Nua Puts Period Comfort First with its Heat Pads

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We’d like to admit that Nua is a brand we aren’t new to. For a few years now, Nua has been at the forefront of changes in the menstrual products industry. Gone are the days when shame and ink-blue fluid dominated the communication for menstrual products. Comfort is the new buzz word and for a woman with spending power, the options are plenty.

We have spent the larger part of our menstruating years with over-the-counter FMCG products like many other urban women in their twenties and thirties. With these products came the many contraindications, from rashes to stains, and everything in between. 

The monthly cycles were not only a physically painful affair, but one dominated by discomfort and above all, the shame that our society conditions us with. Sanitary napkins in schools were meant to be hidden, periods talked about in hushed voices and stains the reason for much crackle. And as you dealt with all this, it nearly felt like your sanitary napkins were out to punish you for your gender, too. 

A new beginning

It was only in our early thirties that we suddenly discovered an emerging new market of menstrual products that spoke to us; to urban women who wanted greater control of your bodies and of that time of the month. Away from the plastic-covered napkins that came laden with chemicals was a new world of comfort waiting to charm us. We tried the Nua pads first for want of a better period experience. Packed in a convenient sleek box, it was an entire period kit. We no longer needed to buy separate packs for high flow and medium flow days. 

Each of the pads came covered in a resealable envelope that could be used to dispose of the napkin. Made out of paper, we were glad for the lack of plastic used overall and felt less concerned about adding to environmental pollution through menstrual products. In the day and age of menstrual cups, it does often seem like the switch needs to be made, and soon. However, it’s a journey that takes more courage to make than we can muster up right now. 

The pads fit snugly, the high flow ones were thin, comfortable and absorbent, serving us through overnight wearing. They are also colour-coded, so you don’t have to look through the descriptions each time you are choosing one. 

The soft cotton cover ensured period rashes were a thing of the past and we were ready to take on regular days with a spring in our step. Why had nobody told us about the existence of these alternatives any sooner?

We also liked that Nua napkins were easy and discreet to dispose of. There was no need for newspaper wraps that fall open or for buying disposable plastic bags that only add up to the landfills. Altogether, it was an exercise well worth the effort and we are never going back to those sanitary napkins off chemist counters anymore.

Nua also allows you to customise your own pack based on your flow each month. You can also opt for the subscription model that will have your needs delivered in time each month. For those like us, with irregular cycles, no more rushing outdoors at the first sign of menstrual alarm. 

Nua understands the modern woman

Besides the products itself, we like that Nua Woman communicates directly to us customers and goes as far as attempting to build a community of sorts. Both their website and social media are a great resource for information. They cater to women of all ages and talk about problems that are only too common, but never discussed.

Their blog is, to say the least, refreshing. It addressed common issues faced by real menstruation women. From tips for your first period, to tackling your mood swings during PMS and UTIs, there is everything you’d want to know. It also goes the extra mile to tackle subjects like period poop, PCOD and sexual health.

We like that Nua is communicative and urges women to reach out with their queries, something that is visible on their social media. Besides menstrual health related topics, it does remember that we are after all fully-formed individuals and drops a post or two to keep us engaged in other ways; a poem here, a post on New Year resolutions there, and of course the occasional brand plug.

You can choose to browse the posts based on topics: Menstrual Health, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Motherhood and Lifestyle. You could also explore the community tab that responds to women’s queries and is like a sisterhood of sorts.

Heat Patches for Period Pain

It’s easy to say we were sold, but when we heard of Nua Woman’s Cramp Comfort, heat patches for period pain, we were a bit skeptical. We’ve had our share of hot water bottles, heating pads, period pain roll-ons and over-the-counter medication and yet, those few days each month, remain a struggle. 

nua heat patch packaging

We did, however, decide to give them a shot. Priced at a modest Rs 299 for three, they came with the signature minimalist Nua packaging. They were delivered promptly, within the week and arrived in discreet packaging without going overboard with the plastic. 

nua cramp comfort

The promises were lofty of air-activated heat pads that attach to your underwear and provide day-long comfort. While heat therapy does ease the pain to some degree, we weren’t sure the sticky version would offer similar comfort.

nua cramp comfort patch

On the first day of our period, writhing in pain as we usually are, we tore open the first Cramp Comfort pack. Shaped like a small wing with a soft cotton encasing, it looked rather intriguing. We read the instructions and attached it firmly to the inside of the underwear. You could choose to attach outside too based on what makes you more comfortable.

The pad begins to heat instantly, warm at first and provides considerable heat there on. They are meant to last 12 hours but it is advisable to not sleep with the heating pad on. We went through our day feeling warm and snug, especially with the current nip in the air. It helped ease our cramps and kept the body warm throughout the 12 hours. In fact, when we did remove it after the stipulated time, the pad was still warm.

We repeated the exercise on the following day, this time, we used it on our lower back. The Nua heat patch turned out to be more comforting and eased our sore back. It’s what we find most troublesome during the period, after cramps. You might, however, realise that Cramp Comfort works best with a period panty (ideally, high-waisted) and isn’t suitable for bikini style ones. 

The Nua Cramp Comfort is a convenient form of heat therapy, since its easy to carry around. Imagine, having your heating pad attached to you on a work day. It also takes away the need for hot water or a power outlet to plug in your heating pads. Like we said earlier, it is all about the comfort. And we are glad brands like Nua Woman are finally listening to us. 

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