How Give India Fundraises with a Difference

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Have you ever had a really difficult time choosing and finding causes to donate to? Do petitions in your email make you helpless because you feel signatures aren’t enough to change the world? 

Yes, we read you. It is impossible to sit straight when disasters and calamities compete for the banner headline of newspapers. Anyone would want to do something about it. The pictures and testimonies of hunger and poverty are like the creaks of your armchair which never fail to disrupt your mindfulness every time you move. 

Unable to take these debilitating thoughts any longer, you start googling up causes worthy of donating. You come across one that is heartrending but the website featuring it seems shady. In another page, the website is informative but the causes don’t hit your soul. And just when you had almost lost hope, you wish it’d be so great if someone simply handed you a list of causes with detailed information and a trustworthy payment gateway! 

Well, guess what? You have reasons to cheer up because Give India is here with exactly that and so much more! Give India is your ultimate destination if you are seeking a repository of some of the best NGOs, categorically divided causes, and highly secured donation models.  

Give India Donation Payment
Source: Give India Website

Philanthropy, welfare, and helping do not require a relentless supply of money, but a heart that opens to people’s wounds and yearns for the betterment of humanity. And very few realise it as well as Give India.

Bridging the Gap Between Donors and NGOs

Since its inception in 1999, there has been one constant torch-bearing belief of Give India: all human beings should have equal rights and access to the same opportunities, notwithstanding the circumstances in which they were born. 

In the words of the founder, Mr. Venkat Krishnan, “The idea of Give India was born very simply to bridge the gap between two sets of people – people who want to give, who want to try and make a difference along with those who are doing phenomenal work but don’t know how to reach out to the people who want to support them.”

The crux of Give India lies in forming the bridge between the needy and the thinking, contemplative minds who yearn to change the way of the world. This idea has been the driving force behind the entire functional framework of the organisation. The primary act of cementing this bridge has been given immense thought, care, and affection. 

One part of the bridge is held by the donors whose numbers are in millions, while the other side comprises the NGOs and their causes and in between lies the faith, love, and trust secured by Give India through 20 years of cultivating empathy. But how has the organisation built this bridge of trust between the two parties? 

The answers are straightforward, honest, and simple. The founders of Give India always focused on minimising the operational fees that goes behind every donation. So, for starters, they made their website completely free for fundraisers. That means there is no ‘platform fees’ as in most other crowdfunding websites. 

What’s more, the organisation allows for upto 50% tax deductions under the income tax rule of 80G. This means donors will get tax benefits against each of their donations when they donate through Give India. 

So, bridging the gap between donors and donees is synonymous with maximising the amount of usable revenues, and Give India excels at that. 

Give India Knits Communities Together

It’s a great initiative at the part of Give India to exempt donors from taxes and scraping away platform fees. But such wide acceptance and credibility is impossible to achieve without having a strong portfolio of some of the most reputed NGOs as its backbone. And mind you, it took Give India years to achieve this and 20 years later, it has formed a vast network of over 1600 NGOs. 

The organisation has a stringent and extremely objective selection process which they have only improved with time. Devoid of any complications, a page on the official website mentions all the nitty-gritties of the certification process of NGOs. All you need to ensure is your organisation gets a green signal for all the listed rules preceded by a simple registration and you are done! 

Once the process is over, your organisation is officially a part of the proud portfolio of NGOs affiliated with Give India. But this is only one aspect of the giving cycle while the rest emanates from the trustworthiness, transparency, and honesty around the Give India brand. It also reflects the seriousness which Give India has lent to the act of being the liaison between donors and nonprofits.

Just like the page of the certification process, the GiveAssured page jots down the nitty-gritties of the donation process. Starting with explaining what GiveAssured is, to letting people know how Give India assures authenticity, and how it makes sure that the donations are actually reaching the concerned people or demographic, the page seems like a goldmine of information that donors strive for. 

Talking about information, Give India is moving past the traditional donation paradigm, and opening up new ventures to actualise the long-planned transformation. ‘Workplace Giving’ is a novel concept that involves employees of a company within the ambit of donation and giving, so that social impact can be ensured from every hierarchy of the society.  

What is the donation experience like?

The Website

Well, before getting to the donation experience, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work that has gone behind creating the website. It is meticulous, dynamic, filled with choices, and not to forget, reflects all the cornerstones on which Give India thrives. The number of causes one can donate to can be endless but finding one out with which we relate the most can be exhausting. 

Therefore, Give India has got you covered with its highly organised lists where all the causes are categorised under broad heads such as education, human rights, healthcare, livelihood, environment, and the list goes on. Each section covers innumerable causes and we must say, all of them are compelling. Every donation cause is supported by detailed information with relevant photographs, so that donors don’t for once feel they are making an uninformed decision. After all, trust is the warmth and the capital they have.

The Donation Experience

Any donation program under a chosen cause states its purpose, the NGO that is supporting it, the area of operation, and location of work. While most websites would stop right here, Give India goes one step further and mentions the date when it last audited the NGO, as well as two succinct downloadable verification reports. 

And here comes the best part. For all the times you have questioned the efficacy of one-time donations, there are monthly campaigns too. Smooth, convenient, monthly donations for a cause that you most relate to, is the way to go for achieving the grand vision of Give India. 

As we scrolled through the causes, we couldn’t help but acknowledge each of them were equally heartrending and relevant. They were thoughtful and as we read the descriptions, we could feel the desperation of the suffering people. 

Some of the best causes were related to the pandemic and included the pursuit of quality education for children whose education has stopped completely. As the novel coronavirus resumes its rampage across the world, Give India has been working harder than ever before to cement the prevention of poverty, hunger, unemployment, availability of treatment for other deadly diseases, and more. 

There was also a deeply relevant cause of our times highlighted on the website. It is the rampant increase in domestic violence against women which has quadrupled in the times of COVID-19. Give India has a monthly donation campaign for this consistent problem because the problem at hand can’t really be solved by a one-time donation. 

Give India donation options
Source: Give India Website

But we were actually looking for one-time donation causes. A few clicks led us to the campaign organised by Team Everest on the plight of single-parented and parentless children. It was an initiative for such children, especially girls to secure a chance of proper education. We thought that in the quest of managing the effects of the pandemic on all the fronts, people are forgetting the causes which existed long before COVID hit the world. That’s why we donated to this cause and the rest of the process was simply a cakewalk. There are some preset amounts and one space where you can enter the amount you wish to pay. 

The website is replete with both long-term and short-term donation programs accompanied by all-convenient payment systems. Powered by Stripe, all the payments are end-to-end encrypted with each step accompanied by a corresponding email in the provided ID.  

Give India Payment OTP

Any payment when initiated will send an OTP to the registered email ID/phone number, and only after you enter the same in the payment page, does the process get initiated. And e-receipts are only a click away with your PAN card details. Isn’t that easy? Who would have thought philanthropy could become such an effortless act! 

The Final Words

We have to say it! While going through the website of Give India, we were constantly reminded of the beautiful words of the Nobel Laureate Albert Camus. When Oman witnessed a catastrophe of plague that claimed thousands of lives, one can’t but point out its unnerving resemblance with the world we are living in today. There, the protagonist, Dr. Rieux, watching the see from afar contemplated, “…a loveless world is a dead world, and always there comes an hour when one is weary of prisons, of one’s work, and of devotion to duty, and all one craves for is a loved face, the warmth and wonder of a loving heart.” 

And with Give India’s call, this world will soon become the warmth of a loved face. We all got to choose our battles, and we empathise the most with causes which make our hearts bleed, where some part of us does exist. 

No one understands this better than Give India.

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