Mamaearth’s BhringAmla Shampoo Helped Heal My Damaged Hair, Naturally!

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With more and more people prioritising sustainability in their daily skincare and wellness regime, many natural, zero-chemical brands are emerging in the hair care domain. However, the problem with a lot of them lies in the lack of transparency – where their list of ingredients or certification of safety is often inaccessible by the buyer. Perhaps, their claims are true to the word. But, a majority of consumers like us do not feel comfortable to trust a skincare label without a thorough insight into the brand.

This is where Mamaearth stands out with their extensive range of certified natural wellness products. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to proclaim them as one of the leading labels in India at present. Their transparency and honesty about the products is commendable. Their rise in prominence has been quite meteoric, and rightfully so. 

“I have been an ardent user of Mamaearth for quite some time now. I switched from my erstwhile skincare brand a while ago, after being impressed by the Mamaearth promise of quality in a cruelty-free avatar. And honestly, I have not been disappointed the slightest,” my friend Sagar shared.

The Mamaearth Promise

“Our mission is to bring you the best of nature through our purest and most nurturing products that are made without any toxins or harmful chemicals,” the brand assures. Their tagline highlights the ‘Goodness Inside’ – which is aimed to prompt consumers to make healthier life choices that are also friendly to the environment. 

mamaearth bhringamla shampoo

Mamaearth products are 100% toxin-free and predominantly natural. The brand presents an amalgamation of the principles of modern science and tenets of ancient Ayurveda. In other words, they are presenting traditionally known wellness concoctions in the present-day formulae. The brand derives inspiration from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ solutions to everyday problems – say onion for hair fall control and dandruff or kokum butter for glowing skin. They have curated their products with the best of nature’s bounty. 

Each bottle or jar from Mamaearth sports a ‘CrueltyFree’ badge, indicating that none of their products are tested on animals. They are also PETA-certified for being animal friendly. 

Often faced with questions about their plastic packaging, Mamaearth has clarified that they are active recycling enthusiasts and that they even recycle more plastic than they use. 

The Wonders of Mamaearth BhringAmla Shampoo

For quite some time, I was experiencing massive hair fall induced by stress and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). My hair had become lacklustre, dry and frizzy with split ends. After unsuccessfully trying out a wide range of products, I had nearly given up and resorted to homemade natural decoctions to treat my hair. 

Even then, the results were not up to my expectations. Perhaps because I was no scientist to know the exact proportion of a natural agent to use in my hair. When I found out about Mamaearth, I was intrigued but honestly had little hope due to my past experiences. But, thankfully, the Mamaearth BhringAmla Shampoo was a product that finally suited my hair. 

mamaearth hair before

There was not much of a significant difference after the first wash, unlike most chemical-laden hair serums. I was not highly hopeful, but decided to give the product a week. And I am grateful I did.

The change started showing after around three to four washes. My hair regained some of the lost shine and smoothness and the frizziness was also considerably less. There was less hair on my towels and combs.

My hair was dyed bright red around the edges and I had expected colour bleeding – as was the case with most natural hair cleansers. It was indeed astonishing to see no colour bleeding even after repeated washes. Finally, I had found a natural product that protects dyed hair as well. And that’s when I found the same assurance on the bottle label. 

mamaearth hair after

I had ordered the shampoo through the Mamaearth website on a Friday. The package was at my doorstep by Saturday morning, barely 24 hours from placing the order. The product came properly sealed and encased in a cute gift box, safely protected with air cushions. The step by step update on the delivery status was definitely helpful.  

‘MadeSafe’ Safety Assurance

Mamaearth was started by a couple who were looking for harmless, zero-chemical products for their newborn baby. Shocked by the amount of toxins in the commercially available baby care products, they took up the onus to design their own line which is 100% natural, safe and toxin-free. They christened the brand as ‘Mamaearth’ – a beautiful word that in itself exudes the essence of nurturing care, with love from nature. 

The fast growing demand of Mamaearth products among Indian consumers prompted the creators to expand into the skincare, haircare and wellness domain for adults. It did not take them long to earn the coveted ‘MadeSafe’ safety certification – making them the first ever Asian brand to gain the same. The criteria for the certification are rigorous and it is only awarded to brands which are ultra safe – both adults, children and the environment alike. Mamaearth is proudly one among the few global brands to have made to the list. 

The distinguishing feature about Mamaearth is the extensive list of ingredients provided with the description of each product on their website. The list comprises the nature of the ingredient, source and functionality. The products are essentially chemical-free, but if there is any synthetic constituent, for instance a preservative or conditioning agent, it is mentioned with complete details. 


“My mother once scalded her hand badly while cooking. Without any medicine in sight, I applied the Mamaearth Aloe-Turmeric gel on her wounded area. She exclaimed disbelief at how soon the pain was relieved. The burn was healed in no time,” shares my roommate Arunima. 

A Trustworthy Brand for Everyone 

Each Mamaearth label comes with the disclaimer – “The product contains natural ingredients & may change colour and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.”

For the ones accustomed to using chemical-laden products, loss of colour or changing odour signifies toxification. But often natural agents lose their original colour or aroma due to environmental exposure, but that does not indicate spoilage of the product. Mamaearth clarifies this misconstrued notion about natural products among consumers, while also reaffirming their all-natural promise. Such level of transparency is hardly seen in modern brands and is highly appreciable. 

If you are someone planning to adopt a chemical-free lifestyle, Mamaearth would be the perfect brand to start out with. 

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