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Click. Cab booked. Click. Food ordered. Click. Flowers sent. Click. Flight ticket reserved. Click. Electricity bill paid. Anything that we want done these days, we just have to reach for our phone and jab a few buttons. It’s done!

It’s super simple. It’s efficient, convenient, easy, frictionless and all that drool-worthy jazz.

Now, let’s peel away the benefits to go behind the scenes. Indecipherable account statements, occasional payment failures, wrong payment, double payment, cashback not credited, chasing refunds… Feel free to add to this list from your own experience. Remember those frustrating conversations on tollfree, with customer service officials who can only recite from a script and put you on hold indefinitely?

It appears that in the digital world, conveniences come with complications. Our in-depth study of customers and their problems revealed that a 100% tech interface gives rise to lack of trust. So bigger the convenience, greater the lack of trust.

Simpl was founded to simplify money in the digital world; to offer a smooth experience between the transacting parties. We not only improve convenience, we dig deep into the customer problems and solve for trust. ‘How would a human solve it’, is a question we often ask. Because in the real world, that’s how issues resolve and forge customer satisfaction. Caring for the customer and doing right by him/her is the primary responsibility of every business and not something that should strike as an afterthought of an aftermath.

Digital transactions are addictive and it’s hard to not succumb to the wooings of Buy now, pay later, Pay in installments, Cashback, EMI-free loans and so much more. So, we have a system that’s designed with a human sensitivity in managing the moolah.

Imagine a few understanding humans on the other side of the screen of the app who think like you, for you. That’s us.

We have begun with restoring balance and sense into the payments side of money. We will continue to infuse human understanding into our design for a uniquely simple system of digital money management.

Stay tuned for details

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