From Staycations to Vacations: Thrillophilia Introduces Safe Travelling During COVID-19

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2020 became a stagnant year of unwanted surprises. It brought our schools and offices to our homes and made abrupt changes to our lives. While it helped us reimagine our cooking styles and develop a few hobbies to an extent, it became a period of constant isolation that has driven us, especially the travelers, to a loop of boredom.

It might sound exaggerated, but imagine spending an entire year with no weekend getaways, not even a drive to the Nandi Hills or a walk by Juhu Beach! All we could do was stare at the screens and either work or binge-watch movies and T.V. shows that are also about pandemic and quarantine! Have you seen ‘Parasite’ or ‘The Good Doctor’? If yes, you’d know what we’re talking about!

All of this boredom and isolation started causing anxiety and stress in us, which ultimately led to mental health concerns among many people. Thus, amidst all these apprehensions and changes, people are looking for options to get out of their houses and feel normal again. 

According to a survey conducted by FICCI and Thrillophilia across the country, 50% of Indian travelers are planning to travel in the next two months alone and 33% are making plans to travel twice of what they did in 2019 as the next year rolls in. These statistics present a different perspective of people and their willingness to break free and get close to nature and travel. 

In such a case, it becomes imperative for travel agencies to bring out their best services and provide a COVID-friendly travelling experience to their customers. Aligning with it, the country’s leading online platform for discovering and booking travel experiences,, sets out to become a COVID-friendly travelling booking platform. The online marketplace is redefining their user experience with the most updated travelling information and customised touring packages that are quite suitable during this pandemic.

Discover the Ideal Escape Options

To guide you and help you find the most appropriate touring option, Thrillophilia comes with three major categories as “The Perfect Escape” options.

thrillophilia website tours

1. Experiences away from the crowd

Getting away from people has been one of the main agendas while fighting the pandemic. Therefore, choosing an exclusive getaway from the crowd can be the best thing right now. This “Experiences away from the crowd” option from Thrillophilia includes a wide range of activities where you can spend time away from the chaos. 

We personally liked the Microlight Flying in Bangalore activity which is in the Jakkur Airfield, in the suburbs of the city. The microlight flying will take you to a breath-taking aerial view of Bangalore. The whole process of booking the microlight flight is easy and the Thrillophilia team will keep you updated for any weather concerns. You get to co-pilot the microlight with a well-trained pilot and experience a thrilling out of the world experience. 

But if you are not much into any adventure sport, we’d recommend you to go with the serene night outings of Jaipur’s candlelit dinner package, perfect for couples. You can also take your family and enjoy the excellent ambience there. 

The packages in this section can vary from a decent-budget of INR 2600 to an extravagant-budget of INR 65000, as per your choice. 

The best part about this option is that there are some really amazing destinations that have extraordinary views and services. These packages are well planned and can be exclusively strategised and booked as per your convenience. So, no hassle of calling over and over to confirm the booking!

2. Luxury Deal Tours

If you like everything to be planned to the last detail in the most magnificent ways, this one’s for you! Thrillophilia’s Luxury Deal tours, starting from INR 4,290, include the most-amazing resorts in the country where you can plan the perfect weekend with your family and friends.

From Karjat to Coorg, from Chikmaglur to Jaipur – there are some of the most renowned resorts in the country with the most awe-inspiring views that will let you liberate your mind and heart into the wilds, away from the rush of people and the pandemic. The resorts are mostly in suburban areas that are close to nature, giving you the perfect opportunity to connect to the outdoors and enjoy.

These luxury resorts follow all the standard health-safety maintenance protocols as per the COVID-19 Indian regulations to give people the most secured and worry-free staycations. You can also check with the Thrillophilia team regarding safety concerns. They will support you and guide you through your entire trip. We’ve found the team to be really patient and helpful while clarifying the traveling doubts. You can also read the customer reviews, available for each resort to make up your mind. 

3. Workation Tours

The pandemic has opened the world to a new kind of work. While remote working was always there, it has never been this widely accepted until now. Thrillophilia’s Workation tours are specifically designed to give well-maintained, remote-working experiences to the wanderlust souls who want to work from wherever they want! 

The workation tours option includes diverse choices like working from the woods of Kullu or from the open-air valleys of Waynand and many more! Being mountain lovers at heart, we have to recommend the Workation in The Lap Of Himalayas, in an ancient heritage village in the serene Kullu valley. The place is equipped with WiFi connectivity and power backup to support your work. You can also see the Himalayas right in front of you, walk by the village alleys, enjoy the local cuisines and redeem your natural soul while not compromising your work. 

Workation is a dream come true for the people who have always wanted to work from unconventional places that are usually not equipped for work. But the Workation tour makes this possible by including stays that are surrounded by raw, unconventional environments which are surprisingly well-equipped with facilities that bring the best of both worlds – the wilderness and the luxury amenities.

Another great spot in this tour that we loved is the Forest View Workation in Almora, Uttarakhand. Have you ever dreamt of working from a tent in the middle of a forest with a high-speed WiFi, power backup and all other facilities just like in the Harry Potter movies? If yes, you must visit this place. It is equipped with all the work necessities along with a comfortable desk setup that would work perfectly for your remote work. In the mornings you can enjoy the sunrise by the Shivalik Range, then work for some time and take a break and escape to the wilderness of Almora. 

The packages in Workation tours generally start from ranges like INR 2,300, giving every wandering heart a chance to work from the wild valleys and the open woods.

Experience the Future of Travel with Thrillophilia

thrillophilia travel trends

Beyond the updated touring packages, Thrillophilia provides news and alerts from every corner of the country, keeping travellers informed of the pandemic travelling rules and regulations. The platform also releases the most recent news from India Tourism, along with the travelling trends and outlooks for the upcoming year. This section of the booking site reflects on the alertness of the platform and how they are trying to give their users the most informed travelling options.

thrillophilia reviews

You can also check out the travelling experiences during the pandemic from their customer reviews that are frequently updated. The reviews are from genuine users who have booked tours and packages recently with the platform and have written about their personal experiences. The reviews will also help in understanding the different situations in different places so that you can make an informed choice wherever you are planning to go.

Get End-to-End Safe Travelling Options

The site also manages to fetch some really useful data from different countries and places that you might want to visit. It indicates the country’s allocation of the coronavirus zones as per the COVID-19 standards. It also provides end-to-end guidance that includes the Restriction & Lockdown Rules, Quarantine Rules, as well as Transport options. 

thrillophilia travel precautions

Thrillophilia also has a Thrillophilia Travel Recommendation section that outlines the proper precautions as suggested by the local governments. Generally, most of the states and countries have relaxed their regulations; however, the site advises to strictly follow the necessary precautions as per the country’s government guidelines to avoid any kind of health compromises. 

One of the main highlights of the platform would be its partnership with the most renowned cab/airline facilities. In a pandemic situation, when people often panic about the safety and hygiene of travelling outside their own vehicles, options like Uber, Zoom Cars sound a bit more comforting than any unknown brands.

The Overall Website Experience & Customer Support

While going through Thrillophilia’s website, we experienced a diversified approach  to COVID-friendly-traveling. The platform has included all the necessary information portals to include the latest COVID info from around the globe.

As far as the UX is concerned, we have felt that there could be a COVID-awareness banner at the forefront of the website so that people would be aware of the various steps taken by the platform during the pandemic. Right now, one gets to know about the news/updates only after they have scrolled down the first few sections. 

In terms of customer support, it might take some time to get connected with their support team. But their support page already covers a wide range of enquiry options. Therefore, one can easily visit the page and check out the payment/refund statuses.

They also have a community forum which, although not regularly updated, serves great to write about personal experiences. If you are wondering where to go, you might want to check out one of those stories. 

There is no doubt that all of us are worried about the safety and wellbeing while travelling during a pandemic. However, we know there is a progressing desire to just let go of yourself and escape to a place that is not home. Traveling is, after all, chicken soup for the soul, and this is particularly meaningful in times like these. But keeping the present dilemmas in mind, travelling with a proper plan is the only mature option. And from our experience, we believe Thrillophilia can be an ideal tour and activity planner! 

Going through such a site will also be helpful in understanding the COVID-19 rules and regulations, booking the safest hotels, customizing the touring vehicles, etc.

Travelling will not be the same now, of course. However, opting for a more guided plan can be profitable and also worry-free because, after all the pandemic trauma, you wouldn’t want to worry about your travel plans too! Just don’t forget to keep on the mask and stay away from crowds.

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