Bored At Home? Learn Magic Tricks with Shop Magic Supplies

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The holiday season in 2020 is a whole lot different from other years. Despite the bells jingling and Christmas lights twinkling, most of us are unable to come together with our family and friends due to the ongoing pandemic. 

But this Christmas, you can spend the time to indulge in a new hobby while also putting up a virtual performance in presence of an audience. Thanks to Shop Magic Supplies – an online marketplace of the most interesting ‘magical’ products – you can arrange a family meeting on Zoom and charm your family with wizarding skills. 

You need not possess inborn magical abilities like Harry Potter, nor do you need to attend Hogwarts to be a magician. Instead, you can simply own an Unbelievalope that predicts the impossible or a Gypsy Thread that turns to dust at a simple touch. With their special year-end sale, Shop Magic Supplies promises to turn you into an expert magician overnight!

Real-life magic takes some skill, charisma and the right props

As the holiday season was closing in, I barely had anything fun or interesting to engage in. 

Alone at home, I was nearly at my wit’s end trying to cheer up to the festive spirit. Netflix and chill turned boring after binge-watching holiday rom-coms for quite a while. I soon switched to browsing the internet for eccentric items to send as Christmas gifts to my friends. And that’s how I chanced upon the Shop Magic Clues website. 

shop magic supplies products

I have been a Potterhead since childhood, and believe it or not, I still secretly yearn for my Hogwarts letter, even at the age of 25. My status as a Muggle has been clearly established by now. However, I have always taken a keen interest in real-life magic – the kind performed by expert magicians on stage. 

From Harry Houdini’s Milk Can Escape to P.C. Sorcar’s Eyeless Sight – I have always been fascinated by the unparalleled talent of renowned magicians. The amalgamation of science with genius skills is what defines a magician’s prowess, perfected by years of dedication and practice. 

But for ordinary people like us with a boring desk job, who often wish to impress their young nephews and nieces with a magic trick or two, Shop Magic Supplies can come in handy. 

From basic coin tricks to cult classic magic

Take The Raven magical kit for instance. With just one hour of practice with the simple kit, you can perform mind-blowing tricks like making a coin disappear from a spectator’s hand, diminishing a coin’s size with just a hand wave or even turning a coin or a bill into another object. 

Or take the El Hilo for example. The El Hilo (Spanish – The thread) is an excellent illusion designed by popular magician Javi Benitez. The kit available on Shop Magic Supplies enables one to amaze a spectator – because the entire magic happens in the spectators hands itself.

The unique thread can be torn and rolled up into a ball, only to be smoothly untangled into a single, straight thread. There is more to it. The second time a spectator rolls up the thread into a ball, it crumbles into dust. How cool is that? Imagine the reaction of your friends if you choose to perform the classic El Hilo at a party. 

Shop Magic Supplies will teach you magic too

Shop Magic Supplies does not only sell exclusive magical kits, but they also have an extensive collection of popular magical accessories. You can avail the best quality deck of magician’s cards, coins, smoke watch or the cult classic magician’s rope. And all the items are categorised perfectly according to your area of interest in magic – be it mentalism or cardistry or even the latest technology-involved tricks. 

Such magic shops are quite aplenty in Western countries, but are yet to gain widespread popularity in India. Shop Magic Supplies is perhaps one of the first online platforms in the country for purchasing magical accessories and setups. The best part is that the shop does not exclusively cater to professional magicians, but wants to make magic mainstream

shop magic supplies guides

Besides, they are not just selling a few ‘magical’ items. Shop Magic Supplies is teaching magic too! Through multiple blogs and articles, they provide a step-by-step guide to ace the classic magic tricks and more. And none of these tricks require more than a few hours to master. 

You can get a magic kit delivered to your doorstep in the morning and host a livestream performance for your friends and family the very same day. The detailed instructions make it easy to learn. 

Be a magician (with 90 days money back guarantee)

One of the coolest items I found on their website happens to be the How to be a Magician Kit. A basic combination kit that lets you perform 47 mind-blowing tricks at a go. The kit comes with all necessary props and DVDs of instructional videos. 

Interestingly enough, the kit has a solid 90-day money back guarantee. Shop Magic Supplies believes that if you are not satisfied with your magic learning, you can return the item even after a whole three months.

Among many tricks, the kit most notably teaches you how to – 

  • Bite a coin in HALF, then blow it back together 
  • Make ink disappear and move around
  • Pull a silk from a “hole” in the middle of your hand
  • Vanish a cigarette – visibly 
  • Make objects move without touching them
  • Teleport items into someone’s hand

A first-of-its-kind startup in India

Shop Magic Supplies is a Chennai-based startup that offers a decent price for rare commodities, many of which are not available elsewhere in India. Their super-responsive and helpful customer service department deserves a special mention of their own. 

Being a beginner in the domain of ‘magic’, I had my fair share of doubts and questions regarding the products and the craft itself. I reached out to them through Facebook and they patiently answered my questions in detail and clarified all my queries. And guess what, they are available anytime to interact with you on WhatsApp as well. 

Across different social media platforms, Shop Magic Supplies also shares untold stories or the history behind the evolution of a particular trick. So if you are someone who wishes to learn the history of magic before trying your hands at the art, Shop Magic Supplies is your destination. 

Most of the products are substantiated with reviews and performance or explanatory videos from the celebrity illusionists who created them. After acing your way through the basic levels of expertise, you can even combine a few tricks to create your own signature magic trick that will mesmerise everyone. Be the next Harry Houdini (or Harry Potter)!

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