The Shycart Store Promotes Sexual Wellness

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We live in a country where the taboo around sex makes the access and availability of sexual wellness products difficult. The lack of sex education in schools and colleges also ensures there is virtually no information about basics like contraception let alone other sexual wellness products.

A trip to a chemist for a pack of condoms can leave you vulnerable and troubled, especially if you are a woman. It isn’t a discreet activity and comes with its share of smirks and comments in the guise of well-meaning uncles and aunties behind the counters.

Besides that, this is an activity that is often done in a hurry with your products wrapped in brown paper, quickly shoved inside a bag. Choosing what you want and enquiring about the products you are about to buy is highly discouraged, even condemned. And this isn’t limited to small-town India.

We can’t quite imagine what buying a female condom or a lubricant off the counters at a chemist might lead to. Unfortunately, it isn’t just sexual wellness products but feminine hygiene that is quite the taboo, too. From black plastic to brown paper bags, we haven’t yet made our peace with carrying a pack of sanitary napkins without garnering the extra stare on the way home.

An Online Store for Sexual Wellness

The benefits of e-commerce are many, from having the liberty to shop at your own pace and in your home to easy payments and returns. Besides this, for those in the feminine hygiene and sexual wellness space, it offers the added benefit of discretion.

shycart homepage

Now, you can order a pack of condoms, a menstrual cup, or for that matter vibrating ring without having to confront the patriarchy of the neighbourhood chemist store or of that in your own household. The discretion goes the extra mile as platforms like Shycart promise to package it in a manner that you won’t have to think twice about having a courier arrive in your office.

It is also the USP of the Shycart e-commerce portal; a 100 percent Discreet Packaging Guarantee. So whether it is a body shaper or a pregnancy test kit, you will no longer have to plan and reconsider that drive around the block to get one.

Providing a Variety Of Products

Thank god for supermarkets that stock condoms, but most other products are still not sold easily in those aisles and they too come with their share of condescension at billing counters.

Think of it this way, when was the last time you bought a pair of jeans? How many stores did you go to? How many pairs did you look at? How many did you try before you walked out with the one that offered you the perfect combination of fit, fabric and style? As you answer these questions, divert your attention to beauty and wellness products, too. Would you make the slightest compromise with your nightly skin-routine? Why then, would your feminine hygiene purchase be driven by lesser concerns like societal taboos and availability in your vicinity? The same goes for sexual wellness products.

After all, these are the products that you use far more intimately. Their contents may have far-reaching implications on your body and overall health. This is the problem Shycart is out to solve while wrapped up in discreet packages.

Shycart, a Problem Solver

A cursory look at the Shycart website may make it seem like any other e-commerce store that is out to sell cosmetics. Then, the banner for the newly-launched organic condoms, Bleu, pops up. The other products advertised on the banner include ovulation strips and mutual climax condoms. You’d think it gives you a fair idea of what’s on offer on Shycart, but you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The list is truly exhaustive with many categories and brands, both Indian and international. Browse by product or usage in separate men and women sections. The usage section is divided into ‘for pregnancy, for periods, for Newly Married, for Moms Need, Weekend Fun’ and more. 

We have got to admit, this is the largest selection of menstrual cups we have seen on an e-commerce platform, across price points. There are also a few lingerie and hair removal products.

shycart products

To say that there is a lot on offer on Shycart would be an understatement. Whether it is ovultation strips, sanitary pads, menstrual cups, lubricants, breast pumps, intimate wipes, or even sex and relationship books you are looking for, you will find it all here.

Stay Informed About Sexual Wellness

We like that despite having its share of fun with Honeymoon Packages for Men (surprisingly none for women), Shycart takes itself seriously, in both products and tone. Shycart addresses medical conditions like Vaginismus and makes available aids like Vaginal Dilators. In fact, you can also choose to ‘shop by concern’ where Shycart addresses ‘Pain during sex’, ‘Premature ejaculation’ and ‘Vaginal Dryness’, among others.

While buying a product or exploring might be the primary reason that brings you to Shycart, you will also realise there is a lot to learn. For instance, we had no idea about the existence of neutralising Anion Sanitary napkins until we read about them on Shycart. We would highly recommend reading about them.

shycart product descriptions

Not just this, every product has a long description and its own FAQs section. This description lists the ingredients, step-by-step usage and safety concerns, among others. It empowers you with the kind of knowledge you wish you had had while buying these common products all along.

It doesn’t end here. There is a whole section dedicated to health tips that aims to dispense information and dispel myths about birth control, condoms and fertility. These posts are easy and approachable while they draw you in quite quickly with a problem statement. Additionally, there are listicles that give you more product information, like ‘Best Lubricated Condoms,’ ‘Top 5 Flavoured Condoms’, and more.

shycart hiv test

Though products may be the mainstay, Shycart goes the extra mile to offer services like Discreet STD Testing. Here again, it provides you with ample information and lets you book a test for a sample collection online. If you don’t find a match with your concern here, a message board allows you to ‘Ask a Question’.

In a nutshell, Shycart manages to be a sexual wellness platform that is as much about empowering you with the right information as it is about an exhaustive inventory.

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