Why is work culture crucial for favourable productivity?

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Imagine having a conversation with a neighbour or a stranger you met at work. What’s the first thing you notice? Their courteous behaviour perhaps? Or is it their positivity that helps you strike a conversation? If you ask us, positivity goes a long way. At Simpl, we believe that a positive work culture impacts employees’ productivity and it also attracts great talents. The key to retain employees is embodied in navigating the sphere of their interests through these crucial elements:


At Simpl, we enable open communication and easy interpersonal engagement through regular team lunches, team outings, etc. This improves the confidence of our employees and assists in bringing them out of their comfort zone. We promote an innovative environment for our employees because who doesn’t love some friendly competition and a platform to showcase their skills! We believe that following a balanced equation of formal & informal chain of communication is essential in forming the elixir of a successful workplace.


What motivates an employee? That’s the real question. It is imperative to have a strong basis to outline the culture of a firm and that’s exactly what we did. The Mission, Vision and Values set by our top management curates an outline of the required combinations to reach the ultimate goal. Our managers are jovial and inviting, employees feel welcomed and tend to be growth-oriented. At the end of the day, it comes down to simple psychology and you may have heard psychologists say; as human beings, we’ll always want to impress someone we look up-to.


Our employees are all for events! The recent one being the Simpl Hackathon- a contest conducted for developers who portrayed their most creative concepts and also won amazing rewards for it. We also don’t miss a chance to celebrate festivals and special occasions with the team – be it Christmas celebrations, Secret Santa, games and quiz, Diwali celebrations, Women’s Day, etc.

Safe Environment:

A healthy work environment is our utmost priority – A workplace where it’s safe to speak, safe to grow, safe to express, safe to work but most of all; safe to stay. We aim at curating an environment where our employees feel protected; whether it’s the regulations and policies or mere gestures, we ensure that our employees are well protected from harassment, and they know and understand their rights. To enable an environment free from sexual assault, a Posh Commitee is incorporated at Simpl to recieve and adress any redressal complaints.

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