With GeeksForGeeks, Indian Coders Can Now Supercharge Their Interview Prep

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In 2021, companies are on the lookout for coders more than ever before. We have enough programmers in India, but they can at times lack crucial skills to get through the interview process. Getting a well-paying coding job is not easy. You have to stay up to date with rapidly developing programming languages and brush up on your communication skills. 

Anyone who has been on the lookout for jobs in the last few months knows what a challenging task it is. There are few openings, and even those are highly sought and competitive. In such a time, it’s good to keep learning and working on your programming skills so that you stay a compelling candidate for tech companies. 

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Source: geeksforgeeks.org

What if there was a place where fellow coders could share tips and help each other get through the grueling interview process? That’s what the founders of GeeksForGeeks wondered. Once they did, there was no looking back. GeeksForGeeks has now become a comprehensive toolkit for Indian coders preparing for interview tests

A Curated Job Board for Indian Coders

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Source: geeksforgeeks.org

For coders in India, there are very few well-curated job boards that cut through the clutter and give you the most important details at a glance. GeeksForGeeks is one of them. The community is welcomed to add entries to the job board, and it seems to be working out well. When we visited the board recently, it was full of current opportunities with deadlines in the next few days.

For budding programmers and experienced professionals alike, pay scales can be an enigma. It can be tough to understand your worth if you can’t easily access the market rates. That’s why we loved that all opportunities on GeeksForGeeks are upfront about their pay. 

The website also keeps opportunities that have now expired. If you spend a few minutes on the page looking at new and past opportunities, you can get a good estimate of how much a NodeJS developer gets paid (as an example) as opposed to a React developer. The job board is tremendously useful for both setting your expectations and deciding how to up-skill. 

It would be nice if the job board had more opportunities, even though there were quite a few when we did visit the site. A board that relies on community participation can feel like you’re not getting the entire picture. For now, though, that’s not a problem. There are enough opportunities on the site, and it shouldn’t be hard for a programmer to find a few tempting opportunities. 

A-Z Tutorials on Programming

The most exciting offering of GeeksForGeeks is its comprehensive tutorial section. Here, you will find well-structured articles about all coding-related topics – from an ‘Introduction to Python’ to ‘Binary Search Trees.’ No matter what your level of experience, you will find something to learn. 

The tutorials are not arbitrary in scope. If they were, you would be lost in a well of information not knowing where to go. At GeeksForGeeks, the tutorials neatly summarize what you need to know about a topic for the purpose of an interview assessment. The site doesn’t aim to teach you programming from the ground up. It just focuses on the bits of information you need for job applications. 

Another great section under the tutorials at GeeksForGeeks is the exam corner. The website carries guides for CS related exams, including GATE, the graduate school exam. It also has guidance on the ISRO exam for computer science, as well as the NET. You will find past question papers and their keys easily on the website. 

If you are preparing for a programming-related job interview, you would be well-advised to consult the tutorials on the site. For those studying for competitive exams like GATE and NET, solved question papers and last minute notes from GeeksForGeeks can be a godsend. 

Interview Tips and Tricks From Successful Candidates

The most common query in the minds of candidates sitting for interview assessments is – What will it be like? With standardized tests, you know what to expect. Companies, however, design their own assessments which can catch you off guard. Thankfully, many people have documented their experiences with these tests on GeeksForGeeks. 

The ‘Interview Corner’ under Tutorials on GeeksForGeeks is a very useful resource for candidates. It includes practice company questions and interview experiences, segregated according to company. These are well-documented trends that give you a general idea of what to expect in an assessment. 

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Source: geeksforgeeks.org

The list of companies on the site is huge. Take Morgan Stanley, for example. There are more than 60 candidates who have penned down what the assessment was like for them. For Amazon, on the other hand, there are more than 800 candidates who have submitted testimonies. With such an extensive record, you can pretty much know exactly what you’ll be tested on. 

This is all possible because of GeekForGeek’s community-oriented approach. People who benefit from the site then contribute their own experiences, creating detailed documentation to help future candidates. GeeksForGeeks goes back to the basics, and uses the power of connectivity to create a community that looks out for its own. 

A Vibrant Community of Programmers

There may be other places on the internet where you can find similar resources. The thing that makes GeeksForGeeks stand out, though, is the community the site has created. For example, there is a ‘Geek of the Month’ award for a person who has contributed the most number of articles in a given month. 

There is also an article series called ‘Geek At The Top’ which publishes interviews with candidates who went on to get lucrative offers. The interviews include insights on how to get a coveted job, as well as advice to programmers who are just starting out. Reading about what worked for other people can be very helpful to your own journey with job applications. 

For students, GeeksForGeeks also has the Campus Geeks Connect, an initiative to connect student programmers with similar interests. As a student, you can even be a campus ambassador for GeeksForGeeks. Ambassadors who do well are routinely featured on the website. Through this initiative, the site has gained an active presence on college campuses, working as a facilitator for programmers looking to network. 

Those who write articles and contribute regularly might find themselves in the company of other such programmers. It can be a great way to build some connections and find your foot in the CS landscape. That’s what makes GeeksForGeeks a great resource overall for students and job candidates alike. 

Prepare For Your Interviews with GeeksForGeeks

We know that going through the interview process is no easy task, and so do the people over at GeeksForGeeks. The silver lining, though, is that with community resources like GeeksForGeeks, it’s a little less hard. From articles and tutorials to dedicated job boards, GeeksForGeeks is a one-stop destination for all your interview needs. 

Whether you need help getting into your dream company or just want to brush up your programming skills, GeeksForGeeks has got your back. Over the years, the community has created an extensive website with useful information about programming and algorithms. It is the ideal resource for anyone entering the job market right now. 

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