Simpl’s ‘Share a Smile’ campaign celebrates the ‘International Month of Giving’

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To build and extend efforts in advocating for the less fortunate and in the course building a strong community, Simpl observed the ‘International Month of Giving’ by joining hands with foundations like Dhriti, Little Sisters of the Poor, Hope Lions Home, Janadhare Trust and Don Bosco Church.  Through the ‘Share a Smile’ campaign, Simpl worked with the NGOs to provide essentials like stationery for children, ration kits and personal care products for the elderly with contributions from the employees too.

Here are some incredible memories from our “Share a Smile” experience:


ration kit distribution at Dhriti
Distributing ration kits to destitute women at Dhriti

Dhriti is a public charitable trust formed in June 1999 with the vision to provide humanitarian assistance to the destitute aged. The NGO addresses some of the most pressing social issues amongst senior citizens and extends support to them in the form of medical care, food, clothing and shelter. 

The project was founded on the strong belief that all human beings, regardless of their gender, race, religion, socio-economic standing, deserve an existence encompassing dignity, love and care.


Little Sisters of the Poor

Self care products given to Little Sisters of the Poor
Self-care products for the elderly residents were delivered to Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor is an organisation with a mission to comfort and care for the elderly poor till the end of their lives. Their homes for the aged welcome the elderly poor, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, or economic background.

The homes ensure that the residents are comforted and cared for with kindness and compassion.


Hope Lions Home

Simpl Team with kids at Hope Lions Home
Simpl Team with kids at Hope Lions Home

Hope Lion’s Home is run by Obed and Chong Haokip – a selfless couple who have dedicated their lives to helping Manipuri children adversely impacted by the violence in their villages. 

The centre helps children who have been abandoned, orphaned or affected by poverty and societal violence. In the aftermath of such events, several children who were left homeless with no future in the state, were moved to Bengaluru where the couple welcomed them into their home.


Janadhare Trust

It was founded in 2013 as a civil society organisation composed of  “like-minded” individuals who wished to be agents of change. Taking inspiration from the principles and values of NSS, Janadhare Trust is involved in multiple social activities such as the distribution of food and clothes in orphanages and old age homes and conducting sports events for kids and skill development workshops, among other initiatives. 

Snack Box Distribution for kids
Snack box distribution to 167 underprivileged children through Janadhare Trust and Don Bosco Church

Don Bosco Church

The church believes in supporting the community. One of the initiatives that they have been actively involved in is conducting after-school programs for children living in slums. They also help people gain access to vocational training too. The church even organised food and stationary distribution drives in the past.



Sharing smiles and spreading joy where we live and work is an integral part of the festive season. At Simpl, we endeavor to reach out to communities and build an inclusive place for all those around us. 🙂

Through this activity, we aim to make this an ongoing initiative leading by example and serving as a platform for the Simpl employees to always carry themselves as conscientious citizens furthering the brand value.

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