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For a common Indian man, the words ‘Law’, ‘Court’, ‘Order’ may be reminiscent of some gothic British architecture, huge dusty libraries holding thick ancient books too difficult to understand, and busy lawyers whose appointments can rarely be found. And lawyers have reasons for that. 

Navigating the legal system in India is much like finding a pandora’s box hidden in King Minos’ Labyrinth. Everyone knows there will be revelations, but no one knows when, how, or if at all!

A story of a friend comes to mind. His official name needed an extra ‘H’ and to correct it he had to file an affidavit in the nearby sessions’ court. That was all he knew and he took his chance and plunged into the chaos of courtrooms. It was a mess with everyone running around, and no one having an inkling of how things are done. Three months and eighteen days later, our friend had officially changed his name, but the job interview which demanded the affidavit in the first place was closed long back! That was a pre-pandemic incident.

And in the wake of the new normal, when people are mostly confined within their homes, understanding the judiciary system is nothing short of a horror story. This got us thinking, and a little bit of research had us bump into a goldmine. 

Presenting the ingenious EBC Webstore, one that will forever change the way you perceive the subject of law. Once we came across their website, we started wondering why was this gem of a repository unknown to us all this time! 

For those who are still wondering, the EBC webstore is an extremely comprehensive online store dedicated to selling and publishing of law books. The Eastern Book Company (EBC) has lent its irreplaceable service to bring in more transparency, readability, and lucidity within an old framework of laws and governance. What’s more, the webstore is the perfect bridge between the dated system and the public at large, making the reserved and distant concepts of law accessible to the layman. Could a law junkie get any happier?

The Journey of EBC: From Publishing Law Books to Digitizing Them

Well, you will be surprised to hear that the Eastern Book Company has been around for the last 50 years. And as we came across the journey of EBC, we can’t help but acknowledge the severity and difficulty of the journey that the founders embarked upon. The greatest challenge about publishing books about law is there is not an inch of space for mistakes. 

It was in the 1940s that C.L. Malik and his brother P.L. Malik started their careers in publishing law books. Since the very inception they realized that a country where judges make and amend laws, and executives strive for their efficient implementation, succinct, comprehensive, and well-integrated law books are the lifeblood of the judiciary system. Therefore, meticulousness is the key. This means even missing out on a single amendment can be termed a mistake, let alone mismatch of references and research spelling doom for one’s career. 

EBC Webstore Supreme Court Cases
Source: EBC Webstore

This is why EBC has ever maintained its severe intellectual rigour, obsessive attention to detail, a consistent dedication to strive towards excellence and an immaculate reputation of authenticity. One example of their pioneering work is when they released the mammoth index of case law of the Supreme Court, starting right from 1950 to 2018. And EBC didn’t stop at this. In 2005 they went online with many of their extensive bodies of work, making the Eastern Book Company take pride in the largest range of digitised law books in India.

What’s in store for us?

Perhaps, the question should be what isn’t! Coming with a legacy of over 50 years, EBC entered the world of global connectivity and changed the way people used to perceive the notions of law and judiciary. Years of consistent hard work have borne this fruit, taking out law from its shackles of obscurity. The following are the products of such rigorous labour.

The EBC Online Library

Officially known as the EBC Webstore, this is where any law junkie would be grateful to find themselves. Minimalistic design and easy navigation of the website reflect the very ideals of EBC: clarity and transparency. 

EBC Webstore Journals
Source: EBC Webstore

It is the largest e-store in India for anything legal, powered by an extensive database of regularly updated information on about 3 lakh books. But that’s not all. A staggering collection of legal commentaries, digests, works of law students, bare acts, journals, eBooks, international books, and other e-products also comprise the intellectual clout of EBC. 

For anyone wishing to pursue the noble profession of a lawyer or a judge, EBC can definitely be your infallible guide. The Webstore has a special Entrance Exam Series which is a goldmine for cracking all the difficult tests of law courses, be it LL.B, I.C.W.A or exams for any other judiciary position in the country. 

But what about those who are just passionate about the law? Well, EBC has a lot in store for them as well. And it would be gross injustice if we didn’t ponder on the large collection of books that EBC has amassed after 50 years of solid bulwark of research.

A Prestigious Collection of Books, e-Books and Journals

From deeply immersive biographies and autobiographies to classics such as Hobbes’ Leviathan, EBC can satiate the reading desire of anyone dipping their toes into the nitty-gritties of law. And not only books, but it has also made room for all the major national and international journals on law. Supreme Court Cases (Criminal, Civil, Labour), Criminal Law Journal, the latest Business Law reports, and English Law Reports of ICLR are some of the renowned collections at EBC. Apart from these, state journals of law such as Andhra Pradesh Legal Decisions, Gujarat Law Reporter, Jharkhand High Court Reports succinctly inform readers of the latest developments and amendments in the Constitution. 

As you move forward with the heavily loaded e-library of EBC, you will be further amazed at its diversity. The webstore also comprises a collection of journals on specific laws and subjects such as Banking, Arbitration, Business, Accident Claims, Company Laws, and the list goes on. So, you won’t miss out on anything!

Finally, what makes the EBC Webstore a perfect and comprehensive database is its partnership with all the major publishers in the field across the globe. This has not only added to the immense diversity of their collection, but has also made EBC a trustworthy shopping stop for lawyers and law-enthusiasts alike. 

All these elements combine with a highly organized website to help people track the most relevant and authentic information with just a few taps and clicks. Yet, surprises don’t end here. Wait until you have a look at the super-intelligent EBC Reader.

The EBC Reader

EBC Reader
Source: EBC Webstore

Flexibility forms the very core of all Eastern Books operations. In this fast paced world, no one has time to flip through pages of a thick law book in times of emergencies, let alone carry that cumbersome object. But carrying your entire legal library in your pocket isn’t that cumbersome! Yes, you got it right. With the free EBC Reader in your hand, update and know your law vocabulary like the back of your hand! 

It is a cross-platform reader, available in all the App Stores you can think of, and brings to you over 200 student books, 300 law commentaries, isolated bare acts for those who are busy-bees, and not to forget, all the e-magazines at EBC’s disposal. Another compelling aspect of the reader is its direct link with the online database of Supreme Court Cases. So, for all those moments of heated debates over tea, no one will ever think of misinforming you and getting away with it! 

Other than these wonderful features, the reader behaves just like a comprehensive PDF reader. You can make notes, cross-link references and contents, and it comes very handy inside courtrooms to find and establish sources of arguments. 

When we were reviewing the EBC website, it seemed like a package of everything you would require to become a terrific lawyer. A few clicks later, we were sure of the previous sentence when we stumbled upon the e-learning platform of EBC. 

The EBC Learning Platform

EBC Learning
Source: EBC Learning

Nothing has made studying law easier and accessible like this tool. This aspect of EBC is all the more relevant in a pandemic-ridden world where top-quality education in any field has become quite a challenge. This platform covers all your needs vis-a-vis higher education in legal and other ancillary subjects, powered by experts and teachers who ensure the highest quality education in tandem with the latest events and requirements of the industry. 

EBC Learning Selection
Source: EBC Learning

Added to this online curriculum, there are two DVD-based databases, SCC Online Case Finder and SCC Online Web Edition. These two research resources deal specifically with Supreme Court Cases, each covering over 200 databases and over 2 million documents pertaining to all the cases handled by the highest court of law in the country. It is an invaluable resource that allows you to refer to any case-law precedent, and has been a trustworthy ally for practitioners since two decades. 

The Final Words

EBC Webstore Books
Source: EBC Webstore

As an ending note, we thought it would be great if we could make a reading list for all the bookworms out there. If you are a sucker for the modern laws of the internet, you must not miss Herman’s ‘Fight Over Digital Rights: The Politics of Copyright and Technology’. And while you are at it, don’t miss out on B.S. Murthy’s ‘International Relations and Organization’. A combination of these two books will have you up and running for all the latest developments in the world political scenario. 

And if you are an amateur just stepping into the diverse practical world of law, Nabhi’s ‘Legal Drafting for Layman’ would be a great book to start with. Supplement your reading with the updated rendition of VD Kulshreshtha’s ‘Landmarks in Indian Legal and Constitutional History’ to take home all the gems of judgments and laws darted in the history of the world’s largest democracy.

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