Why is it important to repay your bills on time?

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Have you ever checked your credit score? Well, a good credit score is important and can be essential in getting loans and the best way to get a loan at a good interest rate is to repay your credit on time. That’s why we encourage our customers to repay the due amount timely.

With Simpl, you can transact now and pay later – once in 15 days. So, there’s no hassle of multiple bill payments; Just pay the total bill later, in one go. You can trust us with convenience, and we trust you with timely repayments.

How to repay your bills? 


Missed paying the bill on the due date? Opt for ‘Autopay’ for automatic, recurring repayments. You can also opt in for Whatsapp bill reminders and updates. 

Any queries regarding your bills or repayments? You can reach out to us at help@getsimpl.com.


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