Aesthetically Pleasing Office Spaces and its Impact on Employees

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“Our environment is a non-stop triggering mechanism whose impact on our behaviour is too significant to be ignored.” – Marshall Goldsmith

Man is a social animal and is used to the comfort of company and interactions with other beings; This ideal setup took a hit when many of us were subjected to the covid induced lockdowns for over a year. While some welcomed the break given their hectic social commitments,  many others didn’t feel the same way.

From a busy daily itinerary that involved multiple interactions to being isolated and being left to one’s own company, surviving the isolation that WFH brought, hasn’t been easy. Working in solitude can be disconcerting for many. This is especially true for the millennial generation who are dependent on colleagues for company and friendships to a large extent. Employees working remotely have oftentimes faced loneliness and isolation. For many of us, loneliness can become chronic and cause deterioration of mental health as much as a physical ailment. The temporary reality of isolation has been the cause of several breakdowns that range from mild to severe in some cases.

Given the toll the lockdown has taken on people, it was important for us as a company to ensure that when Simpl folks came back to the office during our 3-day-workshop, they were met with an office space that was not only conducive to work but felt inviting, welcoming and helped put them at ease right away. We wanted to curate a space that was lively, invoked curiosity and also served as an ice breaker for team members meeting face-to-face for the very first time. Our three-storey office has ample wall-space that could use some care and colours.

Sneha Chakraborty is one of India’s leading Female Street Artist. She has travelled across India and painted several Street Walls. Her Canvas Arts have found a broad audience in Gallery Exhibitions, her next exhibition is coming up in August. She is also the founder of Let’s Bee Canvas an Art Community for Mental Health. She has conducted over 200 Art Therapy Workshops & Painted 100+ Wall Murals across India.

First Mural at Simpl Office Space
Sneha brought life to the 4th floor of the Simpl office with this lovely mural.

Sneha and her team came down to our office, and over the course of the week brainstormed to figure just the right mix of ‘calm and curiosity’ to give our office walls a complete makeover.

Simpl Office Space Mural on 3rd Floor
This innovative mural on the 3rd floor of the Simpl office got employees talking.

The murals around the office were a good ice breaker for newcomers and the work environment definitely boosted employee morale. Teams got together for productive 1-1 and group sessions like never before.

Simpl office space mural made by employee
Simpl employees got involved in some art therapy too.

While our office space looks wonderfully poetic and our team seems enthralled by the artwork, here are some other reasons why we felt this was a crucial step to take.

Researchers say, the scenic quality of our daily environment has a direct correlation to our personal wellbeing. It could be little things like adding plants all over the workplace, inspirational artwork across the walls and a whole lot of natural light to help employees de-stress and brainstorm.

Work is a major part of our lives and with stress levels rising, an aesthetically pleasing office space helps employees relax and be at their best; but most of all it offers comfort and solace to the eyes and the mind.


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