5 Strategies to Maximize eCommerce Conversions during Festive Season

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The festive season is the best time for your eCommerce store to scale your online revenue. 65% of buyers confirm they set a dedicated budget aside for “holiday/festive shopping”. Most of these buyers also agreed to be keener to make high-order-value purchases around the festive corner. All stats put together, this is the time of the year when you get to make the most eCommerce sales and convert most of your visitors! With the right marketing, branding, and offers, you can convert most of your visitors (across websites, social media, and marketplaces) into repeat customers.

Here in this blog in collaboration with Adyogi, we will discuss 5 such key strategies that eCommerce brands have applied globally to skyrocket their festive conversions. But first, let’s understand eCommerce conversions.

What are eCommerce conversions and how to optimize them?

In simple terms, an eCommerce conversion occurs when your website visitors make a purchase from your online store. Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important considerations to improve the overall shopping experience for your consumer. With optimized e-commerce conversion rate benchmarks for CTR, landing page views, ATC, etc; across the buyer journey, you can identify –

  • How is your audience interacting with your website?
  • What is hindering their buying experience?
  • What can be the probable solutions for the same?

For instance, If

  • Your bounce rate is high; you might want to optimize the website/page loading time
  • To increase your CTRs, use a bright colour for all call-to-action buttons
  • To improve ATCs, use sticky CTA’s like “Add to cart” at the bottom that is visible even while scrolling
  • Leverage urgency with time-sensitive offers to generate more sales during the sale period
  • Show customer reviews to increase repeat customers
  • Offer Multiple payment options to reduce RTOs and others

Best festive strategies to maximize your eCommerce conversions

1. Set up effective Google and Meta Ad campaigns

Setting up effective ad campaigns is crucial to make the best out of the festive season. Ad campaigns across Meta and Google platforms will not only help you reach a huge audience but also enable you to perform target marketing, gain benefits of personalized selling and establish a brand presence online. You have to make sure the right products from your catalogue are in front of your ideal audience at all times to never miss out on the opportunity to add-to-cart.

Here’s how you can do that –

  1. Launch Festive Specific Collection Ahead of Festive Season.

For e.g. Launch a Diwali collection for the Diwali season and achieve a higher ROAS.

  1. Identify and Focus On Hero Products for The Festive Season.

For e.g., If you are a kitchen appliance brand, promote Dinner sets to increase AOV.

  1. Launch a separate section on Website for Festive / Sale collection
  1. Run Mid-Funnel Campaigns Optimized for Landing Page Views 3-5 Days Before Sale
  1. Update ad copies ahead of Festive Season to build awareness & excitement.

For e.g. Launch “Winter arrivals are here” ad copies well in advance.

  1. Create separate Campaigns focusing on SALE or FESTIVE on Meta
  1. Use Contextual Coupon Codes for Discounting & Create Urgency.

For e.g. Use contextual coupon codes like DIWALI20, EOSS75, etc.

  1. Use Festive Specific Overlays to Capture User Attention and Increase CTRs on Google. For e.g. Men category use “gifts from him” overlay and similarly “gifts for her” overlays in women category smart ad
  1. Remarket All Website, Offline, and SM Audience During the Festive Season.

For e.g. Remarket customers with SMS, WhatsApp, and Email

2. Leverage the power of personalization

According to a report by Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

Personalized marketing is the marketing technique where you deliver brand messages to different individuals according to their stage in the buyer’s journey. It caters directly to their needs and wants, instead of broad advertising.

Personalized festive season marketing will increase your chance of conversions and retention as compared to any other form of mass advertising. This is because here you provide your customer with relevant information and makes them more interested in making a purchase.

Best ways to approach personalized marketing:

  1. Email marketing
    Emails are the most efficient form of personalized marketing. Email marketing is used by 87% of marketers to distribute their content. They not only help you communicate directly with your customers but are customizable and easily consumable. An e-commerce business should utilize various email sequences such as
    Introduction/Getting Started emails sequence
    – Nurturing leads email sequence,
    – Event/Webinar advertisement email sequence,
    – Perk email sequence,
    – Reactivation email sequence
    – Increase selling/Alternate selling email sequence
    – Reviews the email sequence 
    – Recovering the forgotten cart email sequence to turn their viewers into customers
  2. Customized ads 
    These ads are an effective way to boost sales and get people to move through the sales funnel. Customized ads can be used at various stages, such as when a customer first visits you can run welcome code ads. When they leave without purchasing you can run carousel ads showcasing those products left in the cart. When they make a purchase in-store or online you can show them ads whenever they have a newly launched product. After the purchase is made, In order to keep in touch with your website’s visitors even when they are not actively viewing it, comprehensive retargeting shows them ads about their recommendations-related items and informs them of promotional offers.
  3. Social media marketing
    Social media is a powerful tool to interact directly with your potential customer base and generate a personalized marketing experience for them.
    – Create personalized content in the form of videos, reels, and YouTube shorts directed to your target audience.
    – Use different features like stories, and automated chat boxes to interact with your audience and understand their needs more.

3. Roll out seasonal or festive schemes, discounts, and offers

The festive season is the time when people are willing to spend. Here, if you give dedicated offers and schemes, it will not only encourage them to make the purchase, but they might as well tell their friends and families about your ongoing offers. Works best for both of you.

However, it’s not just this. Use different festive offers and discounts such as

  • Free shipping,
  • Buy 1 get 1 free,
  • Combo offers,
  • Discounts on purchases above a certain price,
  • Influencer code offers,
  • Offers for abandoned carts, etc.

To push your high-priced products to earn more profits. These offers also help you sell more than what the customer initially planned.

4. Audience retargeting

The festive season is the best time to retarget the people who have purchased from you previously since you have their required details and information. A few points to effectively retarget the audience-

  • Retarget all audiences who have interacted earlier:
  • Home & Category Page visitors.
  • Facebook & Instagram Page audience.
  • Video viewers on YouTube and Social media.
  • Run dynamic and relevant ads for page visitors and cart abandoners.

Reach out to all previous buyers through SMS and emails about your upcoming or ongoing festive offers and schemes.

5. Easy and credible checkout process

It is important to give your users a seamless buying experience online and providing an easy and hassle-free checkout experience is a crucial part of it. The checkout process is basically the last stage of the conversion, and it is important you don’t lose your customers due to inefficiencies at this stage.

Best practices to make your checkout process more user-friendly:

  • Offer multiple payment options, especially cash-on-delivery
  • Do not display other products or links to your social media handles, as it might distract your customer.

Make the information-filling process easier and less tedious- ask for only relevant information, provide drop-down lists for filling in details, auto-fill options, offer guest checkout, etc.

Summing up…

The festive season is the golden period for any eCommerce brand looking to grow and scale its business. Getting maximum conversions which essentially means product checkout can help you earn large profits. Here’s a rundown of what you need to have and do to get maximum conversions:

  1. Effective Google and Meta ad campaign

  2. Personalized marketing

  3. Perform audience retargeting

  4. Start festive schemes, discounts, and offers

The hassle-free buying experience with a credible checkout process

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