Healthy Buddha: An Online Organic Market Loved By Celebrity Chef Gary Mehigan

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At present, the demand for organic produce is peaking across India. More and more farmers are leaning towards growing organic, since it is healthier as well as more profitable. Simultaneously, many online supermarkets have emerged which exclusively sell anything and everything organic. But not all of them are fortunate enough to supply to the best five-star restaurants or be praised by a celebrity chef. 

Healthy Buddha, a Bengaluru-based virtual supermarket that specialises in farm-to-table organic produce, is now a leading enterprise in the city with a dedicated customer base. Based on a pre-order basis, they deliver fresh produce and organic grocery across Bengaluru throughout the week. The superior quality of their products have been lauded by not just the customer, but even celebrity chef and MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan. 

Cheaper than the Market

Staying in a tier-1 metropolis like Bengaluru, we often tend to miss out on fresh and healthy organic produce, which is available more easily in the countryside. The handful of supermarkets or outlets selling vegetables and fruits with the ‘organic’ tag often burn a hole in the pockets. The high prices make organic food a luxury that cannot be afforded by the middle-class. 

This is where Healthy Buddha comes in to bridge the gap. Their product prices are at par with the average rates of chemically grown produce, and way lower than organic staples at other supermarkets. 

For instance, at the time of writing the review, they are selling organically grown onion at Rs 59 per kg, whereas the market price of organic onion lies between Rs 80-90 in Bengaluru.

Regular customers can additionally avail special discounts and services from time to time. 

The founder was inspired by his father, an organic farmer

Aside from vegetables, fruits and leafy greens, Healthy Buddha sells grains, pulses, spices, oils, and even ready-to-cook/eat items like Idli-Dosa batter, organic cheese, cakes and cookies. They also specialise in the home essentials and wellness categories, offering an extensive range of items – from mosquito repellant and potting mix to hand creams. 

In essence, Healthy Buddha is not a product-centric brand on its own. Rather, they are aggregators who procure products from marginalised farmers or small-scale enterprises, and facilitate their sale among urban consumers.

But, they do have an expansive organic farm in the outskirts of Chennai. The farm is owned by Murali, the father of Healthy Buddha founder Gautham PB. He has been practising organic farming for more than two decades, starting at a time when organic farming was an alien concept in India. Gautham had been inspired by his father to embark on a mission – popularising organic food in the mainstream. 

Honesty and authenticity

Needless to say, all the labels sold at Healthy Buddha are 100% organic, toxin-free, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The web-based company ensures to provide an authentic description and background story behind each of the products.

Their honesty and transparency is quite evident in the genuine guidelines provided for the customer along with the product.


In the description of Red Carrots sourced from Delhi, Healthy Buddha clarified that the vegetables will be dry in appearance due to the long time involved in cross-country transportation. They also dissuade the customer from buying in case they are looking for carrots with fresher appearance – a pattern hardly ever found at any product-based business. 

And it is this honesty that has helped Healthy Buddha grow steadily and sustain an ever-expanding customer base in the past few years. 

“Have you ever wondered why mom’s handmade food tastes heavenly? Because she cooks it with a secret ingredient – immeasurable love. Such is the produce by HB – grown with utmost love and care…….I’ve been associated with Healthy Buddha for over 4 years now and can definitely say that it’s the best thing about Bengaluru,” says Akanksha Kushwah, a regular customer. Her emotion about Healthy Buddha products is resonated by hundreds of other Bengalureans. 

The company nurtures an equally caring sentiment towards all their customers. In the Know Our Customers section on their website, they have shared heartwarming stories about each of their customers and their association with organic food. 


Minimum order limit and delivery

One drawback we felt was the minimum order limit set by the online market. For any customer, the minimum order amount for delivery has to be Rs 500, which often discourages a customer who simply wants to try out one or two of their products for the first time. The minimum order limit is removed for customers who join the HB Zen Club – a registered membership offer. 

The delivery is done on different days at different locations.

Aside from product list and customer testimonials, we found another interesting aspect of the Healthy Buddha website. Every week, founder Gautham himself publishes a blog or planner about that week’s special additions to their pantry. In the column, he shares his personal experiences and anecdotes, especially his trysts with one organic ingredient or the other. This definitely helps in building a strong trust and familiarity with his customers. There are many customers who admittedly decide their weekly purchase based on the founder’s recommendations. 

Straight from the nature

Another amazing feature on the Healthy Buddha website are the recipes.

With unique filters like type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks) and level of difficulty in preparing – one can easily zero in on a recipe they would enjoy cooking with ingredients shipped from Healthy Buddha. The recipes are sourced from leading chefs and food blogs and shared on Healthy Buddha page with due credits. 

So the next time you are getting your weekly groceries from them but still perplexed about what to cook, you can simply refer to their dedicated recipe section. 

True to their name, Healthy Buddha helps relax your daily shopping woes and provides you with the healthiest produce from the lap of mother nature. 

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