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Be it enjoying your favorite meal, planning a weekend getaway, or booking tickets for a movie; doing what you love has never been Simpl-er. Here’s how:

1. Convenient

Ever dreaded waiting in a long queue at a cafe just for a quick bite? And then you think let me just order online and avoid the hassle, but typing your card details and waiting for OTP seems like a struggle? Here’s our cue to step in; all it takes is one click to pay via Simpl, and your payment is done in less than 20 seconds.


2. A digital vault

Simpl is your digital vault. Each user has a specific credit limit based on their spending behaviour. The credit limit is the amount of money you can spend from your vault. You can increase your credit limit by timely repayment of your bills and transact via Simpl regularly. Besides, Simpl is PCI DSS compliant rendering that your financial information is completely safe with us. 


3. Seamless Registration

We aim at creating a hassle-free environment for our users. We understand the struggle of undergoing multiple steps for registration. To free you from this scuffle, we have adopted a seamless one-time verification procedure that can be completed with your mobile number. Besides once your wallet is linked to the merchant, say goodbye to OTPs too! 


4. Zero Interest

Have you ever had to pay an exorbitant interest fee on a small amount, on your credit card? Well, you can say goodbye to excess charges or interest fees. Simpl provides an opportunity for you to pay later without any additional interest.


5. Get Thrifty

They say a small leak can sink a great ship. To ensure that your ship runs smoothly, keeping your finances in check is a must. Simpl provides a cycle of 15 days to repay your bills.


6. Track your expenses

Maintaining a record of your expenses is an arduous task, so we maintain it for you. Simpl adds all your transactions to one bill; helping you keep track of where & when you’ve spent.


 7. Offers

Unlock cashback and discounts on various merchants. With our offers, more transactions = more savings.  Check our current offers here:


8. Transaction Failures

What’s worse than waiting for your food? A failed transaction. A simple inefficiency can cause numerous delays in your day. We understand how excruciating that can get. That’s why we have a payment success rate of 99%. Moreover, if you face any issues, our diligent support team has always got your back. All you need to do is reach to them here.


 9. Instant Refunds

In case of order cancellation, you don’t have to wait for a refund any longer as your amount is refunded back to your Simpl account immediately.   

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Contributed by – Nireeksha Makam

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