Key Tips to Advertise Festive Discounts: Strategies and Examples

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The festive season is the best time for you to scale your eCommerce store online. This is that time of the year when consumers are willing to spend on their favourite brands and products and leverage the lucrative festive offers. As an eCommerce store, it calls for a lot of work to target and acquire new customers during this period- launching new collections, strategizing sales, promoting festive offers, creating festive campaigns, scaling operations, and inventory, managing RTOs, and more.

Nonetheless, you DONT want to miss out on the growth opportunities the festive period brings. Sales during festive seasons can bring a 42% increase in your D2C website profit. Dedicated festive discounts and offers can be your best shot at attracting more and more customers to your e-commerce website. In this blog collaboration with AdYogi, we’ll discuss what types of festive discounts and schemes you can offer and the best ways to market these schemes to reach the maximum audience.

What are the various types of discounts?

Here are some of the most frequently offered discounts and promotions you can implement during this festive period:

Flash sales

You can boost your sales during the holiday season by offering limited-period or short-term sale discounts/offers. The idea behind this is to create excitement, curiosity, and urgency amongst the audience. For example, you can increase discounts from 45% to 70%, for an hour and promote it extensively across the website and social media to drive more prospects. You can repeat this process several times in a single day and throughout the sale.

Flash Sales | Adyogi

Coupons, vouchers, and referrals

Offering coupon codes and vouchers is one of the best ways to induce your consumers to buy your product. You can give coupons on a minimum purchase amount or just offer a discount voucher; it is the simplest strategy to run a successful sales campaign.

Referral codes help you bring in new consumers and build on your existing audience pool- make sure you offer discount coupons to both, the new customers who use their friends or family members’ referral codes and people whose referral codes are used. For example – a brand can run special festive-related codes which the customer can use during the time of checkout to get an extra discount.

Coupons, vouchers, referrals | Adyogi

Bundled products and hampers

Selling bundled products in place of individual pieces at a reduced price can help you gain more conversions. Also, the festive season is the time when people don’t just shop for themselves. They are looking for gifts and presents for their loved ones. Offering gift hampers is a great way to increase sales. For example, if you are a lifestyle and home appliance brand you offer a dinner set, tea set, etc as the Diwali gift hamper.

Bundled Products | Adyogi

Conditional offers and discounts

Buyers can make use of these offers if they meet certain criteria/conditions. This includes-

BOGO i.e buy one get one free offer. These offers do great during the festive season. You can use this for similar as well as complementary products. Eg “ Buy 1 lipstik get 1 kajal free”

Flat discount on minimum order. This will encourage the customers to buy more and increase their average order value. Eg “ Flat 25% off on purchases over 3500”

Freebies during the festive season are always a hit. Offer free products on festive catalogue can help improve sales. Eg “ Get a free travel pouch on every order this Diwali”

Free shipping can be changing point during the entire purchase journey. 90% of consumers would shop online more often if given the option of free shipping.

The absence of free shipping can lead to dropouts during the checkout page. So, offer free shipping with conditional terms like “free shipping for orders above Rs.1000/-” or “free shipping on prepaid orders”, etc.

Conditional offers and discounts | Adyogi


Influencer Festive codes

Influencer marketing is a great tool to drive festive sales. A consumer insights survey conducted by Meta found that for the 2022 festive season, 80% of Diwali shoppers interacted with content on Meta platforms that was promoted by influencers. Buyers want to know the benefits of a product and other buyers’ experience using it before making the final call on purchase. So when you get their favourite influencers to review and promote your products, they trust you more. You can generate customized festive discount codes for the selected industry influencers and collaborate with them to cross-promote such offers. For Example: get 20% off with “ALIA20” for all purchases above 999.

How to market festive discounts?

Now that you know what kinds of discounts and offers you can roll out to boost festive sales, it’s time to break down the different ways of marketing them. It is crucial to market all your schemes before and during the festive season to ensure it reaches the right audience and you attract more and more customers.

Reach out to your target audience through emails and messages

There’s nothing better than directly reaching out to your target audience and existing consumers with your upcoming festive discounts and offers. Not just this, you can also offer personalized vouchers to some selected past consumers through email.

Leverage the power of social media

Social media is the best tool for mass communication in today’s world, especially for e-commerce brands.

  • Run contests, to launch your festive offers and then market them via posts, reels, and stories.
  • Collaborate with Influencers and get them to post a review of your product to reach a wider prospect audience
  • Create festive-related hashtags for your brand while promoting your campaigns. For example- Shopmulmul recently used #shaadikaghar to launch a winter-wedding collection sale.
  • Use festive overlays to create a celebratory atmosphere. Add diya frames for Diwali, colour bombs for Holi, Santa & candies for Christmas, etc. This tactic can result in a higher rate of user engagement and click-throughs.

Display the ongoing/upcoming offers on your website

  • Make sure all your ongoing and upcoming festive discounts and offers are clearly visible on your website.
  • This will increase your consumers’ willingness to make a purchase and also help them make better choices. The ones that give them maximum benefits too.
  • Always display the available coupons or vouchers at the time of checkout.
  • Show messages like “Add INR 799 worth more and get 40% off” to encourage more sales.
display offers on website | Adyogi

Festive Discounts: What else to take care of?

Offering festive discounts is helpful but not enough. You need to take care of certain things to ensure the best long-term results-

  1. There is a perception that brands offer low-quality or damaged products during sales or at high discounts, this can discourage buyers. Make sure you offer quality products and do not compromise on customer satisfaction.
  2. Plan beforehand as to how to handle the heightened workload which can come with increased sales. ensure you have enough stock, logistics facilities and other requirements checked out before rolling out mega sale campaigns.
  3. Provide quality after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term engagement with your brand. 
  4. Using remarketing advertising strategies is extremely successful. Ads on social media and other websites can be presented that show the items people have already expressed an interest in obtaining.
  5. SEO is a time-consuming process, yet it can play a key role in your holiday promotion plan. By raising your visibility in search results, you can potentially attract targeted visitors to your website without cost.

To sum up…

The festive season sales offer a great opportunity for businesses to increase their profits. There are different marketing tactics to use. But it is important to create a plan and track all of the necessary elements from expenses to sales and return rate. Doing this will enable organizations to make the correct choices at the correct occasions.

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