Upload Prescriptions and Get Your Meds Delivered to Your Doorstep with Mednear

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Online shopping has become a blessing of new-age lifestyles. It saves our time, gives us numerous options, and yes, it is super convenient. In fact, online shopping has now turned into mainstream shopping during this pandemic situation. However, a section of necessities that has remained unexplored in the e-commerce market is medicine shopping.

Just like daily rations, medicines or medical supplements are part of the everyday lives of people from any age group. Therefore, finding an online marketplace for medicines is imperative, especially in times when we are struggling with a pandemic. 

Although such platforms will be beneficial for the working generation, an e-commerce site for medicines will be an even greater help for our parents. As most of us millennials usually work outside our home cities, assisting our parents with their regular medical support can get difficult.

And just when we were browsing for such online medical support platforms, we came across the website MedNear. It is an emerging healthcare and wellness e-commerce website which deals with medicines, OTC, generic medicines, alternate brands, and substitutes for medicines. Mednear, therefore, provides a complete health and well-being online support by covering a wide range of pharmaceutical necessities. 

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Source: mednear.com

Mednear has made buying medicines easier than ever

While browsing the website, we found the platform design was simple and easily allowed customers to search for and find their medical requirements. The header on the home page suggests different types of medicines such as Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Baby Care and Elderly Care so that one can easily browse through the section that they require. Interestingly, the platform also supplies a range of Homeopathy and SBL Homeopathy products that are otherwise difficult to get, especially if you are living in a metropolitan area. 

One of the primary highlights of the website is its prescription uploading feature. The website very easily fetches the medicines mentioned in the prescription. And the best part, you can specify the number of tablets if you don’t want to order as per the exact prescribed doses. You can also select a different brand for the prescribed medicines with the same chemical composition, in case you want to change the brand.

Another interesting thing we noticed is that if you can’t find any medicine by name, you can simply add the medicine package’s image to search. 

Mednear brings more than just the medicines 

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Source: mednear.com

Besides medicines, Mednear also covers a wide range of wellness products, even the ones that you may not be comfortable buying offline such as contraceptives, fertility care meds, personal hygiene products, etc. The platform also covers a wide range of skin and hair care products, in both organic and non-organic sections, bringing you popular brands as well as the new and emerging brands that are naturally developed. Thus the site is also a good option for non-prescribed pharmaceutical necessities. 

The site also offers discounted rates that are too hard to come by on medical products. So, one can order regularly required products such as sanitary pads and glucometer kit strips in bulk and save money. And like any other e-shopping platform, the site has user-friendly payment options like UPI and card payment with coupons and frequent online purchasing discount tickets.

One of the problems while buying medicines or wellness products offline is that prescribed medicines may not be readily available in nearby pharmacies, especially in small towns where the density of pharmacies are low in each locality. Hence, if one medicine is not available in a particular neighbourhood pharmacy, one needs to either travel to a different locality or wait until the neighbourhood pharmacy orders the medicines. But, with Mednear, it becomes possible to get almost every medicine from the prescription. Also, in case, medicine is not available currently on the site, one can create an order and send a request.

The platform works great for elderly consumers

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Source: mednear.com

A great thing about Mednear is that the platform is designed with such simplicity that even elderly people can place orders without any assistance. Therefore, if your parents can browse Facebook and Whatsapp, we think browsing this site would be easy too. Also, Mednear is accessible on android phones as an app too. So, you can download the app on your parents’ phone and get them started.

Because of the wide range of products, Mednear also becomes the one destination for an entire family’s medical needs. So, one can easily find their baby’s diaper, BP monitors, acupressure equipment, pill cutter device, etc. It has covered almost every aspect of medical and well-being assistance, just like a dream convenience store. 

Mednear is a modern-day aid for our growing medical needs. Today, we require well-being supplements for almost every day of our daily life. And Mednear makes it easy, convenient, and profitable to search and order for any pharmaceutical requirement; from personal hygiene to medical support equipment. The platform is a sure way of solving our going-to-the-pharmacy dilemma, especially essential for our elderly family members. So for any medical requirement, you can try Mednear and enjoy its convenient doorstep delivery of medicines just like any other online shopping.  

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