Exploring the World of Kadha With Amrutam’s Gold Malt

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Like most Indian kids, homemade remedies are etched in our childhood memories. Be it during a sudden cold, cough or even flu, there is not one time that grandma’s kadha didn’t work on us! 

Kadha is a polyherbal preparation that consists of Indian herbs made with recipes sourced from Ayurvedic classics, where it is appreciated as a herbal rejuvenating tonic. 

We all remember the sweet and sour taste of kadha. But over the years, this taste was replaced with modern choices like syrups, multivitamin supplements, etc. However, some brands have reopened this legacy of Indian herbal secrets to continue empowering human health with Ayurveda. 

One such brand is Amrutam. It has introduced a gold malt that is an anecdote of our beloved homemade kadhas. The malt brings back the taste and the texture of the wonder drink that used to help us get through a runny nose, any day!

The Ingredients of Amrutam’s Gold Malt

Amrutam is a platform that brings the age-old Vedic sciences to rectify our modern-day woes with 100% natural resources. Its Gold Malt is like a new age continuation of the antiquated established recipe of homemade kadha, but in the form of a semi-solid jam. 

amrutam gold malt on spoon

The Gold Malt consists of more than twenty-five Indian herbs, including Gulkand, Kismis, Sev murrba, Harad murbba, Anjeer, Ashwagandha, bhumi amla, all known for their immunity and digestion promoting benefits. The malt can be easily mixed with water or milk. Because of its sweet taste with the natural sweetening ingredients, the malt is prohibited for people with diabetes. 

It can be consumed by people from all age groups, even by a 2-year-old. The malt is a naturally formulated ayurvedic jam that is suitable for all body types. Just like homemade kadha, this malt also claims to be effective in improving digestion, appetite and boosting immunity.

We have taken the malt in the mornings as well as before dinner time, as directed in the product package. If you have the habit of drinking warm water in the mornings, you can take one glass with two spoons of the malt. Otherwise, Amrutam’s website directs you to take the malt with warm milk.

A Sweet Tasting Malt

Do you remember the bitter-tangy taste of your mom’s homemade kadha? Well, Amrutam’s malt is a bit more chyawanprash-like-taste than kadha-like, if you taste it in its jam form. However, when you mix it with warm water or milk, the jam blends very well and produces a taste that is more like a sweetened amla kadha. So, you won’t feel that cringe sensation while gulping this malt.

amrutam gold malt dissolved in water

Also, the texture of the malt is minutely granular, so if you taste it in its semi-solid form, you’d be able to relish the different herbs and spices in the malt. In terms of the smell, the malt effuses an aamchoor or mango powdery aroma. You’d be able to smell the freshness of the herbs as if the aroma of each of the herbs (ashwagandha, amala, anjeer, etc.) awakens your olfactory glands. Due to its friendlier taste, we think you’d be able to easily slip it into your kids’ health drink routine. 

Another thing that we loved about Amrutam’s Gold Malt is their packaging. They packed the Gold Malt in quite an innovative way that prevented the product from any transportation mishaps. 

amrutam gold malt packaging

Answering Modern Day Needs with Aryuvedic Remedies

Now, coming to the overall brand, Amrutam is a modern-day Vedic resort that brings back the country’s original Vedic heritage and packs it with a state-of-the-art fashion. Unlike today’s instant relief solutions, it’s a platform that goes back to our roots of homemade remedies and recipes and gives us a way back to lead non-chemical lifestyles.

The brand has kept the archaic methods intact and produced products that look and taste contemporary. Besides the brand’s health care line, Amrutam also provides a wide range of beauty products like hair care creams, oils, skin care face masks and face washes (check out our review of Amrutam’s face wash). 

Amrutam’s website brings comprehensive information of Vedic lifestyles. A very fascinating section on their website is their Dosha based herbs. Doshas are biological energies that govern the nature of our bodies. In this section, there’s a questionnaire that can tell you your dosha and then you can select the kind of herbs you require. Interestingly, in one of the videos by Amrutam, they have shared that based on your dosha constitution, you can take the Gold Malt with either warm water or warm milk. 

Overall, Amrutam is a unique lifestyle and wellness brand that brings together Vedic knowledge and Ayurvedic concoctions to rectify different health concerns in today’s surroundings. Their products are organic, free of side effects, and come at reasonable prices, making them accessible for everyone.

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