MyGlamm: The Online Beauty Store Which Believes In Makeup Beyond Gender

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Even in 2020, men doing makeup is still frowned upon, despite the fact that our favourite male silver screen stars have donned makeup both on and off the reel for ages. Of late, hundreds of male influencers and activists have worn makeup publicly to make a bold statement and normalise this simple practice. 

However, when seen from a larger spectrum, makeup for men is still a subject of ridicule for the average Indian. We might blame our patriarchal social construct for this issue. But, it must be admitted that most of our commercial beauty brands are yet to acknowledge men in makeup. How often do you get to see a male model advertising an eyeliner or promoting a bronzer?

That was actually the first thing that caught our attention when we thought of reviewing the MyGlamm online beauty store. Across the platform, one can find gorgeous makeup looks demonstrated by male models and makeup artists

Cruelty-Free and Safe Makeup

Backed by a European natural beauty firm, MyGlamm was launched three years ago to cater to the Indian woman’s beauty needs. The e-commerce platform sells a wide range of cosmetic products – from skincare essentials to global makeup brands. They earned quick popularity among urban women for their discounted prices and extensive varieties available.

Products on MyGlamm are categorised so meticulously that browsing through their website is way easier than repeatedly asking a shop attendant at an outlet. Though MyGlamm set up retail stores across major Indian cities, their website is what revolutionised the domain of beauty and makeup. More and more women were trusting online lipstick try-on than swatches from germ-laden testers at shops. 

As the demand for sustainable makeup grew, MyGlamm stepped up their style game and launched their in-house line of cruelty-free makeup. These products are claimed to be enriched with special minerals, vitamins and oils, and procured from natural sources. In fact, most of the brands sold through MyGlamm are sustainable and even PETA-approved.

Shattering the Gender Norms

Over time, MyGlamm has gained a substantial audience on social media and YouTube. The brand is particularly known for its makeup tutorial videos by experts – irrespective of their gender. The MyGlamm followers’ community comprises satisfied customers, makeup artists, beauty and fashion influencers and even celebrities from the glamour world.

What we found the most amazing aspect of their videos and posts were that many of these featured men in makeup. With daring outlines, vivid lip colours or ravishing eye shadows, male beauty experts can be seen demonstrating themed looks.

Not only are these videos normalising men wearing bold makeup, but also allowing the viewers to appreciate the exceptional work of the artist/model, going beyond their perceived gender identity. MyGlamm thus subtly yet bravely proves how fragile are our innate social construct of beauty, femininity and masculinity. 

Merchandise on their platform is often modelled by men who look equally glamorous, if not more, than their female counterparts.

myglamm product page

There still persists taboo and stigma among many cis-gendered individuals to graciously accept a man with makeup. For many of them, a well-trimmed beard cannot pair well with cherry red lips or manicured nails. When a mainstream beauty platform like MyGlamm takes the initiative to show everyone that this is nothing abnormal, any visitor on the website would be compelled to change their primitive outlook. 

Most of the products on MyGlamm are not bound by any gender norms. To be precise, you cannot find any filter to distinguish items for men and women, as is still found on other Indian online stores. There itself this enterprise is challenging the very perception that a man cannot use a glittery eye shadow or a woman cannot use a musky perfume.

For Anyone and Everyone Who Loves Makeup

We often come across netizens who strongly express their stance against makeup in any form or style. In their biased opinion, makeup shields a person’s natural beauty. They believe makeup is only done by people who are not confident in their own skin. 

What such people fail to understand that doing makeup is not much different from painting on a blank canvas. The artist has the complete freedom of what he or she or they wish to manifest on that canvas. Simply because a piece of art is unconventional or unusual to your eyes does not de-legitimise or diminish its worth in any manner.

We thought that this was the core essence of MyGlamm blogs. The MyGlamm editorial team shares articles on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they share tutorials on the most glamorous or standout red carpet looks. Sometimes they also hail the no-makeup look. At other times, expert writers talk about natural solutions to skincare and wellness issues

The Obsession with Fairness

Indian’s obsession with fair skin needs no introduction. Dark and dusky is ugly. Fair and pale is lovely. That is still the notion ingrained in the yesteryear generation’s mind. This is another aspect where MyGlamm wins hearts. 

We searched the term ‘fairness’ on the website and it yielded literally zero results. It proved that the store does not have any product with the word ‘fairness’ in their label.

myglamm fairness search

This was such a pleasant surprise for us. Never before have we come across a beauty store that had managed to leave out fairness products entirely. Notwithstanding the dent this might have on their sales, MyGlamm took a stand to say a strict NO to fairness products and portray all complexions as equally beautiful. 

MyGlamm regularly shares iconic looks posted by their followers on Instagram, celebrating women of all skin tones. 

myglamm looks

These looks are essentially gorgeous and the website customises products for shoppers according to the look they wish to achieve. This is one of the best customer-friendly features of the website. 

All in all, MyGlamm makes their mark as an inherently different beauty store. With their special aspects, they shatter the rigid perception of beauty and redefine the concept as a free-flowing spirit. 

Gone are the days when a man with makeup would be laughed at or a dusky woman would be taunted. This is 2020, and MyGlamm is helping to spread the message that beauty is a universal concept and cannot be restricted by the beholder’s mindset. 

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