All About Simpl — Part II – Meet Billbox

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At Simpl, we believe that the best payment experience is no payment experience. We’ve designed the Simpl app keeping that in mind, and our vision is to eliminate all your payment-related stress. With Billbox, a feature that allows you to pay your utility bills with just one tap, we’ve taken a big leap forward towards that goal. 

On the Simpl app, you can meet Billbox. It is designed to be the hub for all your utility bills. You can fetch bills and pay them in one tap using Simpl credits. Then, make the final payment for all those bills and merchant purchases at once.


Why use Billbox?

Organizing and paying our bills can be a lot simpler than it is right now. You don’t need to go to the websites of your service providers and deal with clunky user interfaces. You don’t even need to track due dates to pay on time. With Billbox, powered by Simpl, it’s all taken care of. 

BillBox drastically simplifies digital billing and payments. Billbox can – 

• Organize your utility payments in one place

• Fetch & remind you of monthly billing details

• Help you stay within due dates

With Billbox, as with any payment you make via Simpl, you can pay any bill with just one tap. Your billers will be saved automatically, so you don’t have to go looking around for codes and numbers to pay the same bills each time.

You can even set reminders, so Billbox will remind you to pay your bills before the due date. And we’ve saved the best for the last. With Billbox Autopay, Simpl can even automatically pay your bills before the due date. 


When you start using Billbox, you can say goodbye to the stressors of managing and paying all your different bills. Currently, Billbox supports the 10 essential categories for utility bills:

For these 10 categories, you just need to add your account details once. Billbox will save them, automatically fetch future bills, and with autopay, even pay them on your behalf. But how does Autopay work?


What is BillBox Autopay?

With Billbox Autopay, we’ve automated the entire process of fetching bills, keeping track of due dates, and paying. You can simply authorize us to pay your bills on your behalf using Simpl credits. At the end of every 15-day cycle, you can then pay your consolidated bill, which would include utilities and payments you made to merchants.  

Billbox Autopay ensures that your bills will be paid three days before the due date. You will also be notified one day before the bill is paid. With Autopay, you can leave all the stress about paying your utility bills on time to us. 

It’s quite simple to set up a bill for Autopay. You can follow the steps given below:

» Visit Billbox Tab from the bottom navigation bar

» Click on the ‘Enable Billbox’ card

» Select your biller from the list of valid billers

» Verify the details for Autopay and click on Enable Autopay

»You will get instant confirmation for successful setup

In summary, Billbox Tab > Enable Billbox > Set up Autopay > Enable Autopay


Just a couple of things you should keep in mind while setting up AutoPay:

• You can only set up Autopay for billers you have saved or paid a bill for before

• For bills with a due date in less than three days, you’ll have to first pay the bill manually to avoid missing payment


Have more questions? Reach out to us at or visit our website and Sia, our chatbot will assist you further. Happy Shopping!


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