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India is a vibrant democracy that boasts of a Constitution which imprints the fundamental rights and duties of the common people into its very core. But, like everything else, the Constitution has undergone tremendous changes and amendments since the days of its birth.

There is a disparity between these changes in laws and their translation into common public knowledge. The essence of a law lies in the perfect combination of two factors: specificity, so the intention of a law is properly understood, and applicability, so the laws maintain their significance within the socio-political milieu. Believe us or not, but this combination is the mightiest catch of laws.

Any one aspect gaining the higher ground would at best mean delayed or denied justice, and at the worst, spell doom for this vibrant democracy. 

Worried by this disparity, we could feel the pressing need of a benevolent watchdog who is passionate about diving deep into the cacophony of laws that cement our Constitution. Thus, we set out to explore. A bit of heavy research into the pursuit of finding the best legal interpreter, and voila! Live Law has come to our rescue.

Live Law is the premier bastion of legal reporting in India, a portal which interprets both national and international legal news. And guess what, senior advocates, retired and working judges of the honorable High Courts and Supreme Court fill the ranks of the interpreters. So what if you don’t have a lawyer friend or a family member to sift the cream out of the jargon of laws for you! You are just a few taps away from the best source of legal reporting in India. 

It is a platform which educates, informs, and organizes, guided by principles of objectivity and critical thinking, and a relentless desire of understanding legality and explaining its chaotic unfolding to the common man.

Live Law is your greatest ally when it comes to a balanced reporting of facts, interpreting laws for the common man, and not to forget, looking at every socio-political event through the prism of laws and judgements enshrined in constitutions across the world. 

Accurate Legal News

In an age of unnerving media bias where TRP weighs more than objectivity, Live Law shines high with its unique talent of pursuing the truth. It does this by matching up events with what the law dictates

In their own words, ‘We are guided by the values enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of India. We want to create more legal awareness in society by acting as a trustworthy source of accurate legal news’. 

Yes! We are familiar with the pandemonium both inside the courtrooms and the law books. Either the language of law is inaccessible to the common people, or the changes and amendments are too confusing. Added to this is the noise of all the non-legal experts who at best misinform, and at worst, manipulate your unbiased mind, because who wants scathing, opposing viewpoints, right?

The Watchdogs of Live Law

Live Law is one of the rare magazines whose editorial policies are guided by none other than the former watchdogs of democracy itself. Headed by the former judge of the Supreme Court of India, Justice KT Thomas, and a six-member board of senior advocates and Chief Justices, Live Law has become the crucial harbinger of truth. 

Moving to the rest of the team, it is as vibrant and diverse. From the founder to the business management head, everyone is connected to the nitty gritties of law someway or the other, making it one comprehensive gigantic ecosystem of groundbreaking legal reportage. 

Sections We Found Most Intriguing

Before we move on to the most interesting and novel sections of the website, we’d like to talk about the website itself. Yeah, it looks a bit crammed, as if it wanted to talk about everything at once, but isn’t that how the world of a courtroom looks like? 

Just beyond this seeming chaos, you will find everything perfectly organized under the sections ‘Columns’, ‘Interviews’, ‘Environment’, ‘RTI’, ‘Know the Law’, etc. We chucked the sections that are there in almost every other news portal. 

Behind these specific sections you will find burning analyses of socio-economic phenomena which we always miss in hindsight or rarely find time to ponder over. Or our collective amnesia gets the better of us. It is the hawkish eyes of the reporters with a passionate love for truth to see the light that makes such stories possible. Otherwise, such articles can’t even be contemplated, let alone written and analyzed.


This page is for those who prefer contemplative pieces and from thereon garner stringent analyses of the history of law in the country. In short, a law junkie. And what better analysis to be greeted by than one whose title reads ‘Gender and the Supreme Court of India’? As you scroll down, you can’t help but notice how click-worthy and appealing each of the topics are.

live law columns
Source: Live Law Website

For instance, ‘A Commemorative Remembrance and Tribute’ by V. Sudish Pillai strangely echoes the words of Anurag Bhaskak in ‘On Death Anniversary: Dr. Ambedkar’s Thoughts On Nation, Democracy, And Constitutionalism’. Both these articles bring back the ethos of the nation, provoke thoughts which are rational and not shrink-wrapped by any faith or ideology, except that of humanity.

And every week the topics are updated with some of the most ardent and beautiful insights into the very nature of law, the Constitution, and how well its gatekeepers are taking care of the enshrined values and ideals.


Woah! This page is perhaps for everyone, irrespective of age. Anyone with a piece of conscience can dip their toes here and become aware of all the questionable aspects of this world. The interviews of Live Law are extremely compelling, to say the least. The worthy and authoritative voices do not like to mince words and never make unfounded claims. 

live law interviews
Source: Live Law Website

Just read through Prabha Kotiswaran’s views on women’s laws and issues, and you will get what we are talking about. Some of the greatest emissaries of justice in India, authors, and lawyers show us the potential of righteousness, thoughtfulness, and independent thinking and what these qualities mean for the judiciary of such a vast subcontinent. 

While you are at it, make sure you go through Karuna Nandy’s valuable insights into the aftermath of the anti-CAA protests and the subsequent action of the UP Government. Mix it up with the lecture of David Wilkins from the famous Harvard Law School about law and technology. And complete your daily dose of deeper insights with the views of senior advocate K M Vijayan on the special status of Jammu & Kashmir.


This is one unique and rare appendage of Live Law. A thought which should have come effortlessly to every other news channel is but missing from their programmes, debates, and breaking stories. 

live law environment
Source: Live Law Website

But even if we don’t take interest in nature, nature won’t stop taking interest in us. And as human activities continue to encroach the jewels of nature, as one species moves closer to extinction after the other, Live Law resumes its rigorous reporting of the everyday developments in the field of environmental laws.  

Live Law knows far too well than its contemporaries that poultry farms have seriously damaging consequences and very few actually care to think about bringing back the Great Indian Bustard from the brink of extinction. Have you seen any mainstream newspaper covering the scandal of flouting waste management rules by companies like Flipkart and Patanjali?

Very few do, and even fewer do it as well as Live Law.


Live Law makes a difference in the field of law reporting by catering to the ardent needs of the common man. This becomes evident when it gives equal importance to the fundamental lifeblood of democracy. Right to Information (RTI) is the essential fishnet for common man to hold people in the echelons of power accountable and answerable.

live law rti
Source: Live Law Website

Live Law is home to over hundreds of articles pertaining to this very act, covering compelling stories which at times point towards optimistic changes, or at times exhibit the stark contrast of democracy in paper and in real life. 

It is a corner which every thinking and contemplating reader should have a look at. 

Know the Law

The uniqueness of the portal is spread across its website. ‘Know the Law’ sits right beside the section of RTI, bringing to you easy explanations of the confusing laws and their amendments. What’s more, Live Law translates the entire jargon-heavy language of courtrooms into layman’s language, helping you navigate the latest developments without googling synonyms for every other word. 

This section is worth a goldmine for anyone preparing for the stringent law exams or any Government service exam for that matter. The latest amendments of acts and what meaning they hold for the country at large are some of the most difficult questions to answer, more so for a novice. Even the experienced lawyers and government officers fail to successfully analyze an event and talk about it within the ambit of ground reality and the laws governing the same.

One such instance where our ideas were challenged upright and subsequently enriched was when we came across the diabolic and toxic confusion surrounding the Hathras rape and murder case. For a week it seemed humanity suffers from biological amnesia where even the very natural course of empathy was obstructed by twisted, insensitive questions. It was then Live Law that came to our rescue. 

The article by Manu Sebastian talks about the laws governing incidents of rape and sexual violence and how they get twisted within the framework of jargon, dated Acts, and misuse of power. 

In the gruesome incident, UP Police showed a blatant disregard for the due processes of law by violating the very codes of the Indian Constitution. The cops mentioned that the absence of sperm within the victim’s body amounted to proof of no rape at all. However, the definition of rape, as written in the Constitution does not adhere to the rules followed by the UP police in this case.

The argument posed in the Live Law article defined and repositioned the driving forces of good judgment, bringing home the essence of democracy and humanity in the investigation of this horrific incident, which took even a more horrendous turn.

However, it was the compelling words of Live Law which took us closer to the truth and explained to us that the UP police were acting gravely unlawfully when they refused to acknowledge the veracity of the victim’s testimony. But the rest of the world kept arguing whether or not to intertwine a rape case with the issues of caste, or police inaction, or the government catering to the powerful. 

Live Law ushered in the much-needed waves of truth and came out with perspectives which echo through all the corners of the society. It highlighted the vigorous lawlessness that ensued and accompanied every step of the case, and that’s the closest to the truth any other portal could ever reach.

Yes, we agree it’s been a long piece. But we aren’t completely to blame because the uniqueness of Live Law is too irresistible to not talk about all its glaring aspects. As you explore more and more, you will get in touch with the actual state of the reality our country and our world are in.

While we leave you to decide what to take away from there, don’t miss the satirical cartoons, the law school corner, and the section of job updates. This is not just for those who want to dip their toes in the diversified world of law, but for any individual who lives cerebrally.

Humor your brain with all the different perspectives which only end up enriching your worldview. At a modest subscription fee of 599 rupees for six months, it will not only trump your Netflix subscription, but also enlighten, inform, and educate.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today. Remember, time is of essence here.

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