Upgrade Your Fitness Resolutions with HealthifyMe’s AI Nutritionist Ria

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Right after the lockdown, going to the gym became difficult. The long hours at home made us better cooks, but also drove us to eat way more calories than before. We became vulnerable to untimely snacking and gained weight. Other side-effects include caffeine overloads while working post-office hours. 

We had to counter this impending health disaster and, thankfully, the fitness industry has come up with new and unique ways of improving the ‘stay at home’ lifestyle. Our search for solutions led us to HealthifyMe, an Indian digital health and wellness startup, and their product Ria, the world’s first AI powered nutritionist.

If you remember Tony Stark’s Jarvis and Friday, you would know that life gets a “little” upgraded with an AI assistant. Just how Friday keeps track of Iron Man’s suit’s efficiency and manages his other world-saving endeavours, HealthifyMe’s Ria maps its users’ food patterns and needs and suggests the best possible diet plan choices, 24/7. 

Through this AI powered nutrition specialist, HealthifyMe has been able to accelerate its users’ fitness goals even amidst a global pandemic. 

healthifyme ria bot
Source: HealthifyMe App

HealthifyMe’s AI-powered Ria nutritionist is priced at INR 249 per month. It gives instant replies to users’ food, calorie and gym workout queries, such as what to eat for breakfast, if gulab jamun is a good idea for your calorie count, or suggestions on immunity improving workouts. We were particularly impressed with the insightful tips that Ria has to offer especially for medical conditions like PCOS and thyroid. 

HealthifyMe’s Story

HealthifyMe commenced its journey by teaming up with hospitals and its doctors to coach patients on healthy lifestyles. Then the company realised its potential and went ahead in its journey of becoming one of most popular, technologically advanced health and fitness platforms in the world.

HealthifyMe’s greatest USP is its technology-backed methods. In 2017, the startup’s co-founders embarked on their biggest journey of creating a future-forward platform by utilising the company’s data and nascent AI abilities in creating tools that substituted the burden of human resources and cost of sales with technology. Thus the team created “Ria” — the  consumer-facing AI nutritionist aimed at enhancing the productivity of their 200+ coaches. 

Ria can be accessed directly through HealthifyMe’s mobile app that also offers a wide range of health and fitness-oriented services. From weight loss to lifestyle tracking, the app has a coach plus AI driven approach that provides the complete health package to its users.

HealthifyMe app main screenshot
Source: HealthifyMe App

The First AI Nutritionist in the World

Ria is unique on many grounds. While AI chatbots have been around for some time now, an AI assistant trained with detailed knowledge and expertise in nutrition and lifestyle tracking is one of the very firsts in the country and in the world. 

Over the years, Ria has learned to build a wide perspective on health use cases as well as develop a great sense of humour. Its interface, powered by millions of food and gym logs, has been progressively collecting data and smoothening all the edges of decision making over time, proffering a user experience that is less mechanical and more human. Which is why users have been able to connect with Ria comfortably. While discussing any query with Ria, you’d almost feel like you’re consulting a human.

healthifyme ria chat
Source: HealthifyMe App

According to the company’s statistics, Ria is able to handle about 77 percent of HealthifyMe’s user queries concerning health and workout insights. You can text chat as well as talk through voice messages.

healthifyme app about fats
Source: HealthifyMe App

For example, you can ask her, “What is the best diet for somebody suffering from thyroid?” Or you can ask her to track your lunch where she will ask you to select what you had for lunch and give you a verdict if you had a healthy lunch or not along with your lunch’s calorie count. You can even ask her to suggest a replacement of a particular dish and Ria will help you with a healthier option. You can also try asking if a food item is healthy, before preparing it. Just ask, “Is pizza Healthy?” Ria would reply with the calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates content of pizza and will also let you know whether or not it’s the right choice for you. 

healthifyme app thyroid
Source: HealthifyMe App

Alexa and Ria Work Together

What happens when two amazing AI assistants come together? We get some ingenious innovation that makes life easier and convenient. HealthifyMe’s AI assistant Ria has recently integrated with the famous voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa. So yes, you can now link your HealthifyMe account to Alexa and enjoy touch-free voice assistance for counting calories, enquiring about fats, asking tips for staying healthy and fit, etc.

healthifyme alexa
Source: HealthifyMe App

We connected our HealthifyMe account to Alexa, which was super easy. In case you find trouble in accessing the account and linking it, you might want to give a call to HealthifyMe’s customer care who would help you through the process. 

Quite like asking Alexa to play a new song, you can ask Ria about the calorie count of a dosa, poha or anything you’re planning to eat. This will be particularly helpful for people who follow Indian diet plans because HealthifyMe has a log of almost every Indian dish with their approximate calorie count. We have tried reviewing how smoothly Alexa gets the commands for HealthifyMe and its pretty decent.

“Alexa, ask HealthifyMe to get some information about pav bhaji.” You will get an accurate diet chart with information about the calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fibre contents in pav bhaji with an added tip of how much pav bhaji would be good for you. 

Health is the most important asset right now. So even if going to the gym is not possible, we must take all the necessary steps to stay fit and health-conscious at home. And this is made extremely effortless by HealthifyMe’s innovative AI nutritionist, Ria. 

Staying healthy can’t get more convenient than this! 

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