Shake a Leg at Home with TheVerb Studio’s Online Dance Classes

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The year 2020 gave us ample amount of time to pause, reflect and reboot. It also allowed us to stay home and work on our wish lists that have been postponed or forgotten due to our otherwise busy schedules. We got work from home and life became a bit more flexible. People started learning cooking, gardening and tried things that they always wanted to do. During this time, many online platforms came to the forefront to help us make this remote working time productive. 

While cooking at home has become the new normal, other activities such as live Zumba classes and yoga sessions are redefining fitness and wellbeing at home. One such activity is dancing. Besides bringing in physical fitness, dancing is also becoming a unique skill that is bringing hope and relief among people. 

Staying in at all points of time has made us find new kinds of anxiety and stress. And hence, anything that can help us get some relief is necessary. Dancing is such an art form that encourages people to swing away from their isolation blues and find little moments of joy

We believe dancing is something that all of us need at this moment because there has to be some way to burn the calories from our heavy cooking sessions! And when we were looking for some online dancing courses to keep up with remote working and fitness, we found a platform, TheVerb Studio. 

TheVerb Studio is led by various professional choreographers who are presenting multiple dance forms. We were thrilled to see their live sessions and diverse dance styles, which now we can learn at our homes with our family. 

Amazing Variety in Dance Styles at TheVerb Studio

TheVerb Studio is a Bengaluru based dance studio where choreographers from all over the country share their dancing expertise. What we liked about the platform is its variety. There are almost every type of dance forms on the platform. From classical forms like Mohiniattam to contemporary forms like freestyle, there’s something for everybody. 

Another interesting aspect of the platform is that it is quite organized and detailed. When we joined a random class from their Live sessions, we saw that the choreographer was teaching every step and every move as if you are standing right in front of them. So, it’s not like you are trying to figure out the moves while they are nailing it on the floor. The choreographers take time and teach you the steps in a way as if you are learning the move from step to step. 

Another great thing about this studio is that even if there are multiple dance forms in one place, a visitor won’t get overwhelmed with the choices. TheVerb Studio has a clear journey mapped on their website, making it easy and convenient for the audience to experience multiple dance styles through video clips and choose the one they prefer. 

TheVerb Studio platform has four major types of categories: Classes, Courses, Live Streams and Moves.

theverb studio live classes
Source: TheVerb Studio

If you are into joining a class, they will give you step by step instruction of a dance style to a song. We think this one will help you if you are prepping for an event. 

The courses, however, give an in-depth learning of a dance style that you have chosen. This is to acquire the dance style on a more professional/expert level. 

The live streams are more of weekly editions from the instructors. These are like webinars where you can learn on a real time schedule. 

The fourth category is moves, which are short tutorials to teach particular moves such as how to dab, how to shoot or how to wave. This one’s for you to polish your moves with detailed steps from the instructors.

theverb studio instructors
Source: TheVerb Studio

TheVerb Studio has also uploaded short videos of about 7 minutes on several sessions so that you can browse through the videos and get a feel of how the classes will be. These videos will help you to see if your level of understanding is aligning with the choreographer who will be teaching the course. 

One more interesting thing we noticed is that TheVerb Studio has classified the sessions as per the level of skills like beginner, intermediate, etc. In case one finds a course difficult as a beginner, they can choose another class.  

To help you maintain your routine, TheVerb Studio also mentions the class time, so that you can manage your schedule before joining any class. They also have premium plans with three different budgets. If you want to access all their courses and classes and see what works best, you can take up the INR 399 plan for 3 days. It’s in budget so you can take it as a trial to select your options. They also have 30 days and 180 days plans for INR 799 and INR 3999 respectively.

The Dance Forms that are Killing it 

While it is amazing to watch any dance form, we happened to go through TheVerb Studio’s videos to bring some of the new and fascinating dance styles that blew our minds. One such dance form is the Whacking. We chose the beginner’s foundation class on whacking with choreographer Neha Chaudhari. 

The class starts with a brief introduction on whacking, which is a street dance style that originated from Los Angeles’s clubs in the 70s era. The dance style is an expression of freedom that involves specific arm movements. We liked how the choreographer gave a glimpse of the dance style’s history that immediately connects you with the art. She expressed the different components of the dance style with a precision in every move in such a way that the one who is learning can tap to the attitude that is required in the dance style. 

Later in the class, the choreographer also gives the details on how to work on each pose and whack. You can also ask questions at the end of the class to clarify any doubt. We particularly liked this dance style because it’s new for Indian audiences. 

So, whacking is a great dance skill to add to your list. The form is also very doable for beginners, so if you have limited body movement, whacking can be your game!

The second form of dance style that TheVerb Studio is killing with has to be the hip hop style. We tried Sritheren Pilla’s Hip Hop foundation course and we could see that the choreography is quite comprehensive. 

Before enrolling into the paid plan, you can check out the dance steps and moves to figure out if you are okay with the level of complexity. We think the foundation class is good enough for beginners because the instructor gives detailed information about the various steps

Because hip hop is a street dance style, it requires a bit of aggression and attitude to build up a rhythm. There are steps as per levels for the hip hop class. The first level will give you an overall idea of the dance style, how to warm up, catch the beats and build the body awareness. 

Another dance style that we loved on TheVerb Studio’s platform is the contemporary style. The contemporary style is quite variedly presented on the platform, giving you enough options to choose from. There are different classes with different instructors on the platform. There are classes specifically for beginners and intermediate dancers. The best part: you can check out the videos on their studio as well as on TheVerb Studio’s YouTube channels and know the instructor’s way of dancing before selecting any program. 

Dancing from Home Is a Sure Way to Stay Fit

Besides taking up different dance styles as a hobby or a passion, enrolling yourself into a dance course can also help you stay fit. Dancing with the right intensity helps burn calories. It is a whole-body workout that can help you gain muscle strength along with learning body balancing and coordination skills. 

In fact, a high-intensity dance class of about 30-minutes can help you burn between 130 and 250 calories, which is about the same as jogging. And if you want to only join a dance class for fitness, you get that too in this studio. TheVerb Studio has exclusive live fitness dance classes for morning and evening that are totally fitness oriented. Besides, going to the gym is not exactly safe right now, so you can opt for this fitness dance class online and sweat away your calories safely at home. 

The Final Moves

Remote working has given us a chance to do more with our personal time. Hence, using it to learn an art such as dancing can be the best way to utilize the extra time that we have in our hands now. And TheVerb Studio is making dancing easier in every way and accessible to all of us from the comfort of our homes.

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