How Qtrove’s Online Store is Solving Your Sustainability Woes

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Sustainable shopping is not an obscure concept in India anymore. With rising concern about the environment, more and more Indians are turning towards eco-friendly alternatives of their daily use items. 

However, the trend is yet to take off on a widespread scale. Supermarket shelves continue to entice customers with mass-produced, chemical-laden commodities with cheaper price tags. 

There are hundreds of consumers like us who are determined to shop sustainably and sensibly; but they have to face a lot of hassle looking for a brand whose products are 100% organic. Harder is to find a one-stop-shop that caters to all our daily needs in a sustainable manner. 

The One-Stop Shop for Sustainable Shopping

Much of these issues can now be averted thanks to Qtrove – an e-commerce portal solely focused on sustainability. As evident from their website, they sell almost everything under the sun – from hair serum for you to paw balm for your pets

qtrove products

There are over 10,000 products currently available on the website. There is hardly any other marketplace, online or offline, with such a diverse range of eco-friendly products – all just a click away. 

When we first learnt about the platform, we would not deny being quite sceptical about the interface, shopping experience and the quality of products above all. Are they really as sustainable as they claim? Are all their products locally sourced? How exactly are they supporting small-time entrepreneurs? 

At the end of the day, we were faced with the typical conflict to trust hyperlocal labels without any hands-on quality assessment. That’s when we spotted how thoroughly Qtrove has provided A-Z information about all the brands they are selling. 

The Faces and Stories Behind the Products

On the website, one can find all the details about brand identity, the founder’s story, range of products, exclusive photos and videos and authentic customer reviews. The Qtrove team has collated all this information for the shopper’s convenience. We never get so much background into a brand when shopping offline, right?

qtrove shampoo bars

Take this shampoo bar for instance. The product seemed interesting, especially when everyone is trying to reduce waste from plastic packaging of cosmetics. Once we clicked on the brand tab on the right, we arrived at a heartfelt story from the founder about her inspiration. 

Scrolling down a little, we also found best selling products listed together, along with reviews, shipping policies and a gallery of photos. Any concerned shopper would easily have all their questions answered by now!

Impressed, we decided to go ahead and explore the Qtrove experience a little more. 

The Qtrove Assurance

The shop for good things – that’s the tagline for Qtrove. Much like the phrase, the website gives out a simplistic, homely and down-to-earth vibe. The white background and classic fonts help the product stand out and speak for itself. 

But we are not here to speak about the frontend design or user interface. What differentiates Qtrove from similar platforms are their assurance that products are 100% sustainable, hand-made, natural and not factory-made. The products are handcrafted by rural artisans, home-based entrepreneurs, farmers and regional craftsmen


“Are you searching for 100% natural and organic products? Then you are at the right place. They have amazing products for all of us, for every need. I am loving this site, you’re gonna love it too.” – reads a review about Qtrove by Tanya Jaiswal on Facebook. Another regular customer, Mr Siva Kumar Gani, orders his monthly groceries from Qtrove as he leads a toxin-free lifestyle. In a Facebook review, he asserts to have found the perfect shopping destination. 

The customer service also seems promising. We interacted with them and thought they were quite responsive and helpful over email, Facebook and Instagram. You can also avail the option for 24X7 WhatsApp chat support at +91 95388 00234.

However, in their reviews, a few customers complained about delays and miscoordination on shipping and delivery, which we hope the company took note of.

Supporting Small-Scale Businesses

Qtrove procures their extensive range of products from the nooks and corners of the country – be it a jar of lemon pickle made by a housewife from Karnataka or raw honey from an apiculture farm in Gujarat. Qtrove has gone the extra length of finding and offering a countrywide market of hyperlocal entrepreneurs. We were quite amazed to find that they have helped empower over 10,000 families in the process. 

The vendors, who are mostly based in remote pockets of the country, otherwise struggle to find an ideal consumer base for their products among the villagers. While on the other hand, the average urban consumer yearns for such handmade items – like an authentic chutney podi masala or goat milk soap – which are hard to find in a city. Urban organic products are either being sold under luxury labels which are quite heavy on the pockets or their cheaper alternatives are laced with toxic chemicals. 

It would, however, be a misnomer to assume that all vendors on Qtrove are rural-based. Among their 1000+ sellers, there are several who have left the corporate life to launch an environment-friendly label and have achieved commercial success through Qtrove.

Pragati Lakra, who quit her 9 to 5 corporate job to start the skincare brand Woods and Petals, has been selling on the platform for years.

“I have been associated with Qtrove since its days of inception. Incidentally, we have both grown as a brand over the years. I quit my corporate job to take baby steps into the handmade world along with Qtrove. And there has been no looking back,” she shares proudly on Qtrove’s website. 

qtrove vendor benefits

For sellers, Qtrove offers an easy onboarding process that involves a simple registration and verification. Qtrove also offers lucrative features for promoting a brand, such as a beautiful narrative that projects the brand’s vision and mission. Advanced technology also enables every seller to easily manage their product listing and order tally from their mobile devices. 

Something for Everyone

If you are a new parent, there is a whole range of products exclusively for your baby. If you are someone who suffers from stress disorder, this shop has stress management products for you as well. Be it organic incense sticks for the religious person or organic aromatic candles for a sensual date night – the product range is remarkably versatile

In fact, if you are thinking of introducing sustainability in your wardrobe too, Qtrove has got you covered. Check out their wide range of organic, handcrafted and upcycled/recycled clothing and fashion accessories, and you are ought to be impressed as well. 


Another aspect of e-commerce that we really enjoy as frequent buyers are the discounted prices. They have a special deals zone which is not seasonal, but has rotational offers on products all year long. If your New Year’s resolution for 2021 is 100% organic, this offer zone will definitely help you maintain your desired lifestyle. 

All in all, Qtrove can definitely be dubbed as the sustainable Flipkart or If you are still in doubt about buying from them, here is a snapshot of half the list of product categories they have in store. The choice is yours now! 


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