Here are the food apps you can use Simpl on:

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Woke up late? No time to cook? Food delivery apps are a lifesaver, especially because we are always racing against time. From desserts that satisfy your cravings, to healthy greens that help you stay fit; you can order your favourite meal, anytime We might have a few suggestions that’ll help. Simpl has replaced the hassle of lengthy order payment procedures with one-tap buying system; aiming to curate the most effortless & transparent monetary transactions for users. Here are a few merchants you can use Simpl on:

Third Wave Coffee Roasters: Simpl + Coffee = A latte like love! Start your day with a cup of coffee and make your payments easier with Simpl. If you are a coffee lover, Third Wave Coffee Roasters is the place to be because they aim at making your day brew-tiful with a cup of high-quality coffee.

Mojo Pizza: Craving a slice of pizza? Order a delicious box from Mojo Pizza and pay via Simpl to avoid all payment hassles. 

Zomato: There’s nothing better than savouring your favourite meal. Now, order food on Zomato using Simpl within seconds! And that’s not it. You can also avail amazing offers on your orders. 

Freshmenu: On a diet? Order food on FreshMenu via Simpl that’s tasty but also healthy! The hassle-free FreshMenu food-delivery app allows you to satisfy your hunger pangs with restaurant-grade dishes that are all only a tap away. 

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