5 Best Ovenstory Pizzas You Must Try

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Ovenstory has become quite popular amongst pizza lovers across cities such as Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. They offer a variety of pizzas, garlic bread, sides, and desserts at an affordable price. You can enjoy their finger-licking pizzas, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, without burning a hole in your pocket! Ovenstory pizza offers an experience worth remembering and anyone who tastes it will be left craving for more. And with Simpl available as a payment method, ordering more has never been simpler.

If you have a cheesy love affair with food, then Ovenstory should be your go-to place. Their pizza bases are packed and loaded with cheese. What more? They let you customize the pizza base according to the type of cheese you like the most.

So let’s look beyond the classic margherita with these five best Ovenstory Veg pizzas as well as Non-Veg ones that you must try.


Peri-Peri Picante Paneer Pizza [Veg]

Loaded with paneer tikka cubes, Ovenstory’s hot and oven-fresh Peri-Peri Picante Paneer pizza is easily a favourite amongst vegetarian pizza lovers. This pizza has a soft crust topped with select ingredients such as paneer tikka, American corn, onion, jalapenos, and olives. Add to this the lip-smacking flavour of peri-peri cheese and you have as perfect a pizza as it gets.


Spanish Sunshine Pizza [Veg]

This pizza is quite literally sunshine on a platter. The Spanish Sunshine Pizza has some delicious toppings like American corn, jalapenos, crunchy capsicum, and onion. The Mozzarella cheese gives the perfect cheese pull that all cheese lovers eagerly wait for. We all know what they say about cheese – the cheesier the food, the tastier it is! 


The Famous Five Cheese Burst Pizza [Veg]

Who doesn’t appreciate the freshness and flavours of crunchy veggies coupled with oodles of cheese? All this coupled with an extremely fresh and soft pizza base oozing with cheese makes it a heavenly combination. The Famous Five Cheese Burst Pizza gives you exactly what you would expect from its name, a cheesy experience. It is topped with five delicious ingredients – paneer tikka, jalapenos, black olives, American corn and onion, and Mozzarella cheese. 


Peri-Peri Non-Veg Paradise Pizza [Non-Veg]

The Peri-Peri Non-Veg Paradise Pizza is a heavenly option for non-vegetarians. This pizza is loaded with chicken tikka, chicken meatballs, chicken sausages, green bell peppers, and onions. The lip-smacking toppings, coupled with the added richness from the Mozzarella cheese elevate the flavour profile of this pizza. The tasty peri-peri cheese base is what really makes this pizza extraordinary.


Chicken Kheema and Sausage Cheese Burst Pizza [Non-Veg]

Chicken kheema, chicken sausages, onion, tomatoes, and mozzarella topped on a hand-tossed soft, herbed crust. This pizza is bursting with flavours and will leave you swooning and drooling.

This is a perfect union of East meets West flavours. A unique part of this pizza is the cheese coupled with its meaty goodness. You cannot get your hands off this piping hot cheesy and meaty pizza!


Types of Cheese in Ovenstory Pizzas

So much talk about the best Ovenstory pizzas brings up a question about their not-so-secret ingredient – cheese. Which types of cheese does Ovenstory Pizza have? With various cheese options, they bring the best flavours from countries like Mexico, Portugal, and Italy. Let’s have a look at some of these cheeses you can find in the best Ovenstory Pizzas.

› 4 Pepper Cheese – Four different kinds of bell peppers roasted to perfection and mixed with cheese. Our mouths are surely watering thinking about it. The 4 Pepper Cheese is a unique specialty of Ovenstory and goes well with pizzas that are loaded with meat.

› Chipotle Cheese – This one is for those who can’t get enough of the spice. The Chipotle Cheese is a deadly combination of smoke-dried hot jalapenos infused in cheese. We recommend getting this cheese base for pizzas with low and medium spice levels.

› Peri Peri cheese – The distinct and fiery flavour of Peri Peri is a classic favourite. The hotness of peppers with a tangy twist makes for an amazing cheese base. Hence, Peri-Peri cheese suits the Indian palette with all kinds of pizza.

› El Classico Cheese – If your heart craves for the original, go for the El Classico Cheese. It is made of smoked Mozzarella, promising a slice of Italy right on your plate.


Pizzas are best enjoyed when they are piping hot. So, Ovenstory ensures that if you are ordering in, you don’t miss out on the experience of a hot and fresh pizza right out of an oven. And to ensure you don’t spend a second extra in ordering pizza online, opt for Simpl‘s 1-Tap payments on the checkout page.

So what are you waiting for? Go order your favourite from this list of the best Ovenstory Pizzas right away!

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