Vilvah Goat Milk Shampoo Left My Hair Silky Smooth & Pleasantly Fragrant

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We have all grown up to the mythological lores of Cleopatra – the enigmatic queen of ancient Egypt. Among the many sagas about her, the story of her bathing in goat milk had always intrigued me. Legend has it that the Queen bathed in goat milk and donkey milk to maintain her gorgeous skin. 

I can recall the many hours I have spent in the bathtub, imagining myself as the beautiful monarch, and the soapy water my own version of goat milk. But, in reality, goat milk is quite a rare item to find, especially in cities. Even then, using goat milk for cosmetic purposes is a fairytale for modern-day working professionals like us, living on a limited budget. 

So when I heard about the Vilvah Goat Milk Shampoo, I was more than curious to give it a try. As it turned out, the brilliant shampoo gave my hair that long-lost silky, shiny texture. In addition, my hair smelled so fragrant and fresh that it instantly uplifted the mood. 

Getting shiny, fragrant hair with just one wash

“Get the perfect hair flip moments with our new improved Goat milk shampoo” – reads the description of the product. And true to their promise, the Vilvah shampoo did give my hair the bouncy softness meant for the Instagram-worthy hair flip snaps.

vivah goat milk shampoo bottle

I ordered the Vilvah Goat Milk Shampoo directly from their website and the product arrived at my doorstep in about four days later. The bottle label had a grayscale scenery of a farm with baby goats grazing around. I thought it was quite nice, and definitely unique – as most shampoo bottles would sport a woman with abnormally shiny or long hair or may be the ingredients of the products. 

As I squeezed a pinch of the silvery white shampoo on my palm, a mesmerising aroma of jasmine and balsam filled the room. The instructions on the package asked to massage a standard amount of shampoo onto the wet scalp. A little bit of the shampoo created an abundant amount of lather.

vilvah goat milk shampoo product

A thorough massage helped create a rich, cloudy foam, somewhat similar to the texture of whipped cream. The lathered hair slipped easily through my fingers when I tried to detangle. After massaging, I let the shampoo sit in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing off with cold water. There was considerably less hair fall than I normally experience while shampooing. 

Healing hair over time

Once dried, the hair felt much softer and smoother than before. There was a bouncy volume to it. And the best part was it smelled amazing! The subtle aroma of jasmine felt exactly what was missing from my hair for so long. Needless to say, I treated myself to quite a few hair-flip moments! 

hair washed with vilvah shampoo

After using it a few times through the week, there was a visible change in the texture of my hair. The goat milk shampoo healed my split ends to some extent. I also get a little winter dandruff, but a rigorous massaging with the shampoo makes them disappear after a wash. Though it did not cure the dandruff issue completely, the shampoo did lessen the occurrence. 

Dry and frizzy hair is perhaps a recurring problem for urban women, thanks to the ton of chemicals to which we expose our hair. We have neither the time nor the privilege to sit for hours every day while treating our hair to organic, homemade hair masks. Self hair care in 2020 is barely assigned 15-20 minutes a day and, perhaps, a half-hour hot oil massage on weekends. 

But with the Goat Milk shampoo, you do not need to invest extra hours to save your hair and let the shampoo do its job. 

Transparency as a brand value

The ingredients present in the Vilvah Goat Milk Shampoo are quite rare and unique. Apart from the goat milk and jasmine oil, the shampoo is also enriched with hydrolysed pea protein. This apparently helps in reducing frizz and broken ends, and strengthens the hair from the shaft. Even the jasmine extract does more than rendering a floral aroma to your hair; it fights itchy scalp conditions and boosts hair growth.

The product is mild, with a near-neutral pH value of 6, which makes it suitable for using on kids as well. Almost all the ingredients are certified by Ecocert – an international organisation promoting environment-friendly, sustainable products and enterprises. The product is dermatologically tested with no presence of potential irritants to any type of hair or skin. 

The manufacturers state that absence of silicone in the shampoo might make the user’s hair a bit dry, if not followed by a conditioner. But this was one of the rare occasions I had to disagree with a brand’s disclaimer. The shampoo worked perfectly in making my hair quite smooth, even without the use of any conditioner. 

What makes Vilvah different

All the Vilvah products are sourced from local farms and help to sustain small-scale farmers across India who are otherwise deprived of their due profits by capitalistic landholders. 

“There are so many ‘skincare’ products in the market today that are loaded with unpronounceable chemicals, which are harmful to the human skin. A lot of manufacturers, however, continue to use them, simply because they’re cheap.” 

But Vilvah reveals what makes them different from other brands. “The ingredients are obtained in their purest form, without any harsh chemicals, additives, synthetic oils or perfumes and this is the very basis of our work at Vilvah Store. Our painstaking efforts to source the finest raw materials reflects in our products,” reads the Vilvah description. 

And in our opinion, Vilvah has kept up with their claims. 

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