Bombay Salad Company, the Solution to all Your Salad Woes

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Making the perfect salad is no less than art. The meal-prep and the taste factor are among the few things that you need to get right. Then there’s the hunt for ingredients, the weekly shopping sprees, the pulverising of leafy things to make that perfect dressing and so much more. Why is Arugula so hard to find?!

Let’s not get started on that. It reminds us of the many times when we made it to nearly a week of salad meals only to have it all disrupted by a few heavy days or work and meetings. With the pandemic around, we aren’t even trying any longer. If you are where we are, at the tail end of a journey fraught with logistics and despair, and if you live in Mumbai, we may have a suggestion for you.

The Bombay Salad Company is what your salad dreams are made of. No prep, no sautéing, no pulverising and best of all, no shopping for those elusive ingredients in a supermarket that could well be your worst pandemic nightmare.

If the name isn’t self-explanatory, Bombay Salad Company is a salad service with a subscription option. Then again, on offer is a menu with all things healthy. There are salads, smoothies, super bowls, juices, soups, even healthy coffee and dessert.

The Many Salad Options

It may be important to remember that while placing your first order. But we do suggest you take a look at the rather intriguing salad menu. We were contemplating a super bowl or a smoothie but it was the salads that they are named after that took our fancy, ultimately.

The Bombay Salad Company menu is vast, with as many as 30 salads to choose from. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties, packed with greens and other superfoods. You are literally spoilt for choice. You can choose from a small or large portion. We tried the small and can confirm the portion size was ample for a meal for one.

The branding is quirky as are the names on the menu. There’s a Super Mario salad, an Ironman Salad, Mr Bean Salad and The Couch Potato. The descriptions lists the ingredients in detail and the dressing the salad is served with. There’s a lot of kale, roquette and spinach in most of the salad offerings, something we wholeheartedly approve of. You can also choose to make your own salad and pick from a variety of fresh ingredients and dressing.

After much deliberation, we made our choice. We picked the Pehelwan Salad with roquette, chicken tikka, onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, croutons, parmesan in a roasted garlic and basil vinaigrette. Bombay Salad Company’s ordering process was seamless and our salad arrived in time for lunch.  

It isn’t a typical no-contact delivery, though. The delivery executive gives your number a ring to ensure he is handing the parcel over to the right person. He explains, there have been a few cases of deliveries at the wrong addresses recently.

Bombay Salad Company Taste Test

The Pehelwan salad was packed in a transparent, disposable plastic container with a simple Bombay Salad Company branded label. It was layered with croutons and a generous serving of parmesan right on top, to ensure the croutons remain crispy. The dressing was served separately in a small container.

bombay salad company pehelwan

Wasting no time, we poured the vinaigrette onto the salad. We suggest you transfer the contents into a salad bowl to be able to toss them better. And dig into those croutons first, before they turn soggy. Until then, it’s the perfect salad crunch in every bite.

bombay salad company pehelwan salad

Loaded with Romaine lettuce and roquette, the salad was high on the fibre quotient. There was a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes, onions, black olives and cucumber. The dressing was light and oozes with flavourful pesto and a hint of garlic. The chicken tikka was cooked to perfection and gives the meal the protein punch with a touch of spice. The parmesan shavings were generous and mad the salad slightly creamy.

Every bite was fulfilling and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to this being one of the best salads we’ve had off a delivery app in a while. It was the combination of the spiced tikka and the pesto vinaigrette that worked like a charm. The good parmesan and the fresh greens also add to the flavour.

While we’ve waxed eloquent about the Bombay Salad Company salad we ordered, we’d like to point out we are rather picky about salads normally. It’s rare that we come across one that ticks all the right boxes. We can only remember a Caprese at a farm restaurant with stringy mozzarella made in-house that left us satisfied last.

A Food Menu For Every Diet

Salads, after all, are as tricky as they are simple. The freshness of the ingredients is half the battle won but it is the careful pairing with the dressing that is difficult to achieve. And lastly, it is the slight twist in an otherwise run-of-the-mill preparation that can elevate it to a culinary delight. Here, the delight was in the pesto dressing, which didn’t have the creaminess you most often associate with pesto.

And since The Pehelwan Salad did prove its mettle, The Goan Salad is what will make it to our next order. Goan chorizo with bocconcini and a rosemary vinaigrette sounds like the treat our healthy eating regime deserves. And while at it, we might also give the Bombay Salad Company’s healthy juices a try. The one with coconut water, coconut milk, orange and honey has us reaching out for the phone already.

If you are looking for other options, you will find a relatively smaller selection of super bowls with only four to choose from. We say relatively because there’s still a lot more on offer at Bombay Salad Company than we find on other salad delivery services. There is also a section dedicated to healthy sandwiches and wraps. There is a separate section for open toasts, where you can choose your bread. Yes, the Bombay Salad Company has a sourdough option, too. 

Bombay Salad Company is also not restricted by cuisine. So, on one hand there’s the Malabar Bowl, on the other there’s a Hummus & Chicken sandwich and a Miso Mushroom soup, and plenty of options with distinctly Indian flavours.

The hot beverages include some interesting teas like Lavender and Apple Cinnamon, and vegan hot chocolate. There’s a selection of coffees with vegan options too. Whether it is the keto or paleo diet that you have opted for, you’ll find something on offer at Bombay Salad Company. Then there are the smoothies and smoothie bowls, both hard to go wrong with.

The dessert section has left us quite intrigued. It’s larger than we imagined and has quinoa brownies, sugar free cookies, fudge and banana bread aside from the predictable parfait and chia pudding. You may no longer have to wait for a cheat-day for indulgence.

Lastly, Bombay Salad Company also offers a subscription service with a three-day trial that you can avail before you extend it to seven days. It allows you to pick your meals and have them delivered at the same time everyday, taking away the hassle of ordering each day. At Rs 3,200, it may just be worth the buck!

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