What is Simpl ‘Pay-in-3’?

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‘Pay-in-3’ is a unique and innovative contribution from the Simpl product family to benefit D2C brands and loyal customers. It comes with a host of value-added features that combine transparency, speed, ease-of-use, and, best of all, is budget-friendly. 

Simpl was built with the idea of making payments simple and secure for all. Simpl has continuously enriched its product portfolio by taking this philosophy forward: the flagship BNPL product, biller services, or the latest Pay-in-3.  

illustration showing benefits of Pay-in-3 interest-free instalments

Aligned to the goal of simplifying payments for merchants and end-customers alike, Simpl has launched Pay-in-3. In a nutshell, Pay-in-3 is a specialized, hassle-free product suited for D2C merchants and their customers. 

Revealing the rationale behind the product launch, Nitya Sharma, CEO, Simpl said,

We are excited to launch Pay-in-3 for our customers. While the product is e-commerce in direction, the focus is primarily on D2C brands. We believe that the inclusion of this additional feature into the Simpl product basket would further enhance the payments experience and take the relationship between D2C merchants and buyers to greater heights.


What are the features of Pay-in-3?

Pay-in-3 allows end-customers to conveniently split their current payments into three tranches at no extra charges with a host of advantages. The distributed payments facility may be availed instantly by loyal customers, as recommended by their respective D2C merchants. What goes behind this is the intelligent Machine Learning decisions. 

Benefits of Pay-in-3 Instalments


Why choose Pay-in-3?

1. Benefits for buyers:

With its focus on strengthening the trust between the merchant and their consumers, Pay-in-3 is a boon for those buyers seeking to utilize an interest-free credit period on their D2C purchases, with a well-balanced repayment option. 


2. Benefits for D2C merchants

With the shift to online shopping, India is witnessing a surge in the growth of D2C brands – homegrown and international brands that establish a direct connection with end customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

D2C merchants who offer Pay-in-3 can benefit from better ties with their trusted customers and strengthen loyalty. 


How does Pay-in-3 work?

Pay-in-3 has been developed on three key pillars – an intelligent product with high payments transparency and superior speed of transactions at scale. 

With product simplicity as a core tenet, there is no tedious paperwork or lengthy forms to be filled. Further, there are no hidden charges, with no need to remember passwords, card numbers, or CVVs. 

The process works in 3 easy steps:

    • New users get onboarded via merchant discovery on various platforms 

    • Existing users can check their credit score and their eligibility

    • Eligible users can repay their credit purchases with select D2C merchants in 3 distributed installments 


Through our innovative offerings at affordable costs, we aim to catalyze and simplify the payments domain. 

Simpl is committed to simplifying and democratizing digital transformation in India’s payments space with proven technology expertise. We aim to optimize our product suite further to benefit merchants and end customers with this unique offering.


You can now shop using Pay-in-3 at 


In a rapidly changing world, one thing is constant, Simpl is always looking for ways to make your online shopping experience smoother, faster, and better!

For more details, visit us! Pay-in-3

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