Dew of The Sea Hair Oil: Mirakki Brings You Mummy’s Hot Champi In A Bottle

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“Let me do a Champi. All your stress will be gone.”

There is perhaps not a single millennial who doesn’t reminisce about their mother’s Champi sessions from childhood. Whenever we are drowned in a pool of stress, almost all of us yearn for a soothing hot oil massage from our mummies. Living away from home, it is inherently difficult to recreate the same magical feeling by ourselves, no matter how hard (or gently) we rub our scalp. We might even call an experienced masseuse for a luxury head massage, but they can never match up to our mothers despite his/her certified expertise.

The key element for the perfect oil head massage is that ultra traditional, warm coconut oil. Often mixed with herbal ingredients like Amla juice, hibiscus extract or Methi pulp, there is no parallel to the traditional coconut oil when it comes to good hair.

Sitting hundreds of miles away from home in a new city, I was genuinely worried about my thinning hairline. There was no one to do a hot Champi to save my hair. That’s when Mirakki came to my rescue.

The Never-Ending Hair Issues 

I never had Rapunzel-esque hair to be proud of, but my hair had always been strong, thick and voluminous. With increasing stress of professional life coupled with serious exposure to pollution and poor water quality, I started experiencing severe hair fall. My hair has reduced to nearly half of its original volume in the last two years. With visible balding patches, I keep sighing at my lacklustre hair every time I try to comb in front of the mirror.

Not one, not two, but there is always a clump of frizzy, thin hair entangled in my comb everytime I try grooming. From towels to pillow covers, one would find clumps of my hair everywhere. The added stress of such rampant hair fall only added to more hair loss. 

I tried a wide range of solutions – from expensive medicated shampoos to natural home remedies. But, none yielded promising results for long. I scoured the internet thoroughly for something, anything that would save my hair. That’s how I came across the Mirakki Dew of The Sea Hair Oil

My First Tryst with Mirakki

Enriched with 100% natural ingredients like coconut absolute, lavender essential, hibiscus, rose, vetiver roots and rosemary – the Dew of The Sea hair oil promises stronger and luscious hair with less hair fall. I would not deny being a little sceptical at the beginning. I read positive reviews about the product but could not be sure of its potency until I had tried it out myself. 

mirakki dew of the sea

After thorough research, I placed the order for the Dew of The Sea hair oil. Within three days, the product arrived at my doorstep in a neat package. 

When I opened the pack, I found that the contents of the bottle had a white, solid and grainy texture, instead of the pale, amber-coloured oil that was shown on the website. I was a bit perplexed and disappointed. But then it struck me how coconut oil freezes up easily in winter. That reassured me about the purity of the product. Yes, there was indeed coconut absolute as Mirakki has promised. 

The oil had a distinct earthy aroma – somewhat similar to camphor but more subtle and pleasant. The smell in itself would help someone relax, almost working like aromatherapy. The texture was grainy at first but a tiny scoop of it naturally melted like butter in my palms. 

Feeling a Significant Change 

I warmed the oil in a water bath before applying. The label instructed to gently massage the scalp for at least 5 to 10 minutes while applying the oil. Surprisingly, I needed only a few drops of the oil to cover my entire scalp and shoulder length hair. Even while applying, there was little to no hair fall, unlike even with the usual coconut oil massage.

I left it overnight, as advised, and washed off with a natural shampoo the next day. My hair did feel softer than before even without using any conditioner.

I continued using the oil thrice a week and felt a significant change in just a few weeks. My hair fall had reduced and hair felt stronger, shinier and more voluminous than before. Often I would add a few drops to aloe vera hair gel and use the mixture as a hair mask. This process helped strengthen my hair from the roots. 

True, the magic of mom’s Champi was still missing. However, when it comes to the question of my hair, using Dew of The Sea is the closest thing to magic I have experienced. I would definitely recommend the product to everyone. 

Purity is a Mirakki Assurance

Mirakki’s USP lies in the natural purity of their hair care products. These are prepared with the best traditional ingredients and diligently following ancient recipes. Founders Sushmitha and Gauthami derive their inspiration from their mothers’ homemade hair care concoctions. Their range of products is not widely experimental, rather they focus on curating the best recipes that cater to all hair types

From sweet neem to onion, Mirakki makes use of the purest natural extracts to create their herbal haircare decoctions. I am eyeing to try out the Mirakki natural shampoos next. Recently, the brand also launched their own line of facial products like a face mask or Irradiance Face Serum made with jojoba oil, avocado oil, sandalwood seed and argan oil. One of my relatives who has tried this serum confirmed that his skin felt healthier and hydrated after using this. 

The prices might be a little on the higher side, but the cost is justified given the quality and purity of the products.

The Unknown Use of Rosemary

Dew of the Sea (Latin: Ros Marinus) is another name for rosemary – the herb extensively used in Italian and continental cuisines. However, little is known about rosemary’s potency in healing damaged hair and strengthening hair from the follicles. Rosemary oil or extract also helps in increasing circulation in the scalp that in turn promotes root repair.

mirakki rosemary hair oil

Mirakki has curiously used this surprising element in their hair oil to render it a whole new dimension. Not only does rosemary help in healing the hair, it also adds to the soothing aroma of the product.

The presence of ground hibiscus petals help prevent premature greying of hair – a common problem among youth these days. All in all, the Vitamin C enriched oil nourishes the scalp and improves hair quality in a wholesome manner. It would not be a misnomer to label the miracle oil as a deserving successor to mom’s homemade herbal elixirs.

The oil worked wonders for my damaged hair which was even dyed with dazzling red streaks. There was no colour bleeding as I had faced with many other commercial hair oils, and of course the chemical shampoos. 

Mirakki indeed took away the stress of hair care. Now I look forward to the self-care sessions every week, when I sit down with a little Dew of the sea in a tiny brass bowl. As I massage through my hair, I cherish the childhood memories of my mother caressing my hair amid fun and laughter. If not for anything else, I would go back to Mirakki again and again simply for helping me relive my childhood in a faraway land.

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