Why is it important to repay your bills on time?

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Shopping with Simpl is so easy. Forget about the hassle of entering your card details and going through numerous payment gateways. With Simpl, all you need is 1-tap! You can transact now and pay later – once in 15 days. No more worrying about multiple bills; just pay the total amount later, in one go. You can trust us with delivering convenience, and we trust you with timely repayments!

Repaying your Simpl bill is as easy as shopping with 1-tap. Let’s walk through the process step-by-step down below.

How to repay your bills? 




So you see, repaying your Simpl bill can be done in just a few easy-to-follow steps. We encourage all our users to repay their bills before the due date. When you keep consistently repay your Simpl bill in a timely manner, it makes you eligible for a higher spending limit.

Inculcating this habit of responsible repayment will also help you do the same with other EMIs or loans. In fact, your payment history has the highest impact on your credit score. A record of late payments, be it interest-free EMIs, loans or credit cards, will immediately reduce your CIBIL Score. Be sure to avoid defaulting on payments to maintain a high credit score.


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