Within Just Two Hours, Flaberry Delivers Farm-Fresh Flowers

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For the past few years, it had been my steady habit to take a round through the K.R. flower market while returning from office in Bengaluru. Every evening, I would stroll through the narrow lanes lined by local florists on both sides, with beautiful bouquets, wreaths and garlands on display. Once in a while, I also indulged in a bouquet of roses or carnations, which would adorn my bedroom for days. 

However, after COVID-19 brought life in the garden city to a standstill, we were all confined within the four walls of our homes. Flowers did bloom in my quaint little balcony garden, but those bouquets of gorgeous gladioli or ravishing roses were missing from my countertops. 

While browsing the internet for local florists who will deliver to my doorstep, I came across Flaberry. I ordered a bouquet of red roses for myself and I was really pleased with the flowers that came along. Now, my home workspace is fragrant and alluring, thanks to the farm-fresh flowers delivered by Flaberry to my doorstep. 

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Two-Hour Delivery Window 

The most interesting aspect of Flaberry that caught our attention were the prices. Compared to similar flower delivery services, Flaberry’s prices were slightly on the lower side. And thankfully so, since now we can place frequent orders for flowers without worrying about it being heavy on the pocket. 

Towards the afternoon, I placed the order for a bouquet of red roses. The enterprise ensured to provide step by step updates of the order processing. Within an hour, I received a call from the delivery agent re-confirming my address and delivery time. Lo and behold, the spectacular bouquet was shining bright on my work table, barely within two hours from placing the order

So, if you forget your friend’s birthday and need to arrange for a quick gift, Flaberry provides excellent options. They have an extensive range of flower bouquets, decorative cake and other classic options like soft toys and chocolates. For the environment lovers, Flaberry also has the eco-friendly option of potted desk plants. Their fast delivery makes sure your loved one gets your gift right on time. 

No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances 

True to the claim on their promotional posts, Flaberry delivered fragrant, fresh flowers. The crimson red roses in the bouquet, sprinkled with a hint of mist, appeared to be directly from the farm. My spirits were lifted within seconds as I held the bunch in my hand and took a whiff. The aroma was subtle yet sweet, reassuring me that the flowers had not been sprayed with any artificial fragrance as even luxury florists do often. Even my pet cat, who is sensitive to strong scents, could chill nonchalantly beside the flower vase with the roses.

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Generally, we find the flowers grown under chemically stimulated conditions in greenhouses or farms are dazzlingly vivid in colour and unusually large in size. For instance, you might have seen the purple, blue or green chrysanthemums sold by street side florists across India which are abruptly large in size and evidently dipped in artificial dyes. Being a long-time gardening enthusiast, I admit to have never seen such large chrysanthemums growing naturally. 

These unnatural flowers often end up looking clumsy and too vibrant in a bunch. No matter how quickly you want to resolve an argument with your loved one, you would also not settle for a kitsch bouquet. This is where Flaberry is ought to impress you (and the recipient as well!)

The Farm-to-Table Model

The farm-to-table model is slowly gaining popularity in the agricultural domain. Many startups are now directly delivering greens and groceries to your doorstep. However, such a model is yet to make inroads in the field of flower delivery.

Flaberry is the only company in India that strictly adheres to a farm-to-table model. In different cities, they procure their flowers from flower mandis where farm-fresh flowers are auctioned regularly. Handpicked by expert florists, the beautiful orchids, lilies, roses, tulips and carnations are then neatly pruned and assembled into decorative bouquets. 

“Recently, our team of expert professionals has collaborated with the famous Italian designer, Vittoria Moroni, who helps us launch out-of-the-box flower collections each season for you,” informs the Flaberry team. 

Without adding any preservatives or chemicals, the flowers are tied together with ornamental leaves of casuarina, fern and baby’s breath. Then, they are wrapped with ribbons or cellophanes before being sent out for delivery. 

In the post-COVID times, Flaberry takes extra precautions to ensure that their deliverables are sanitised properly. Needless to say, they ensure their delivery agents are also following all safety protocols. 

“Its social distancing, not social isolation”

Impressed by my bouquet of roses, my flatmate placed an order for carnations, black forest cake and chocolates to surprise her sister on her birthday. Inviting friends over for a house party is impossible amid all the social distancing norms. But her birthday was made special by this heartfelt gift from Flaberry.

“It’s social distancing, not social isolation,” the Flaberry team promises. And truly in that essence, Flaberry is enabling prompt intra-city gifting on a special occasion, or even without one. 

If you are not a flower person, Flaberry has alternate options for you as well. Aside from their scrumptious list of handcrafted cakes and chocolates, they also specialise in soft toys, potted plants and customised gift combos. The elaborate filters allow one to choose gifts according to occasion, floral variety, decor and theme. 

Oh, and did we mention that Flaberry also has a dedicated team to fulfil your décor requirements? Be it a minimalistic birthday or a grand Mehandi, you can avail Flaberry’s decor services at a lucrative price

Flowers that Lasted Days 

I learnt from my grandmother that cutting the flower stalks through the middle and immersing them in salted water would keep them fresher for longer. But for some reason, I completely forgot this tip when I was keeping the Flaberry rose bouquet in a vase. Even without such manoeuvres, the Flaberry bouquet stayed fresh and fragrant for nearly a week. 

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I have ordered from similar online stores that assure same-day flower delivery but most of these have not appealed to me for their exorbitant prices. Some others have fallen short in meeting the quality expectations. But Flaberry has ticked all the right boxes for me. 

The brand, however, leaves room for improvement in delivering the messages shared by a sender with a bouquet. They printed the message in basic fonts on the receipt itself. 

Flaberry is the website I would keep going back to whenever I feel like decorating my room with a bouquet or two. COVID-19 playing a spoilsport in my floral adventures, I can still rely on Flaberry to help me send postcard-worthy bouquets to my loved ones, anytime I wish. 

At the end of the day, a rose by any other name might smell just as sweet, but trust us, Flaberry’s roses will be fresher guaranteed.

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