always advise waxing over shaving. But, let’s face the facts, shaving is way easier and less painful. And when we have an option like the bamboo razor, shaving body hair is indeed a fun, eco-conscious experience. 

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