Amrutam Face Wash: A 100% Herbal Face Wash

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My mother taught me to treat my skin occasionally to natural ingredients like Besan, yoghurt, milk, honey, Haldi, Badam and what not. I cherish those memories when she would prepare different variants of ubtan and lather it on my face. After I got embroiled into the rigmarole of professional life (that too, far away from home), I hardly had any time left for self-care. 

Stress, unhealthy eating habits and exposure to pollutants took an inevitable toll on my skin. I never had any acne issue in my life, but in the past four months, I started getting nasty acne on my face. I never discovered the reason and did not pay much attention to it at first. But the problem only kept worsening with acne blemishes scarring my face. It was a wake-up call for me to restart with a dedicated self-care regime. 

However, I could not manage to squeeze much time out of my busy schedule to prepare a natural detoxifier for my skin. Moreover, it was not easy to find fresh Ayurvedic ingredients in a city. I had learnt a few recipes of ubtan from my mother, but in most of the cases, the elements were hard to procure.

Around this time, I heard of Amrutam face wash

The Amrutam Face Wash: A Magical Ubtan Recipe

amrutam herbal face wash

It was the list of ingredients in the Amrutam face wash that intrigued me. From Amrud Patra (guava leaves), Kadi Patta (curry leaves), Kumarya (Aloe) to the more common Kesar, Haldi and Chandan – the ingredient list revealed a treasure trove of natural goodness. I knew about the benefits of Kesar, Haldi or Chandan for the skin, but never knew that leaves of guava or curry leaves can be beneficial as well. 

After placing the order, the product was delivered to my doorstep within two days. It was packaged well, leaving no chance of damage or leakage. After sanitising the bottle, I took a little bit of the product on my hand.

amrutam aryuvedic face wash

The texture was smooth but not overtly slimy as found in the chemical-laden face products. The most striking feature was perhaps the characteristic smell of the product. A few users have dubbed the smell as ‘strong’ and off-putting, but I found it quite pleasant. Especially because the smell exuded a completely natural essence. The moss-green colour with a tinge of yellow is perhaps not as attractive as other cosmetics, but proved that there were zero chemicals inside the bottle. 

amrutam natural herbal face wash

When I applied the face wash on my wet face, it did not lather at all. It was a surprise but welcome relief for my skin, which is accustomed to foamy cleansers that dry out the skin. The bottle mentions that a slight burning sensation will happen due to the natural agents cleansing the pores. However, I did not experience any burning or inflammation. Rather, there was a soothing cool sensation all over the face.

After rinsing for a while, as instructed, I washed the product off my face. Perhaps from the Haldi and Chandan, the skin looked slightly brighter than before. 

The real change started showing after around a week of using the face wash twice a day. I could see my stubborn acne healing and even the blemishes and scars had visibly faded. I am still continuing to use the product and hopefully it will restore my healthy skin soon. 

Amrutam Products Are For All Skin Types

Like the Amrutam Face Wash, most Amrutam skincare products are suitable for all skin types – unlike their chemical counterparts. You might have oily skin while your significant other might have dry and sensitive skin – but both of you can share the same face wash, or other Amrutam skincare products for that matter. 

The brand strictly follows and endorses the idea – Health is Beauty. The Sanskrit word ‘Amrutam’ refers to the nectar of immortality. They derive their inspiration from ancient Vedic scriptures and model their product accordingly, but to suit the needs of the modern-day man and woman

All their products are essentially natural and cruelty-free, meaning they do not test their products on any animals or procure ingredients by harming any life. The packaging used in Amrutam products is recycled plastic. Another laudable aspect of Amrutam is that the manufacturers strictly ensure that their products are completely free from child labour.

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