This Low-Calorie Cat Treat by Heads Up For Tails Helped Train My Naughty Kitties

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Cats generally have the ill-repute of being notoriously lazy. Thanks to their daily sleep cycle that can last from anything between 12 hours to 20 hours, they are generally perceived as furry slackers. 

Pet cats
Lucas and Lucy

But a few cat owners would know the 24×7 hassle involved when there is a naughty kitty in the household. By some odd stroke of luck, our family has been blessed with perhaps two of the cutest, but most mischievous felines in the world. We had exhausted almost every available option, strategy and textbook trick to train them, but none yielded much visible result. 

Maybe a new brand of dry food would make them calm down for a day or two, as they would cherish their meal times above everything else. But, it was back to square one after a while. They would soon lose interest in the diet, and we would have to look for new toys, treats or distractions to keep them from wreaking havoc around the house. 

heads up for tails mahi mahi treats

But the Mahi-Mahi Cat Treat by Heads Up For Tails worked wonders. Their love for the treat surpassed all our expectations. Even a while ago, Lucy’s favourite hobby was to climb to the top of the kitchen shelf and drop the mason jars one by one. Now, she can be magically brought down just by showing her the packet of the Mahi-Mahi treats. 

Why Heads Up For Tails is a Favourite Among Pet Parents

A little more than a year ago, we welcomed Lucy and Lucas into our home. The ginger and the piebald kittens were not siblings, but they have become the perfect brother and sister and partners in crime. They were rescued separately into two different foster homes and adopted by us at around 1 month of age. They grew up running around the house, chasing one another and falling asleep together after tiring rounds of playtime. 

Lucy, the sovereign Queen of our house, is a little older than Lucas and the prankster with a perpetual innocent face. Being all of our first pets, the duo was treated to the best resources – from food to healthcare to accessories and toys. Heads Up For Tails had been our go-to place for all their needs. 

Their huge range of age-appropriate dry and wet food astonished us. Our cats have grown up eating their wide variety of fishy flavours – tuna, salmon, mackerel or chicken – from different brands. But the Heads Up For Tails (HUFT) in-house label of food and treats turned out to be the best. 

In terms of quality, quantity and value for money, HUFT has been our top favourite. 

The Unique and Extensive Range of Pet Products

Interestingly, we were introduced to the brand by a family friend who has two adult dogs. He has been a regular customer at Heads Up For Tails for years. His doggos are ardent fans of anything and everything HUFT – from treats to t-shirts. Every time our friend visits his nearest Heads Up For Tails outlet, his dogs make sure to tag along. For them, the store with their eye-catching products is the next thing to a wonderland.

Initially, we were a little sceptical about HUFT and if they had actually had good options for cats. In our experience, we had seen that generally the stores with abundant options for dogs fall short in their collection of cat products.

But Heads Up For Tails proved us majorly wrong and even left us spellbound with their diverse spectrum of cat products. In fact, even after being devoted cat parents, we were unaware of the importance of a lot of items. For instance, we found a paw sanitiser for pets, which is highly useful in the present pandemic scenario. A glance at their e-commerce portal and we knew we have found the ultimate destination for all our feline needs. 

Another aspect all cat parents can relate to is the ideal litter. Heads Up For Tails solved all our woes there as well. Their dedicated customer support helped us find the right type of litter for our little munchkins, along with two super cute litter trays. 

Training Two Naughty Kitties with Heads Up For Tails Cat Treats

Before we chanced upon the magical Mahi-Mahi treat, we tried numerous cat treats from other popular brands (even imported ones). Ideally, treats should be given to cats only as a reward for good behaviour. For instance, Lucas would get a treat when he stopped pestering Lucy while she was sleeping. Or Lucy, who is a fussy eater, would get a treat when she would finish all her food. 

But ninety percent of the time, our cats were quite rambunctious. Treats would help at times, but only if they stopped and turned for a second from their endless shenanigans. By the time we ordered this particular treat, we were already on the brink of declaring ourselves as bad cat parents who could not make their cats listen. 

The first time we opened the packet of treats, Lucy and Lucas were both intrigued by the strong fishy smell. They slowly approached nearer and sniffed around the packet, before trying to take out a piece or two with their paws. We restrained them and let them play on at the other end of the room. 

During playtime, whenever a major mischief was averted and any one of them listened to an instruction, they received a treat. When Lucy saw Lucas receiving treats for his good behaviour, she started emulating the same.

The Low-Calorie Advantage

cats eating treats by hand

A few weeks later, the packet was nearly finished and we spotted a clear change in Lucy and Lucas’ demeanour. Both of them had seemingly calmed down and were being more attentive and obedient to us. It was a joy we never thought we would have the good fortune of experiencing. 

A bag of treats generally lasts a long time – at least a month or two. Veterinarians advise giving treats in moderation, since most of the treats are actually highly concentrated pieces of protein with high calorie and fat content. Treats are basically considered the animal equivalent of junk food. Generally, these are found in solid proteins like chicken, salmon or tuna flavours, or the creamy seafood treats with considerable calorific value.

However, with the Heads Up For Tails Mahi-Mahi treat, we did not have that worry. The exotic fish Mahi Mahi in itself is considered one of the leanest proteins for its low fat content. Even after being dried into small cubes of cat treats, sans any toxic seasoning, the fish retained its properties. Thanks to the low calorie feature, these treats can even be fed to cats who are dealing with obesity issues. All in all, the Heads Up For Tails Mahi-Mahi treat is a healthy wonder.

Heads Up For Tails All The Way

We highly recommend Heads Up For Tails for any pet parent we know and all who might be reading this. It is not just dogs or cats, Heads Up For Tails keeps essential products for other pets like birds, guinea pigs or rabbits. For HUFT, all animals are equally adorable. Perhaps this is why they have even opened luxury pet spas across major cities. Lucy and Lucas also get the occasional spa treats from here when they are extra well-behaved.

If you are someone planning to get a pet, do not think much – Heads Up For Tails has got you covered. 

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