Starting with Curly Hair, Nynm is an Online Hair Care Store For All Hair Types

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If you are a curly haired girl, Naturally You&Me (Nynm) is right up your alley. If you are not, don’t fret, Nynm still has you covered. You’ll soon know why. We can’t help but let the excitement show. 

After all those years of accompanying curly-haired friends to salons and shopping sprees, we know the world wasn’t made equal for them. Whether it was the right hair products or the styling, curly hair care always seemed like an adaptation of straight or wavy hair care. Let alone shampoos and masks, I remember a cousin making a trip halfway across town for a hairbrush that would suit her luscious curls. 

So, when a hair care-only website proclaims its love for curls, we can’t help but sit up and take notice. And let it be known that this is only the beginning. It gets better from here. 

Begin With Your Hair Type

Naturally You&Me (Nynm) is an online store for natural and CG hair products. It’s literally their tag line, so you know they mean business.

For those who don’t know, CG refers to the Curly Girl method (also called the ‘no poo’ method) that recommends a care routine for curly hair that includes the use of sulphate-free shampoo or natural conditioners for cleansing. It eliminates mineral oil and alcohol-based products that can be drying and damaging for such hair. A simple Google search will throw up results for several primers that can get you started. 

Regardless of your type, Nynm’s catering to niche categories is a great sign. I say this as a straight-haired person myself. You know they take hair care seriously and my faith only increases as I wade through the host of products they have on offer. 

But, before you do, we suggest you head straight (pun unintended) to Nynm’s Hair Care Guide and click ‘Understanding Your Hair Type’ in the drop down menu. It is a great way to get started on your hair care regime and might reveal more than you know about your own hair. Keep a notepad handy, we recommend. Some of your findings might be in code form. 

The guide helps you establish your hair type through four parameters – shape, diameter, porosity and elasticity. With visual aids for reference and a few simple exercises, you will arrive at your distinct hair type. This might have changed my world for the better. I now identify as straight and thin-haired, with medium elasticity and medium porosity. 

This isn’t all. Nynm has recommendations for each category for the products that can be used. Here’s a sample: For hair with low porosity ‘Use warm water instead of cold + Cleansing Hair Wash/Shampoo + Deep or Leave In Conditioner + Styling Gels/ Jellies/ Creams / Smoothies’. 

Now for Some Shopping

Once you have your hair type determined, you could choose to browse through other useful sections ‘Curly Tips and Tricks’ and a handful of video tutorials (for curly hair). The former is a rather methodical section and we do wish it covered all hair types. Then again, we are glad it exists the way it does for curly hair. 

nynm curly hair info

If this wasn’t enough, there is yet another section called Curly Affair that has a single post on natural ways to maintain your curls and help them appear shiny and healthy. There is also a FAQs section which is a tad more useful than the standard ones you find on e-commerce stores. And again, it goes out to show the research and product knowledge they come with. 

Here is when you’d get to the shopping experience. We did a recce for you and are happy to report the expertise doesn’t stop at the supplemental info but shows through in Nynm’s product curation, too. You can shop by hair type, product type or brand. We’d suggest hair type, now that we know ours down to the tee. Once you do, you will see shampoos, conditioners, masks, mousse, and hair accessories. There’s quite a bit to choose from and the filters on the left that help you categorise further based on the product you are looking for come in quite handy.

To add to this, Nynm lists only products that claim natural ingredients. So they’ve done another round of filtering for us. Now, all we have to do is choose. 

We were on a search for a shampoo this evening and while at it, the dipping levels of our last Ayurvedic oil purchase could do with a refresh for the winter onset. 

Nynm product options

On offer here is a selection of both homegrown and international brands – from the lesser-known Coimbatore-based Vilvah to popular ones like Muai and Cantu. There’s also the fast-growing Juicy Chemistry, Mielle Organics and Arata. There are lesser-known ones like AfroShe, too. You will find the occasional Ayurvedic hair wash powder/ conditioner if you are looking for that stuff. We’ll admit we can’t let go of the ease of a liquid shampoo. Surprisingly, we found no shampoo bars.

The Product Variety on Nynm

As one would expect, the inventory of products for curly hair quite outweighs the ones for other hair types (three pages for straight hair and 10 for curly, to give you an idea). Click on each product and you will see the product description that is complete with applications and usage instructions. We particularly appreciate the full ingredient declaration, something that is almost always available only on the packaging. It also restores your faith in their understanding of the ingredients in the products Nynm curates.

nynm product page

When searching by brand, there is a short introduction that tells the story of each. It is a nice touch and makes the shopping experience a little more personal. Additionally, the website describes the hair types each brand corresponds with (refer to your notepad). There’s a small but dedicated kids section mainly made up of hair cleansers.

That Nynm is truly a one-stop hair care destination that we will go back to is clear. One of the last things we’d check here is the price points. While Indian brands are easier to check and there is hardly any price disparity across websites, it is the imported ones we were worried about. We compared some of these brands, including Cantu, Mielle Organics and Camille Rose to discover that the pricing on Nynm is at par with Amazon. There are other international brands like Jim +Henry that Nynm has introduced to the Indian market.

After reading several product descriptions, we picked out a shampoo and a bottle of nourishing oil. But before the checkout, we were distracted by the flexible detangling hair brushes on offer. With pandemic hair fall still around, this might be just what we need. The thermal hair care caps by a brand called Hot Heads that promise to elevate your conditioning routine to salon level also caught our eye. We might as well admit, this shopping trip is going to take a little more time. 

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