Yaantra’s Experts Will Fix Your Smartphone and Deliver It to Your Doorstep

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We all know the pain of going through ads, friends’ suggestions and online reviews to buy the best phone. And we also know the greater pain of damaging that new phone and carrying it with a cracked screen, water clogged motherboard or malfunctioned audio because of the fear of high repairing charges. After all, these days mobile repair charges are as high as the costs of brand new phones. 

And even if you gather the courage and money to take the phone to a service centre, you are lost in a vicious cycle of whether the repair parts will be genuine or if the phone gets more damaged or poorly serviced and then you will have to re-fix it! The anxiety is real, and to an extent, valid. 

While every company has its own service centres in most places, they often charge a bomb for even a minor service. That’s why there is a rising market of third party authentic mobile service platforms in India. One such new but emerging platform is Yaantra, a Noida-based digital service centre, that caters to all smartphone queries such as broken glass, water damage, software problem, power issue etc. 

Yaantra is a millennial solution to smartphone repairs that also offers a wide range of refurbished and unboxed mobile phones, laptops and other tech accessories. Yaantra comes with a team of certified tech specialists who have expertise in almost every smartphone brand

Beyond this, the company’s door to door pickup and delivery service policy is what makes them unique and special among their competitors. All you would need to book a smartphone repairing service is to fill up a form with your details and they will get back to you on scheduling a pickup service as per your convenience. 

When Did It All Get Started?

Yaantra began its journey in 2013 as a brand that entirely dealt in refurbished smartphones. The co-founders Ankit Saraf, Anmol Gupta and Jayant Jha came together with a vision of creating a safe and genuine place where people from India can access refurbished and pre-owned phones without any trouble. 

They believed that the mobile repairing platforms in India were fragmented and unorganized. Therefore, Yaantra was conceived with a vision to be one of the first places that would render affordable and accessible technology all over the country. 

Yaantra has bridged the gap between people’s mobile phone investments and the expensive repairing services with easy and pocket-friendly tech support. As per the company’s website information, Yaantra has repaired more than 6000 smartphones till date.

Yaantra has also innovated the doorstep repair facilities besides the standard pick-up and drop service. According to their YourStory article, on their opening day, Yaantra only had four customers. Their customers grew up to 600 per cent in six months of their business.

yaantra doorstep repairs
Source: yaantra.com

What Yaantra Has to Offer

Yaantra comes with complete coverage of technology services that focus on refurbished mobile and laptop selling along with repairing services. 

On Yaantra’s website, under the smartphone navigation bar, the products are categorised as Refurbished, Unboxed and Pre-owned. They have further categorised the products as Flawless, Good, and Fair. A customer can directly go to the section and select a product based on their budget. 

yaantra categories
Source: yaantra.com

The company has also launched its app – available in both the Play Store and the iOs app store. The app works smoothly and one can navigate through different products and select with clarity. While the website has a navigation bar for laptops as well, the app doesn’t display many laptop options. So, if you are looking for smartphones specifically, this is your place! 

Yaantra also deals in another vertical where you can sell your phone. They have a separate app, the PhoneCash app, that requires you to download the app on the particular phone you want to sell, and it directly fetches the details of the phone and provides an estimated value of your phone. The app also has options where you can select the brand and smartphone model that you want to sell and get the estimated value. There is a condition that your phone has to be in a working condition to sell it on their platform. There is also an exchange option where you can check the availability of exchange offers by selecting the brand and model of any smartphone.

Yaantra also has Yaantra Retail and a Yaantra Warranty app. The first one is for retailers who can register with Yaantra and buy refurbished, unboxed, and pre-owned smartphones in bulk quantity. The other app is a unique application that can check the warranty of your device through the IMEI number of the device. 

yaantra apps screenshots
Source: Yaantra apps

Overall, Yaantra has covered almost every facet of refurbished, pre-owned and unboxed smartphones giving their customers a streamlined shopping/retailing experience that is quite new for the Indian market. 

Our tip would be to read the app descriptions before downloading, or else, you might get a bit confused. And if you do get confused, you can reach out to Yaantra’s customer support team, who has been very quick and useful for us. 

How Yaantra Fixes Smartphones

One of Yaantra’s USPs is its doorstep mobile repairing service that is both fast and convenient. They charge a basic service fee of INR 100 and collect the phone from your doorstep (you can make an appointment for pick up service as per your convenience). 

They usually take the phone to their service wing where their engineers take a look at the phone’s issues, generate a smartphone damage analysis report and get back to you within 1-3 days. As per the analysis, Yaantra’s team gives a quotation that you can take up or decline as per your wish. 

What Yaantra solves in this smartphone repairing channel is that they help you save time by collecting the devices from your place and quickly giving a repairing quotation. They have a team of very supportive and informative individuals who would walk you through the entire process and you can choose to go ahead or quit without paying any charges. So, unless you give approval, Yaantra won’t take any repairing decision from their side. 

Source: yaantra.com

Yaantra has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who diligently handle smartphone issues like rear camera damages, screen cracks, speaker replacements, etc. What makes them super-efficient is that Yaantra also offers same-day smartphone repairing service— appreciated by most of their customers. There are customer reviews complimenting Yaantra’s team for their super fast service of fixing smartphone screens and speakers within 10-20 minutes at the customer’s doorstep. Honestly, that’s the kind of turn around time that’s worth mentioning. 

And although they have services only in the major cities of the country, they do offer services in other towns and cities in the country with domestic courier services. This makes the brand accessible even in the cities where they aren’t primarily operating. 

Opting for a Refurbished Phone Helps the Environment

Besides the affordable prices, refurbished phones are a great way of reducing harmful impacts on the environment. The production of new electronic devices from scratch can generate a higher carbon footprint. Thus, choosing refurbished phones can extend a functional electronic device’s lifespan and prevent it from adding to the e-waste, which is a rising concern of a digital lifestyle. 

There are many direct and indirect ways in which a mobile device can cause toxicity in the environment. It majorly happens through soil contamination due to improper waste maintenance—a big problem in our country. So, investing in a refurbished smartphone or any electronic device slows down this cycle of manufacturing devices to meet the demand. 

Although recycling such products is appreciated, refurbishing electronic devices has a higher positive impact because the former process uses up a lot of energy and time as recycling of electronic parts is highly inefficient. Choosing refurbished smartphones is something that’s easy on the wallet and on the planet too!

Buying expensive smartphones and getting them damaged only to leave them behind in a landfill can never be a good idea. Instead, getting the phone fixed in an authentic platform at a reasonable price or buying a refurbished phone can be a clever digital investment, especially in a time when we are witnessing an economic recession. 

And even beyond the social responsibility, these refurbished and repaired smartphones can actually be a great idea to get expensive phones at better deals. So, our verdict would be to try this innovative young platform, Yaantra, which gives all of us a great chance to fix our smartphones and enjoy them as long as we want! 

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