Now You Can Fly, Zorb, and Zipline at Home with JumpKing’s Incredible Adventure Products

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If you grew up in the pre-smartphone era, you’d know the thrill of playing outdoors every Sunday and in the summer holidays. The heat and the sweat could hardly move us away from the playgrounds. However, outdoorsy fun activities became a bit less popular among us with the advent of PlayStations and Clash of Clans. 

But, in recent times, especially during the pandemic, we realized the importance of going out and connecting with nature. The lockdowns triggered a greater appetite for outdoor activities and we see everyone around us making plans to go for fun and adventurous outdoor trips once everything gets better.

Now, even though the lockdowns have ceased and the situations are pretty much flexible, we are still not very open to travelling to the outdoors. A primary reason for this is our inability to control the health standards of our surroundings. While thinking about this outdoor craving and the health safety dilemma, we came across an amazing adventure sports platform which is offering outdoor sports setups to bring the adventures to you, instead of you going to them. We are talking about the Bengaluru-based online platform, JumpKing International.

JumpKing is a one of a kind platform which is the largest supplier and manufacturer of adventure products in India, including luxury camping tents and sumo wrestling suits. It’s a hub for every adventure product and setup. Through their online shopping site, JumpKing is bringing adventure to every door step and providing an apt solution to our outdoor yearnings.

Our Product Picks


While going through the products on their site, we were fascinated to see how the platform covers almost every aspect of adventure sports with their convenient setups. You won’t believe it but they even have fancy kayaks that you can carry to any kayaking spot nearby. But what caught our eyes were these three amazing products; Zorbing Ball, Zipline setups and the Trampolines

Zorbing Ball

JumpKing’s Body Zorbing Ball is the most exciting product we came across. Zorbing is a newer and a bit of a stranger sport that requires you to climb and get harnessed inside an inflated ball (which is safely double walled). You can use it in a down line area (preferably down the hill) with enough room for you to roll down and not get stuck. You can also use it in a fighting game where you and your mates can get into one Zorb ball each, and fight one another. 

We immediately loved the sport and the setup when we saw it on JumpKing’s website. They also have a video under the product SKU, so you can get an idea of the sport. The Zorb ball looks fun and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. We also think zorbing can work great for team outings if you finally want to spice up the games from the good old musical chairs. A Zorb ball starts from a price range of INR 13,570.


The other great adventure set up that we liked on JumpKing’s site is the trampoline. Now, we all know how much we love those jumping shots on Instagram. But besides that, the trampolines that the site is offering look super easy to set up in the backyard of our homes. We particularly loved the trampolines because they come with proper enclosures that can be great for ensuring safety. 

Moreover, trampolines can be an incredible cardiovascular sport. And since COVID-19 has paused our gym routines to an extent, jumping on a trampoline once every day can be the best cardio for you and your family. The enclosed trampolines are 14 feet in height and would work great for people of all ages. On the site, the trampoline price range starts from INR 19,500.


Our final favourite adventure sport set up from JumpKing’s site is the Zipline. It comes with all the equipment, including safety certified parts. The price for this one starts from INR 54,000. This quote, however, varies if you add more equipment. 

Although fun and quite easily installed, Zipline or the rope adventure setups are more suitable for camping clubs than individual purchases. In an appropriate space setup, you can zipline through open forest canopies, fly above rivers and rush through the air in a very secured way. 

The Wide Range of Choices from JumpKing

Besides the adventure sports products that we mentioned, there is a wide range of choices that make JumpKing International the ultimate adventure products spot. From Intex pool to caravan vehicles, you will get anything and everything that is required for adventure trips. They have options for watercrafts, table games, inflatables; all come with a high degree of safety in terms of materials and manufacture

A great thing about JumpKing’s website is that they have a catalogue of videos displaying the usage of almost every product. This helps in not only understanding the product but also the sport associated with them. As many of these adventure sports have a western origin, the videos are quite helpful in knowing the products.

jumpking bungee cords

Another great thing about the website is that they have a separate section for spares, such as bungee jumping cords, filter cartridges for Intex pools, air pumps, and even gyro motors. The spares section is not just amazing but equally necessary because there are very few options of getting the spares of adventure sports setups and that too on an online platform. 

Therefore, the company encompasses every facet of adventure sports shopping from a simple tear aid patch to the essential pumps and motors. Overall, the website is a customer-friendly platform with a clarity in user experience, making it easy for us to browse multiple products and make a learned decision before any purchase.

JumpKing is Solving Our Adventure Dilemma

Although there are many adventure sports enthusiasts in the country, there are lesser-known platforms that are catering to this arena of sports. For example, we can find many online and offline stores for cricket setups or basketball equipment. However, there are not many choices when it comes to purchasing outdoor adventure sports equipment. 

jumpking intex pools

Now we can think of getting an inflatable set up in the backyard for our kids to play or an Intex swimming pool for ourselves to just sit in and relax without having to go to a resort or a camping park over the weekends. 

Besides, the company is also taking care of the safety standards of their products. All their products come with TUV, GS and CE certified components. These labels follow the globally accepted safety and quality standards required for adventure sports setups. 

Promoting Adventure Sports in India

Jumpking is led by two adventure enthusiasts, Pankaj Dhingra and Samir Dhingra, who know the sports and are aware of the industry. One of their co-founders is actually certified in skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, ziplining and car racing. 

jumpking adventure sports

Which is why we think the overall scope of the platform is not just to bring adventure sports products to Indian audiences and worldwide, but to also create a niche in the industry where people can take up outdoor activities and learn more about them. This reflects in how the company is catering to not just the people who want to buy new products from the platform, but also to their recurring customers who require after sales servicing. They have a permanent stock of replacement parts for each of their products so their customers don’t have to wait or import these parts.

Well, in these times when our homes have become our offices and our entertainment space, why not add the thrill of outdoor adventures to it too? You won’t need to go for a camping or a weekend getaway because you can zorb, jump and maybe even fly at your home with the right adventure setup from JumpKing.

So, if you are bored of the indoors but too wary to go out due to health concerns, our advice would be to give JumpKing a chance and see how a secured adventure works for your adrenaline rush.

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