5 Festive Season Shopping Tips for Smart Budgeting

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The Indian festive season is here, bringing happiness, joy and the spirit of giving! However, festive season shopping in India can sometimes be stressful, given the gaiety and pomp. New clothes and shoes, sprucing up the house with spectacular home décor, and not to forget the delicious sweets and scrumptious food. And of course, there’s buying gifts for your loved ones as well. We are sure this doesn’t cover it all. Let’s face it, most of these festivities have a never-ending list of items; think you can stay within your budget? Naaa!!

This is why we have brought you five festive season shopping tips that will save you time and money!

5 Tips for Festive Season Shopping in India


Tip #1: Make a Shopping List

We know the lures thrown your way when everything that catches your eye becomes a must-buy, especially with all those discounts and sale signs singing “Buy me, Buy me”. However, buying something just because it’s on discount never makes sense, tempting though it is, as it hurts your finances. We recommend making a shopping list and following it to the T. This way; we can indulge responsibly without straining our budgets.


Tip #2: Spread out your Purchases

Having a lengthy wish list to cover before the big day can make last-minute shopping burdensome. But when you have your shopping list ready in advance, you can slowly make your purchases over a few weeks instead of a few days.  

If you’re browsing online and see something you like, wait for a few days and see if the price drops. You can also compare prices between different e-commerce sites for the same product and make a choice. 

You can also split your payments into instalments with BNPL features such as Simpl’s Pay-in-3. Here you can buy with ease and pay later in 3 easy instalments at no extra charge! With zero interest and no hidden charges, your shopping experience will become much more convenient.


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Tip #3: Make the Most of Online Sales

Online sales are a great way to save up on big bucks. Some brands even offer 50-70% off on their collections during the festive season. Many e-commerce platforms notify their users in advance about these sales. Certain payment options such as mobile wallets, BNPL, and UPI offer additional discounts and cashback rewards. Hence, we must scout for a combination of platform offers and payment methods for the best prices. 


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Tip #4: Shop Early During Sales

You are more likely to find your desired product at the beginning of the sale period. So, set some time aside when the sale period begins to make priority purchases from your shopping list. The more you wait, the more likely you will find the product going out of stock. However, avoid going overboard and buying everything you need at once during sales and strain your budget. Stick to priority purchases to get much-needed items for cheaper as you wait for better deals for the remaining products on your list.


Tip #5: Use Pay Later Platforms for Payment

These days, you can choose from various pay later platforms to buy and pay when it suits your finances. And these platforms often offer discounts, cashback or credit points upon making purchases. Payments are also easier since cashback and refunds can be processed faster. Explore BNPL platforms such as Simpl and experience frictionless, convenient and safe online shopping with features like 1-tap checkout.

We hope these festive season shopping tips not only save you extra money but also increase your happiness and joy of sharing.

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