Ensuring CX agility to stay relevant

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These days a customer’s interaction with a brand isn’t linear. For instance, if you are searching for a pair of sunglasses, you probably start browsing online, comparing prices and models, step into a retail outlet to check how it looks on you and, in all likelihood, complete the transaction online.

What does this era of non-linear customer journey mean to the brand? Every single touchpoint across the customer journey needs to provide the same customer experience. Indian consumers are a discerning lot, and nearly 85% are willing to shift brand loyalty after just one bad experience.

While having an omnichannel presence helps, brands need to be wary about providing unequal CX – sub-par on some channels and good on others. Unsurprisingly, customers are aware of this fact, with 84% feeling that brands treat customer service as an afterthought rather than putting it front and centre. Customer expectations need to be hardwired into marketing strategies because it’s the only way to ensure the customer is always at the core of all that a brand sets out to do!

Omnichannel engagement and getting CX agility right

E-commerce has put customer service back in the spotlight. Most customers will not think twice about switching brands if they feel the overall customer experience (CX) is not up to their expectations. CX is not restricted solely to the product but starts from where the customer begins to show the intent of purchase. And CX doesn’t end after purchase either but extends to the post-purchase experience as well.

And this is where CX agility comes to the fore. But what does CX agility mean?

CX agility is the ultra-quick ability of brands to change and mobilize tactics in conjunction with the volatile and ever-changing customer environment. Take, for instance, omnichannel retail. Most brands have an omnichannel presence because the customer expects the brand to meet them where they are (mobile – website – social channels – offline stores, etc…). Now, what if the consumer is more inclined to buy online than offline, such as during the pandemic-induced lockdown, but expects the same customer service on both platforms. How do you manage ever-changing consumer behaviour?

At the core of CX agility is data, personalisation, and frictionless experience. Let’s look at each of these in greater detail.

Harnessing data for seamless CX:

  • To understand what the customer wants on each of these (omnichannel) platforms, these channels need to talk with each other
  • Unify data of the customer across the platforms will help to understand the customer in granular detail
  • Having such understanding (either using a plain vanilla CRM or omnichannel CRM management platform) will help create a personalised, seamless experience for the consumer

Personalisation to maximise CX:

The empowered customer is ever ready to provide feedback, helping brands to make necessary changes and deliver an effortless experience.  A great product cannot work at the cost of a bad customer experience.

From communicating with the customer through hyper-personalised messages to offering them product and payment choices that enhance convenience and hassle-free shopping, each aspect builds towards an overarching personalised experience.

Frictionless CX:

  •       Brands need to ensure consistency in omnichannel engagement (brand identity, customer service and consumer experience across omni channels have to be uniform).
  •       Invest in the right tech stack to enhance CX agility and build customer resilience for your brand. For instance, offering seamless checkout that allows for a smooth purchase experience goes a long way in offering frictionless CX.

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As consumers increase their online engagement with brands, the best way to ensure a winning strategy in this volatile and ever-changing world: CX Agility. Earn your customer’s trust, providing them a seamless but consistent experience, and be strategic about omnichannel engagement.

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