Best Online Grocery Shopping Tips to Use on Jiomart

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Since the advent of the Internet, our lives as we know has changed. What used to be weekly trips to the local bazaar have now been replaced by online ordering. However, tracking and managing a shopping list online can be tricky, as we are just as prone to impulse purchasing and miscalculations in measurements. Here’s where some online grocery shopping tips can come to the rescue.  

Out of the many online grocery stores, JioMart has emerged as a great place to buy groceries on a budget. Hence taking it as the focus platform, here are 11 tips for online grocery shopping that are sure to save you time and money.


Tip #1: Make a List

Having shopping lists makes it convenient for you to search for items while shopping and ensures you don’t miss anything. It also curbs the urge to buy items that you don’t really need. So you stick to your budget grocery list without overspending.


Tip #2: Meal Planning

Make a menu for an entire week’s worth of meals. There can be changes made to it occasionally. This measure will help you determine the exact ingredients and their quantity. Also, grains such as rice, pasta and barley are pretty inexpensive so you can stock up on them for filling meals. When planning a meal, seasonal recipes are better as these vegetables and fruits would be cheaper at the time. 


Tip #3: Order Fresh Produce in Advance 

Everybody prefers buying vegetables, fruit, dairy products that are fresh and make a beeline for fresh produce early in the day. Rather than risking your favourite fresh produce being sold out, place an order the previous night so you get your order at the earliest delivery slot in the morning.


Tip #4: Use Online Payment Options as Much as Possible

Ordering groceries online has never been easier thanks to net banking, UPI transfer, and other cashless payment options. It is recommended to perform transactions on JioMart through these seamless payment options. Ever since Covid-19, there have been safety concerns regarding unnecessary touching through direct or indirect means. Online payment on JioMart would eliminate the need to hand over cash to delivery executives and risk the chance of infection.


Tip #5: Opt for Self Pick-up 

Sometimes you might not be available at home for pickup time. In such a scenario, it is best to pick up your order from the nearest JioMart Kirana Store or Reliance Fresh on your way home from work or elsewhere. This will also save you some time if you need the groceries urgently and are not willing to wait for the standard delivery window. You can even skip paying the delivery fees with this method.


Tip #6: Compare Cost of Products

When looking for any product, always compare prices with a couple of other brands. The best part of shopping online is you get a list of products from various brands when you type what you want to buy. Check for offers, discounts and combo deals on relatable products to make the most of your online shopping experience. 


Tip #7: Make Avail of Discounts

Many banks offer added discounts if you purchase from JioMart using debit or credit cards. Nowadays, there are exciting cashbacks offered by buy now pay later platforms such as Simpl. Look out for these discounts and offers at the time of checkout, this will help improve your budget for grocery shopping. 


Tip #8: Look for Coupons on Third-Party Websites

Various third-party websites offer discount coupons or cash-backs, which can be used while shopping on JioMart. Using them effectively can save you some serious money or get attractive cashback while shopping from JioMart.


Tip #9: Redeem Your Reward Points

If you are a frequent customer of Reliance products, there is a good chance that you might have accumulated Reliance One points. You can redeem these reward points and qualify for a discount when making purchases at JioMart. Each point is valued at 0.70 INR at the time of billing, so redeem those points and get a discount.


Tip #10: Look for Special Sales and Discounts

Many products come with offers and discounts during the festive season. It’s a great time to stock up on non-perishables and save a whole lot of money in the bargain. 


Tip #11: Thank and Tip the Delivery Executive

Last but not the least; don’t forget to tip the delivery executive who makes sure that your JioMart order is delivered to your doorstep safely. The pandemic has led to a record number of online grocery orders, which has increased the workload of these delivery executives. Tipping them shall help boost their income as well as their motivation to keep doing their work efficiently. 


When you apply these online grocery shopping tips when buying at JioMart, you will save a lot of money as well as make your shopping experience satisfactory.

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