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We all go through that dreaded moment when we are strapped for cash. So, what do you do when you go through cash crunch? Probably, ask a friend to help you out, promising him/her to repay as soon as possible?

At Simpl, we strive to be that friend, a payments partner who lays trust in you, and while asking a friend for help is usually a one-time thing, we have solved the cash crunch problem for you, by helping you out each time you go through it. You can use Simpl to transact now on different merchant apps, and you can repay the total in one go, later – once in 15 days. And we’re not just making bill payments easier, we make payments Simpl-er in your fast-paced life by making it.


Quicker – You can transact using Simpl within seconds. While other payments platforms have 35 – 50% transaction failure rates, we ensure a success rate of 99%.

Seamless – With Simpl, there’s no hassle of recharging your wallet or dealing with multiple OTP verification. Skip all unnecessary steps and pay using Simpl in just a click. 

24×7 Support – In case of cancellation or transaction not going through, we facilitate instant refunds, and our customer support team works round-the-clock to ensure that. 


Do more with Simpl

From ordering groceries, food, buying movie tickets, to paying your utility bills, and much more, you can use Simpl for all your daily transactions. We have 100+ merchants including Zomato, Dunzo, FreshMenu, Licious, BigBasket, Grofers, etc., and about a million+ users enjoying a hassle-free payment experience.

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Not sure how Simpl works? Here’s a step-by-step guide: 

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