Is Simpl Safe to Use?

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In the ever-expanding world of convenient and fast payment options in India, Simpl is among the most-preferred experiences on offer. Users can download Simpl App from the App Store or Google Play Store, after which the sign-up and approval process happens in minutes with minimal details. Once the users get an initial spending limit based on their online shopping needs, they can use it to unlock access to Simpl’s Pay Later and Pay-in-3 features across a network of 23,000+ merchants.

Is Simpl Safe to Use?

As evidenced by a network of millions of approved users, Simpl has emerged as one of the most trusted payment options.

The app ensures complete transparency about the security of user data and has all the necessary terms and conditions clearly on its website.

Whether you choose Pay-in-3 or the pay later payment option – Simpl never discloses your payment details or personal information to any external agency. However, the app may collect some information from you in the form of KYC or from merchants to make your shopping experience smoother.

Does Simpl Affect Credit Score?

Simpl uses an extremely robust and refined data and engineering model to approve its users based on their CRIF score without impacting their overall credit history on other platforms such as CIBIL or Experian.

The algorithms used in the back end undergo an ever-evolving process of iteration, making them more nuanced, efficient and faster each day. Even in the case of delayed or missed bill payments, Simpl does not report any of your transactions to CIBIL or Experian.

What Happens if you don’t Pay Your Simpl Bill?

In case of delinquency or delay in bill payment, Simpl does levy a pre-decided and agreed-upon fee only on the outstanding amount and intimates its users on doing so. A delay or failure to pay your Simpl bills does not affect your credit score. In a rare case, Simpl may withdraw your eligibility to keep using the checkout option.

Simpl is an elegant checkout solution designed for user convenience – a fact evidenced by the over 5 Million downloads that the app has on its Google Play and App Store platforms.

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