Millions of transactions a month. Just 9 developers. Want to be our №. 10?

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The thrill of working at a start-up that is starting to scale massively is something else.

Simpl’s story has been one of building things brick by brick, and over 3 years of sheer hard work and innovative solutioning, we’ve garnered millions of users who have made us one of the most path breaking fintech startups in India. Simpl was co-founded by Nitya Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand, and has Joe Saunders, Ex Chairman and CEO of Visa as a board member.

We’re a small team today, and we’re looking for craftsmen and craftswomen, who want to join us in our journey.

What we do

Simpl aims to simplify financial transactions and make sure we, as users, and the brands we love, are able to transact effortlessly and transparently. You can read more about the friction that exists in payments here. You can also check out our site to learn more about us.

The world of Visa and Mastercard worked beautifully (and still does to a large extent) but tech innovation in the finance space has not progressed as it should have. Banks were built for a cash-first world. Point of Sale systems were built for the telephone line. What should the future look like in the mobile first world of today?

So, here we are, reimagining the entire space of financial transactions and building a platform from scratch. Our initial idea has been validated and now we’re looking to grow our product, our tech and our teams.

Who are we looking for

We are primarily polyglot developers in the tech team who are willing to work on multiple stacks and always looking to learn. Our current stack includes Ruby on Rails, GoLang, NodeJS, Python and React Native. We also have native Android and iOS apps. We follow microservices architecture, and we push to production daily, multiple times. Quick stand-ups, test-driven development, data-driven decision making, define how we get things done.

If you love to code and get a kick out of seeing the impact of the products you build, look no further. We encourage you to think like an entrepreneur and own your outcomes.

We’re small, we’re agile, we’re looking to make a dent, and we’re hiring.

If you’ve got more than 3 years of experience writing high quality code, write in to us at, and we’ll get back to you. Attach your Linkedin/GitHub/Stackoverflow url or resume (if you have one) in the mail. Put the subject as Blog ref — Dev.

We’re also hiring across roles — product, data, UX, UI. So do mail in. Just change the subject from Dev to whatever your role is.

[About the author — Senthil is VP Engineering at Simpl.

Software engineer. Learner. Simplifier. Story teller. ex-ThoughtWorker. Now, making money simple at Simpl.]

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