Just Herbs’ Aryuvedic Lipsticks are Bold and Natural

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What does it mean to be a lipstick junkie? We found ourselves contemplating this existential question while staring at the 30 lipsticks lining our makeup vanity. 

We don’t know how we got here. Maybe it was the impulse bulk buys on Nykaa or the piece by piece acquisition of designer lipsticks from our mother’s often unused collection. Maybe it was inspiration from well-dressed and put together women of our favourite TV shows set in the 50s or the swatch-filled makeup forums. But here we are. 

Lipstick is one of our favourite types of makeup. Just one easy swipe makes us feel beautiful and powerful. And in this world of nonstop video calls, lipstick is the perfect tool to maintain a professional appearance without having to change out of our pyjamas. 

So when we discovered the Herb Enriched Aryuvedic Lipsticks on Just Herbs’ website, we were intrigued. Now usually, we don’t really look for natural alternatives to our makeup products, mostly because when you’re using tools to enhance your natural appearance, you’re already rejecting the natural in favor of aesthetics. 

just herbs lipsticks

But being a lipstick junkie also means any chance to diversify the palette of colours in our collection is an opportunity too tempting to pass up. So here is our product review of the Herb Enriched Aryuvedic Lipstick Shade Sampler Kit from Just Herbs.

The Beauty of a Shade Sampler Kit

Can we just start by commending Just Herbs on offering a shade sampler kit to begin with? In a time when sampling shades at a makeup store is unsafe, this economically priced sampler kit lets us try out all 16 shades of Just Herbs’ full sized lipsticks. In addition, this sampler kit lets us play around with a lot of new colours, which is a treat for any makeup artist.

just herbs lipstick swatches

Just Herbs’ lipstick shades traverse the red, brown and pink universe, with each shade holding a unique position in the colour spectrum. Number 14 is a proper chocolate brown shade, number 12 is a lighter, orange brown and number 13 is a red brown. Number 5 is the classic bold red while number 6 is a brick red. Number 1 is a magenta pink. Number 9 is a pink orange. The rest of the shades fall inside this spectrum with minor variations. Shades 7, 8, 10, 11 and 16 are brown-reds and brown-pinks. Shades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 15 are red-pinks. 

just herbs packaging

Lastly, we’d like to comment on the packaging. The Sample Kit arrived in a brown box and was wrapped in cardboard paper. The Sample Kit itself was packaged in a beautiful paper pouch. The only use of plastic is in the lipstick tubes themselves, which are made entirely of plastic.

The Ingredient List

Given that Just Herbs is an Ayurvedic brand, we would be remiss to not discuss the ingredients. According to the brand’s website, the skin on our lips is thinner than the rest of the body and is thus prone to Vata aggravation. Internal dryness and chapped lips is one of the symptoms of Vata. The Herb Enriched Aryuvedic Lipsticks combat Vata aggravation using herbs and various oils as ingredients.

According to Just Herbs’ website “a regular lipstick is made by suspending coloured pigments in a base of petroleum-derived emollients such as paraffin oils, waxes along with texturising agents such as silicones, and other form-imparting fillers.” Just Herbs uses a base of candellila, bee and carnauba waxes, cold pressed sesame, almond, jojoba, avocado, moringa, grapeseed, wheatgerm oils and ghee. In addition, there are around 8 Ayurvedic herbs and 2 butters in the recipe. 

All these ingredients are meant to add “nutritive value” to our lips. Lastly, colorants are added to give the lipsticks their pigments. 

Bold Shades that Give a Natural Look

We excitedly reached for shade 14, a nice chocolate brown, as it is our go-to daily shade. The lipsticks are a little harder than petroleum based lipsticks, but once the lipstick warms up against your lips, it softens a bit and applies easily.

The pigments are bold and the shades certainly make their presence known. Since the colour of the lipsticks comes from colorants and not herbs or other natural ingredients, you can be assured that these lipsticks achieve their purpose. These are not glorified natural chapsticks with a hint of tint, but actual lipsticks that can play their part in a full-face makeup look. 

However, since the lipsticks don’t have artificial ingredients to boost the pigments, the lip colours aren’t as impactful as chemical lipsticks. These lip colours are certainly heavier than lip tints and have a lipstick effect, but are more muted than their chemical counterparts. 

In addition, these Aryuvedic lipsticks also don’t have chemicals to give the colours a long-lasting property, so expect to refresh your lip colour more frequently. We did not mind this aspect because the lipsticks were moisturising and soothing to our lips. We were happy to reapply and give our lips a nice Aryuvedic treat every hour. 

The Tradeoff When Giving Up Chemicals is Self Care

Because these lipsticks are packed with oils, herbs and butters, our lips felt moisturised and soothed. Most chemical lipsticks tend to dry out our lips, resulting in peeling, cracked skin even over a generous application of lip balm (matte lipsticks, we are looking at you). 

The Just Herbs lipsticks are a welcome reprieve for lipstick lovers. While chemical lipsticks may be more dramatic or glossy, it’s a nice change to favour self care over aesthetics. Whether you practice Aryuveda or not, there is no denying the moisturising and healing effect of the lipsticks’ ingredients. 

We recommend these lipsticks for daily wear and/or natural looks and definitely for the winter. Once you try the Just Herbs Sampler Kit, you can then invest in the full-size lipstick of your favourite shades, priced at INR 745 on Just Herb’s website. 

In addition, Just Herbs also sells Herb Enriched Skin Tints and, wait for it, a Skin Tint Shade Sampler Kit! How amazing! Not only can you use this Skin Tint Shade Sampler Kit to find your shade before buying their full-size skin tints, but you could also mix the colours to customise your own skin tint shades. At least that’s how we are going to use the Sampler Kit, given the wide range of skin shades on our face. And, of course, we will keep you posted. 

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